Your Personal Mission in this World

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  • The Tremendous Power within Us - Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser


    How can you fulfill your true potential? Discover how to awaken and actualize the tremendous powers from within yourself in a thrilling lecture from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger - From India to Jerusalem


    Today Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger is one of the most popular motivational speakers in Israel. What caused him to leave behind his dream of becoming a Reiki expert and search for the truth? In an inspiring and humorous lecture, Rav Fanger tells over his adventurous life-story, that takes a wild turn-around in the forests of India.

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  • Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz - The Book of Job


    Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do the righteous suffer? Rabbi Breitowitz responds to these fundamental issues based on the Book of Job.

  • Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser - Little Steps to Make a Big Change


    How can you change and become a better person? How can you get rid of bad habits such as jealousy, anger and gossiping? In a sensational lecture, Rabbi Goldwaser explains how to make those little steps that will ultimately generate the Big Change.

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    Torah as a Life Changer - Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss


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    I Have No Time - Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss


  • Working on My Weakness - Rebbetzin Raquel Kirszenbaum


  • Uniqueness of the Soul - Rabbi Yitzchak Botton


  • Think Good & it Will Be Good - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


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  • Insults & Responses: Being the Bigger Person - Rabbi Yaaqob Menashe


    How can we fight the urge to answer back when insulted? Rabbi Menashe gives us profound insights into the human psyche and gives a proper perspective which will help us guard our tongue and pave our way to heaven

  • Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen - Successful Relationships


    What is the secret to making your marriage strive? In a sensational lecture Rabbi Kelemen demonstrates the beauty of a Jewish marriage and the secret to creating a successful relationship with your spouse.

  • True Kindness - Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss


  • No Child Left Behind - Rabbi David Yosef & Rabbi Ilan Meirov


  • Attitude of Gratitude


    Why are our children always unhappy? Noted teacher & author, Slovie Jungreis Wolff, teaches us an essential lesson in parenting

  • Family Matters - Q&A; - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


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  • Soul Mates & Reincarnation - Rebbetzin Rochel Silber


  • An Important Message from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser


    An Important Message from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser.

    Something everybody should hear.

  • Google Heaven: Am I on Todays Arrival List?


    Can man's power of choice alter Divine destiny? In this short clip, Rabbi Yitzchak Botton addresses the controversial issue of free will

  • Building a World of Kindness - Part 1: G-ds Perfect World - Rabbi Meyer Yedid


    Our idea of a perfect world is one without poverty, pain or suffering. However, G-d's idea of a perfect world is just the one we are in. How can this be so? In an inspiring lecture, Rabbi Yedid teaches an important lesson in kindness

  • Finding True Happiness - Rabbi Daniel Glatstein


    What is the most enjoyable experience in the physical world? How can you enjoy and develop the taste of Torah? Rabbi Glatstein focuses on the satisfaction and enjoyment of studying the words of the Torah.

  • Parshat Pinchas: Find Your Way in Connecting to G-d - Rebbetzin Rochel Silber


  • Internet Addiction #2: Discover if Youre Addicted - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


  • Are Miracles Real? - Rabbi Shlomo Sprung


    What is the significance of a miracle in Judaism? How can you know if a miracle is a true miracle? Find out in another captivating ‘religious discussion’ with Rabbi Sprung

  • From Islam & Christianity to Judaism - Nissim Black


    The Amazing story of Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black). Originally a non-Jewish secular artist under the name D. Black, he released two successful albums. After a hard life and a long journey of soul searching in Christianity and Islam he retired and started to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism. Nissim, an American rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington, has returned under his new Hebrew name Nissim, and has begun writing from a more religious standpoint.

  • Seeing Our Creator - Rabbi Benzion Shafier


    How can you see the Creator of the Universe? Rabbi Shafier illustrates how you can discover G-d by contemplating the vastness of the universe.

  • Praying for Heavens Sake - Rabbi Menachem Nissel


  • Internet Addiction #1: The Dangers - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


  • Internet Addiction #3: Overcoming with G-d - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


  • Internet Addiction #4: How Does Addictive Thinking Begin? - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


  • Q&A;: Psychology vs. Spirituality - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


    How can spirituality help one overcome anxiety and insomnia? What is the essence of spirituality? In this Q&A; session Rabbi Schonbuch discusses the role of spirituality in therapy

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    Great is Peace - Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser


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    Brainwashed?! - The Proper Attitude towards Misused Words - Rabbi Benzion Klatzko


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    The Science of Anger - Rabbi Jonathan Rietti


    Why do we get angry? Is anger a choice? If it is a choice how can we control our anger? In a fascinating lecture, Rabbi Rietti analyzes the science of anger in depth.

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    Internet Addiction #5: Overcoming Denial - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch


  • What Will You Do for the Future of the Jewish People? - Rabbi Daniel Glatstein


  • Rabbi Dovid Kaplan IE


  • A Mothers Tears - Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser


  • TATwellness, Goldwasser gegen ADSL, Depression, Burn out, Part 8


    Please watch: Eine Welt ohne Geld dank gesundem Geist und Herz, Thomas Schauffert, Susanne Hueber


    Andreas Schauffert Gründer und Inhaber von TATwellness spricht über: Goldwasser gegen ADSL, Depression, Burn out, Silberwasser..

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  • Produkt Präsentation Kolloidales Goldwasser


    Erich Harlander ( ) präsentiert kolloidales Goldwasser. Goldkolloid verbessert den Fluss der inneren Energien. Es wirkt als Katalysator zur Erhöhung und Harmonisierung der Energiebahnen des Körpers.

  • Gratitude: Its All in the Education - Rabbi Aharon Walkin


  • CLEARCUT | Danny Ayalon on Trumps visit to Israel


    Former Ambassador to the US and Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon joins Michelle Makori

    i24NEWS is an international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel based in Jaffa Port.
    For more from our news teams

  • Pursuit to Bettering our Lives with R Moshe Meir Weiss


    Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss received his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, ztl and has been the Rabbi of Agudas Yisroel of Staten Island for over 15 years. He is not only a well-respected lecturer and educator, but has also written numerous books as well as newspaper and magazine articles, disseminated hundreds of thousands of tapes and has been featured on several radio shows.

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  • Living True Reality: Is it Good to be Married? - Rabbi Daniel Coren


  • Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser The Greatest Challenge of Our Time CHAZAQ חזק


    Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser The Greatest Challenge of Our Time
    הרב דוד גולדווסר בשיעור בנושא: האתגר הגדול ביותר של זמננו
    ארגון חזק ארגון חזק להפצת יהדות בכל העולם כנסו לאתר

  • Parshat Noach: Alcohol, Technology & Judaism - Rabbi David Kaplan


    What does the Torah say about drinking wine? What is the first thing to consider when doing a mitzvah? Is technology good for humanity? Rabbi Kaplan with more incredible insights on the Weekly Torah Portion.

  • Parashat Behaalotcha - R. Avraham Levychaim


    This Video has been recorded at Yachad Kollel or at one of its events.
    Yachad is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to educating and enriching the lives of Persian Jews in all walks of life, be it students, young professionals or families. Opportunities for exploring Jewish heritage and literature are offered through one-on-one study sessions, youth groups, singles gatherings, office lunch-and-learn programs, marriage and parenting workshops and many more weekly classes and activities. Maintaining all these vital activities -- & the ability to respond to the ever-growing demands for these services -- require a great deal of daily commitment, knowledge, experience, and financial investment.

  • Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser


  • Living True Reality: The Secret of Happiness - Rabbi Daniel Coren


  • How Do I Find My Soulmate? - Rabbi Yitzchak Botton


  • Rabbi Eli Mansour 5772


    Bukharian Sephardic Jewish Center Bet Eliyahu Mani
    4016 Royal Palm Ave.
    Rabbi Neria Cohen 786-287-3966

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