This Week in Tech 614

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  • This Week in Tech 615: Biz Sized Hole


    All the highlights from Google I/O. Tim Cook has a blood sugar tracking watch. Facebook's guidelines for content moderation. Biz Stone is going back to Twitter. What happened with WannaCry. Minecraft devs don't want you to poison your birds. The FCC is going ahead with their plan to end Net Neutrality whether you like it or not. The internet is broken, and one of the men responsible is trying to fix it.

    Jeff Jarvis went to Google I/O, and all he got was this t-shirt.
    Mark Millian secretly hates the way Leo pronounces Bloomberg Business Week
    Nathan Olivarez-Giles has mad street cred.

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    This Week in Tech 620: From Key West to Key Largo


    Amazon buys Whole Foods, might buy Slack. Travis Kalanick resigns as Uber CEO. The best drones money can buy. iPad Pro is the future of Mac laptops. Neighbor spoofing robocaller made a million calls a day. Apple Music now $99/year. Why Apple made the iPhone.  

    --Owen JJ Stone has strange ideas about geography.
    --Tom Merritt writes books about time travel.
    --Jason Hiner writes books about amazing podcasters.

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    BlackBerry Fan club Channel - C002DE04B

    Canon Vixia HF R50

    2016 MacBook Pro

    Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone ­ Omnidirectional Mic

    LimoStudio 700W lighting kit

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    I'm a techy on the side, who really enjoys technology. I review most of the current devices that hits the market, so that you can have a REAL review. Join me, in my quest to be one of the best reviewers you will ever know.

    Donations -

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    This Week in Tech 619: Honey, I Shrunk the Panel


    Amazon buys Whole Foods, and has its eyes on Slack. Apple's HomePod - Sonos killer? Facebook's Safety Check causes stress. Twitter's redesign. Voter fraud conspiracies. E3 announcements.

    --Jason's Pick: Zero Fasting Tracker
    --Brian's Pick: React Native
    --Peter's Pick: Star Trek Bridge Crew
    --Dave's Pick: Boosted Board, EZ Robot

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    This Week in Tech 613: My Husbands an iDoctor


    Mark Zuckerberg drops in for dinner unannounced, talks with firemen, and feeds a calf. Is he running for President, or just trying to convince us he's not secretly a robot? Apple has more than $250 billion in cash - what should it do with all that money? Microsoft introduces Windows 10 S, the Surface Laptop, Code Builder for Minecraft: Education edition, and more tools for schools. How much technology do schools need? Amazon's new echo has a camera, and its next one will have a touchpad. Is ubiquitous voice computing going to lead to the end of privacy forever? The Google Docs phishing attack makes us question if users are to blame. Facebook and Twitter want to be your next TV. 

    --Amy Webb's new book is The Signals are Talking
    --Nick Bilton's new book is American Kingpin
    --Brianna Wu is running for Congress in Massachusetts

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    This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years


    Check out Squarespace!
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    Earth is billions of years old already. If we consider it possible that humanity or our descendants will survive for another billion years, then what could we reasonably expect to happen during that time frame? Watch to find out!

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    Special thanks to Patrons: Joshua Tavares, Wesley Jackson and Matthew Mikulka.

    Pangea Ultima map used under a creative commons attribution, with link to original owner here. Check out his artwork please, it's incredible stuff!

    Videos explaining things. Mostly over topics like history, geography, economics and science.

    We believe that the world is a wonderfully fascinating place, and you can find wonder anywhere you look. That is what our videos attempt to convey.

    Currently, we try our best to release one video every week. Bear with us :)

    Business Email: [email protected]

    Sources and additional reading:

  • This Week in Tech 617: Ask for the Camel With TWO Humps


    WWDC is tomorrow! What will Apple announce? A Siri Speaker, perhaps? Google will updat Chrome to block annoying ads, but what will count as "annoying?" Where did Microsoft go wrong? One word: Vista. The US Supreme Court decides that patent rights end at sale.

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    Mr Bean the Animated Series - Restaurant


    Mr Bean Animation Full Episode - Restaurant

    Mr. Bean eats at a restaurant also being dined at by a group of irritating celebrities but then he gets another crush on one of the celebrities then he gets kissed.

    Stay tuned, click here:

    The Animated Series heralds a new era for one of the UK's most successful characters of all time. Rowan Atkinson worked on the transformation to animated character and acted out every episode in front of the cameras so that the animators could capture the unique movement of Britain's most infamous character.
    Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel. The first episode of the original Mr Bean series starring Rowan Atkinson was first broadcast on 1st January 1990. Since then Mr Bean has become known all over the world. Created by Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll, there were only 14 episode of the live action series ever made.

    To find out more about Mr Bean visit:

    Mr Bean on Facebook

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    This Week in Tech 607: Ozark Puddin


    US Senate votes to end ISP privacy regulations. The Turkish Crime Family demand $100,000 in iTunes gift cards for iCloud hack. Android O needs a name. Supreme Court hears printer ink patent case. Tesla Model 3 is on the way. Samsung Galaxy S8's big announcement is coming this week. US and UK ban electronics bigger than a phone on flights from Middle Eastern countries by Middle Eastern carriers. Google screws up messaging - again.

    --Georgia Dow has two VR rooms in her house.
    --Rob Reid knows what music aliens like best.
    --Nathan Olivarez-Giles wants a car with a naturally aspirated engine.​​

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    This Week in Tech 600: Bloviating Blowhards


    Apple may launch an alternate reality device this year, FCC clears its investigations into Zero Rating and opening cable boxes, Oculus Rift loses $500 million suit, Google must turn over foreign emails, Snap IPO, Tesla's new tunnel.

    --Robert Scoble is staking his career on his claim that Apple will launch an AR device this year
    --Leo is staking dinner in Paris that Apple will not release a see-through iPhone this year
    --Peter Cohen is furious about Zero Rating
    --Georgia Dow wants to fight Leo in VR

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    UPS tests out delivery drone service in Lithia


    UPS tested out their new delivery drone service on Monday from a blueberry farm in Lithia, Florida.

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    Lets play Piggly level 25 Winter Olympics Прохождение игры Поросёнок уровень 25 все секреты


    Let's play Piggly level 25 Winter Olympics Прохождение игры Поросёнок уровень 25 все секреты

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    This Week in Tech 608: Supercanoe


    US Congress votes to kill ISP privacy rules.  Fixing fake news is harder than anyone imagined. Apple AR might not be good for gamers. Twitter changes default profile picture. The best 2017 April Fools jokes.

    --Brianna Wu wants to fix the government from within.
    --Erin Griffith's husband learned to solve a Rubik's Cube during this show.
    --Larry Magid remembers when facts mattered in news.    

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    What Should Reddit Do?: TWiT 519


    Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Rafe Needleman, and Christina Warren discuss whether Reddit should move away from free speech and remove hateful content.
    For the full episode, go to

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    Lets play Piggly level 14 Grin and Bear it Прохождение игры Поросёнок уровень 14 берем все секреты


    Let's play Piggly level 14 Grin and Bear it Прохождение игры Поросёнок уровень 14 берем все секреты

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    World Of Dance Chicago 2010: Remote Kontrol


    World Of Dance Chicago 2010
    Try and tell me this is not inspirational to all you poppers out there! Yeah, exactly!

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    Tech News Today 1770: Big Bundle of Snakes


    Google kicked off its I/O developer conference today, introducing a few new products coming later this year: a wireless stand alone VR headset, its voice controlled Google Assistant coming to an iPhone app, and Google Lens -- a camera feature in Google apps that will be able to recognize places and things, plus deliver search results on the fly, and even some language translations.
    There's a new Superchat API for YouTube Live streamers. Google will allow developers to program automated triggers for audiences to demand and pay for during YouTube live broadcasts.
    13 senate democrats published an open letter in Tech Crunch today arguing why Net Neutrality should be kept in place and not revoked as Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai has said he wants to do. On Thursday, the FCC will vote to initiate a process to repeal net neutrality rules that have been in place since 2015. The letter argues that repealing Net Neutrality would let internet service providers to create fast lanes where websites and apps load quicker for companies that can afford to pay for the perk, and possibly drive up internet bills. The FCC is taking public comment both for and against its net neutrality rules.
    We also discuss a new proposal that might help increase transparency when it comes to the NSA collecting and hoarding hacking tools, the future of exclusives on Apple music, and how a superyacht was hacked in less than an hour.

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    This Week in Tech 601: Fiber to the Press Release


    Will Twitter's new anti-harassment tools succeed? Tim Cook hints at Apple's AR future. Gigabit fiber vs. 5G wireless vs. satellite internet in a 3-way race to own your broadband. House passes email privacy bill. Coding is the next blue-collar job.  

    --Mike Elgan knows why Twitter's new tools will fail.
    --Jason Hiner doesn't like the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
    --Liz Gannes knows the perfect way to listen to podcasts.
    --Leo Laporte looks amazing in heart-shaped glasses.

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  • Robert Greens Audition Entertains The Judges | Season 14 Ep. 1 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE


    Robert Green performs to I'm Better by Missy Elliott ft. Lamb.

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    Emmy Award-winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) will return for a 14th season that aims to give the viewers what they want; unlike last year, the show will not be focusing on a pool of adolescents, instead it will feature dancers between 18 and 30 years old. Nigel Lythgoe, the executive producer, says about the upcoming season, “we’ve decided to go back to basics by bringing the best of our past formats together for an exciting new summer featuring accomplished adult competitors partnered with fan-favorite all-star dancers. And, of course, as in past seasons, there will be new surprises which are sure to wow our viewers.” Prospects for the upcoming season will submit a video on an online registration forum before traveling to either New York (March 4-6) or Los Angeles (March 17-19) for the casting call.

    Robert Green's Audition Entertains The Judges | Season 14 Ep. 1 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

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    This Week in Tech 605: Think of the Koalas


    Daylight Saving Time is a blight on mankind. All the details in the Wikileaks dump of CIA hacking tools. How our data can be used against us. Nintendo Switch breaks launch records. A father gets embarrassed by his kids live on BBC. Would you hire someone from Uber?

    --Mike Elgan's Pick:
    --Baratunde Thurston's Pick:
    --Ashley Esqueda's Pick: Kickstarter        

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    This Week in Tech 611: Bezel Come Back


    At the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook shows off its hot new augmented reality technology - which looks a whole lot like Snapchat. Apple is secretly working on non-invasive blood sugar detection, which could be a boon to millions of diabetics. Apple also wants to save the Earth by using 100% recycled materials in its products, covering its headquarters in solar panels, and manufacturing its own sweat. Wait, what? Google, which has made billions in ad revenue, is working on an ad blocker. The Samsung Galaxy S8 came out this week and has yet to explode. Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant, seems to be fizzling. According to Qualcomm, the first Windows PC using an ARM chip could be out later this year. in completely unrelated news, Intel has canceled the Intel Developer Forum. HTC's newest phone, codenamed Ocean, will have a squeezable frame and a questionable logo. Steve Ballmer's new site makes government spending more accessible. Another bad week for Uber. And McDonald's new uniforms highlight the techno-dystopia we all live in.

    --Jason Hiner loves Revolutionary War themed musicals.
    --Serenity Caldwell loves roller derby.
    --Owen J.J. Stone loves his father and cherishes the stories that he recorded before his death.

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    Review Otis & Eleanor Bongo bluetooth speaker


    Bamboo case. Dual 1.5 drivers on front, dual 1.75 passive bass radiators on back.

    Supports aptX.

    Beautifully unique looking and great sound. Mids and Highs are open and crystal clear. Bass is robust for such a small speaker.

    Comes with 48 flat Aux In cable with 3.5mm male to male plugs, 34 USB to Micro USB charging cable.

    Speaker can be connected to laptop via USB and used as a sound output.

    The song played for my demo was by Lake Street Dive - Clear a Space.

    Lake Street Dive is an awesome band and you should check them out.

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    Tech News Today 1768: Pass the Smalt


    In reference to the latest ransomware attack, Microsoft President and chief legal officer Brad Smith calls out the potential harm caused when governments, ours included, actively works to develop zero-day vulnerabilities and then hoards them.

    Netfix is taking aim at Android users who unlock and root their devices by disabling the app’s visibility in the Play Store for them. Those with the app installed on their device already can still use it, for now, but the plan is to keep it from running on those devices altogether.

    Facebook’s new initiative, ParlAI will open-source the dialogue used to train machines to have conversations, with a focus on computer vision and other fields of artificial intelligence involved in learning how to understand a task. The eventual goal is to give you your own digital friend.

    Plus, patent licensing for the MP3 is dead, the iPhone is expected to get Google Assistant, Zelda may be coming to mobile, Sam Abuelsamid joins to discuss Waymo and Lyft's deal that rubs salt in Uber's wound, or maybe it rubs Smalt in the wound... that is... a smart salt shaker... that actually exists.

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    This Week in Tech 603: Tricks for Tips


    Inside Uber's unrestrained workplace culture, predictions for Snapchats looming IPO, Mobile World Congress report with new phones, Pearl the VR nominated short film, Nokia returns with the 3310, FCC Chairman Pai rushes to block new privacy rules, and a serious Cloudfire bug exposed.

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    This Week in Tech 618: Snakes vs Alligators


    Leo is out this week, so Jason Snell takes the reins. At WWDC this week, Apple announced their Amazon Echo killer, the HomePod. They also announced big updates to iOS 11, the 10.5 iPad Pro, and the (at least) $4999 iMac Pro. Catering to a slightly less spendy demographic, Amazon announced that it will offer lower priced Prime subscriptions to people on Government Assistance. Uber had (another) bad week - capped off with Eric Holder's report to the Uber board.

    --Mikah Sargent thinks Taylor Swift is fine.
    --Harry McCracken is on Team Katy.
    --Lisa Schmeiser has a blank space, baby, and she'll write your name.
    --Jason Snell has Katy Perry on the counter in his kitchen.

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    This Week in Tech 612: Sky Pirates of Silicon Valley


    Apple slashes affiliate commissions and stops paying Qualcomm royalties. Google's founders each have their own flying contraptions in the works. Amazon's new Echo Look wants pictures of your clothes. Uber wants all of your data. WikiTribune wants to fight fake news. Hackers just want money from Netflix. The Juicero was just a bad, bad idea. 

    --Ashley Esqueda has the last three pairs of chunky hot pink LA Eyeworks glasses in existence
    --Greg Ferro points out that American blimps used safe, non-explosive helium.
    --Devindra Hardawar begs you not to see The Circle

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    UPS Shooter Was Recently Fired, Targeted Co-Workers


    A former UPS employee walked into a Birmingham, Alabama UPS center and opened fire Tuesday, killing himself and two co-workers.

    Follow Matt Moreno:
    See more at

    The Birmingham News
    The Wall Street Journal
    Getty Images

    Image via: WIAT / Mike McClanahan

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    This Week in Tech 604: Flabby, Flaccid, and Flatulent


    Snapchat has a huge IPO -and makes one high school $24 million. Is Apple killing the lightning port on the iPhone 8? Spotify crosses the 50 million user mark. Mobile World Congress 2017 had a whole bunch of great phones. Nintendo Switch cartridges taste horrible on purpose. Overwatch wins Game of the Year at GDC. All this and Uber's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week.

    --Florence Ion shows off the new LG G6.
    --Peter Rojas 
    --Alex Wilhelm pronounces flaccid wrong.    

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    This Week in Tech 602: Normcore Phone


    Apple fights the new right to repair legislation, Bill Gates wants robots to pay taxes, 4chans effect on the internet, Verizon is bringing back "unlimited" data plans, SpaceX set for wireless internet by 2019, and Zuckerberg's global community.

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    This Week in Tech 597: Fark Google!


    Host: Leo Laporte
    Guests: Greg Ferro, Becky Worley, and Mike Elgan

    Is Apple working in secret with Carl Zeiss on AR glasses? Will Mark Zuckerberg run for President? Consumer Reports changes its mind about the MacBook Pro. gets farked over by Google. Telegram, Cellebrite, and Giuliani get hacked, but WhatsApp does not. Family Tree Now knows a scary amount about you.

    --Leo has a perfect plan for the next Mac Pro
    --Mike Elgan knows who should be making your AR glasses
    --Greg Ferro has some pointed advice for anyone who uses Google for ads
    --Becky Worley gets sweet revenge on her life-long nemesis

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    This Week in Tech 606: My YouTube Cover Band


    Uber's President quits, saying that the job was not what he signed on for. Orson Wells' new movie comes to Netflix. How to make money in the new music industry. Pwn2Own winners do the impossible hack. Is your vibrator tracking you? All this, and growing human flesh on robots - what could go wrong? 

    --Tom Merritt has a new sci-fi novel: Pilot X.
    --Roberto Baldwin is in a Devo cover band.
    --Steve Kovach is the Dark Knight.

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    Своими руками - ТАНЦЫ № 2


    RED21 -

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    3 ways to reset Google Chromecast and Home Speaker, fixing most issues !


    Learn how to reset and fix google Chromecast and Home speaker not responding, no cast devices found no audio, no picture, video screen does not rotate or flip, can't cast to TV. Check out tech with Brett, HomeAutomationX, Iluvtrading, and Made by Google channels for more info or Google store - and Google devices channel-
    Learn more about Tech, Subscribe for more tech videos-

    * Follow Tampatec on Instagram for tech videos and tech giveaways -

    *Follow on G+

    * I offer free tech support only for my subscribers and followers

    * When working on electronics act at your own risk, follow your electronics safety manual and / or NEC safety codes, unplug power and properly discharge capacitors in circuit safely.

    *Some of these products I buy myself and some I receive to produce a Howto guide and review for companies but I DON'T get $$$ for product reviews.

    *My TV repair tools I use in my videos at my TV repair shop here- this supports the channel thanks

    Hi, I'm Paul an electronics tech from Tampa FL aka Tampatec, I post weekly, usually on the weekends. My channel is aimed for anyone that wants an easy to follow tech guide or wants to easily learn how to setup, use or fix their electronics whether it's LED LCD TV, tablets, phone repair, home automation, Google Home, Chromecast guide, Amazon Echo speaker and much more.
    Thanks for watching and your support!

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    This Week in Tech 610: Zombie Shopping Malls


    United "overbooking": what's the real story? A murder streamed on Facebook Live. Apple sues Qualcomm, Qualcom sues Apple right back. Windows 10 Creators Update is here - are you excited for 3D Paint? The internet Archive emulates early Macs. Princeton creates an unblockable ad blocker. Nintendo stops selling the NES Classic - why? The death of the American mall.

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    Will Slump in iPad Sales Continue?: TWiT 480


    Leo Laporte, Dieter Bohn, Steve Kovach, and Christina Warren talk about whether the upgraded and iPad Air iPad mini will help boost sales for Apple.
    For the full episode, go to

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    Танец 2


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    MESSE 2017: Thin Panel Speakers from Fraunhofer use New Tech


    Watch all of MESSE 2017 coverage:
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    This Week in Tech 609: Strippers, JFK and Stalin


    Apple issues a mea culpa for the Mac Pro and promises a new model is on the way - just not this year. YouTube TV launches - it isn't perfect, but it may be the most promosing over-the-top TV solution. Facebook launches a fund to fight fake news. Jeff Bezos is spending $1 billion a year of his own money on Blue Origin. XBox's Project Scorpio specs revealed. Is the Twitter outrage over Pepsi's new ad justified?

    • Harry McCracken loves the serial comma.
    • Iain Thomson insists that it should properly be called the Oxford comma.
    • Christina Warren is more annoyed by people who mix up your and you're.

    Host: Leo Laporte
    Guests: Harry McCracken, Christina Warren, and Iain Thomson

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    Follow Ups = Customer Service


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    Speaker internacional Nicolas Severino, speaker internacional Tech Day 2017


    Estrenó el 10° aniversario el keynote Nicolas Severino, vicepresidente marketing & sales de TODO1services y se refirió al tema: El rol del CIO disruptivo.

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    Historic Moment: Pope Francis visits the U.S. Congress


    Click here to receive the latest news:
    Visit our website to learn more:

    September 24, 2015 - For the first time ever, a Pontiff addresses a joint session of Congress.


    For broadcasting: [email protected]

    ROME REPORTS,, is an independent international TV News Agency based in Rome covering the activity of the Pope, the life of the Vatican and current social, cultural and religious debates. Reporting on the Catholic Church requires proximity to the source, in-depth knowledge of the Institution, and a high standard of creativity and technical excellence.

    As few broadcasters have a permanent correspondent in Rome, ROME REPORTS is geared to inform the public and meet the needs of television broadcasting companies around the world through daily news packages, weekly newsprograms and documentaries.


    Follow us...
    Our website

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    The Best Home Tech!


    The Best Home Tech & Gadgets of early 2017!
    Check out the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected!
    The $329 iPad vs $1,129 iPad Pro:

    Check out Philips + TED!

    Sideclick Remote (Apple TV):
    Sideclick FireTV:
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    Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter:
    Como Audio Solo Speaker:
    Nuimo Smart Home Controller:

    My Audio Setup & Gear:

    Add me on Snapchat!
    My Gear:

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    UPS and USPS customer service rant


    Since I've moved to Jersey City, NJ I've been having shipping issues with UPS and USPS. These company's have hired really lazy and rude workers. Wanted to rant and try to help rally people that they don't have to take service below decent standards.

  • desc

    ups customer service.wmv


    Im starting video tape customer service calls. they have been yanking me around for weeks now using every excuse they can to advoid contacting me on a claim

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    Alexa, Rent Me a Monk


    Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, Christina Warren and Alex Wilhelm talk about Amazon's trouble in Japan due to their Rent-a-Buddhist-Monk services.
    For the full episode, go to

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    Why Apples AirPods are Delayed


    Leo Laporte, Ed Bott, Christina Warren, and Devindra Hardawar talk about Apple's reasons for delaying AirPods.
    For the full episode, visit

  • UK-TECH-REVIEW AFTER 4 MONTH :JBL Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


    The portable Bluetooth speaker market is very crowded these days, with a lot of products that don't sound all that different from one another. ... The Flip is a $99 speaker, while the Pulse is $199.95. You're not going to get double the sound quality, but you are getting a much flashier speaker

  • Концерт к 70-летию Великой Победы , СОШ 975 г.Москва


    Концерт к 70-летию Великой Победы (танец Синий платочек), 24 апреля 2015 г

  • TWIT 614 piggly Wiggly


    The TWiT panel discusses the WannaCry / Wery / WannaCrypt ransomware.

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    2018 Honda Odyssey is loaded with family friendly tech


    From magic seats to a night vision child monitor, Honda's fifth-generation minivan uses tech to make parents happy and keep kids safe.

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    Twitter @Roadshow :
    IG @RoadshowAutos :

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