Newton's Apple

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  • Newtons Apple early Intro/Theme


    Here is intro/theme for Newton's Apple. This was taken from Season 2, episode 1 (1984). Hosted by Ira Flatow (1983-1987). Note that the music was different. This was shown on PBS for 15 years from 1983-1998. People would write and send questions to see how science and the real world works. Sort of like the science show Beakman's World.

  • PBS Newtons Apple show with Cynthia Renee


    In the mid-1990's.

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  • Virtual Reality on Newtons Apple


    David Heil and Ben Delaney explain Virtual Reality on the PBS Series Newton's Apple - circa 1993

  • Newtons Apple Theme


    Newton's Apple was an educational PBS show that ran from 1983 to 1998.

    This was the theme to the show for some period of time between 1990, when 3M took over the sponsorship from DuPont, and 1994, when the educational CD-ROM What's the Secret came out with this video on it.

    This video predates the widespread use of MPEG, and was originally compressed using MS-CRAM (Microsoft Video 1), which explains why the quality is... questionable. :)

  • Newtons Apple -P1- What is Fire - First Artificial Heart


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

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  • Newtons Discovery-Sir Isaac Newton


    Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most influential scientists of all time.Learning Junction presents the story of Newton describing Gravity and Newton's three law's of Motion.

  • Best Idea Ever!


    Funny Story. True Story. A story told like never before. Best Idea Ever is a funny take on the actual anecdote of Sir Newton and the apple. Made as my final graduation film at Sheridan College's Computer Animation Program.

    Softwares used in production are as follows.

    • Maya 2010
    • Adobe After Effects CS4
    • Adobe Premiere CS4
    • Adobe Photoshop CS4
    • Sonic Foundry Sound Forge

    Made by Arpan Jolly @ Computer Animation, Sheridan College. 2010

  • Bob McCoy on Newtons Apple **WWW.MUSEUMOFQUACKERY.COM


    Bob McCoy, curator of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, demonstrates some of the unusual quack medical devices from his collection on the PBS science program Newton's Apple. Like the Wilshire Electric Belt, The Orgone Energy Machine, The Blud Rub, and the famous Phrenology Machine: The Psycograph!

    Host: David Heil
    Original Air Date: December 1991
    Season 9, Episode 115
    Newton's Apple was a production of Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, Minnesota

    See more at:

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    3-2-1 Contact -- Opening Theme/Intro 1983-1986 #3


    3-2-1 Contact opening theme/intro #3. This theme is used from seasons 2-5. This clip has an extended guitar mix which is very rare.

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  • Newtons Apple- The Physics of Roller Coasters


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    Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego TV Show Videos


    where in the world is carmen sandiego game show intro

  • Wonderworks 1984 Open


    The 1984 Opening to Wonderworks used until 1986.

  • Newtons Apple -P1- Boomerangs - Party Trivia - Science and Cooking


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

  • Newtons Apple -P4- Optical Illusions - Why We Lose Our Voice - Newtons Lemons - Footprints


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

  • Newtons Apple early Intro/Theme #2


    Newton's Apple early Intro/Theme #2. This is from Season 5, episode 1 (1987). Ira Flatow is the host. This was shown on PBS from 1983-1998. This was his final season on this show before David Heil took over as host from 1988-1997 which he was a former director of Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) before moving to Minn.

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    Newtons Apple quicksand


  • Newtons Apple -P1- Plastic Surgery - Party Trivia - Cycling and Aerodynamics


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

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    Gravity: Issac Newton vs the Apple tree


    My first film made at uni (and by far my favourite). I might put up the other two, but not the last one though since I want to try and have it shown at some festivals at some point.

    Thanks go out to the university of Gloucestershire for having a freakishly large collection of cameras and edit suites (but no actual apple trees on campus, frugal much? xD), Matt who edited this crazy son a bitch into a great video and Giack who was a beast when it came to filming it. I directed and acted in it. Oh and thanks to Sponge bob as well, stay shiny you magnificent son of a bitch.

    ps: apologies to Matt for spelling your name wrong in the credits xD

  • Secretariat - Belmont Stakes 1973


    The actual footage of Secretariat's record breaking win during the third and final race of the 1973 Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes.

  • Newtons Apple Eric Darnell Part1 Boomerang interview


    Newton's Apple Eric Darnell Part1 boomerang interview

  • Retro Review: Apple eMate 300 Newton TabletTop


    Pretty darned neat, eh? Thanks for watching, and stay snazzy.

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  • KERA break - October 1993


    KERA promos aired between a rebroadcast of The LP Show with Victor Borge (a 1972 British TV special) and the Oct. 1, 1993, episode of The McNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.
    * Part of the end credits for The LP Show
    * KERA Saturday movie promo - The Ipcress File, with Michael Caine
    * KERA promo - Inspector Alleyn on Mystery!
    * A Bite from 'Newton's Apple,' ca. 1991, on students studying acid rain at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Minnesota
    * This is PBS network ID card
    * The Power of Public Television PBS promo
    * KERA station ID card
    * KERA weather report card w/voiceover
    * NewsHour local sponsor cards: NorthPark Center, American Express Travel Management Services, American Express corporate card, Enterprise Leasing and Rent-a-Car
    * Opening to MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour

  • Zoobilee Zoo Theme Song


    I know, I isn't KIDS Incorporated, but I figured from time to time to share some other 80s goodness here. Here is a high quality opening theme song video from the hit show Zoobilee Zoo from the mid-1980s. There wasn't a good quality version here so I figured I'd upload one of mine. Enjoy!!!

  • Reading Rainbow Closing Credits Techno Muisic


    Here are the closing credits for Reading Rainbow from 1985.

  • নিউটনের আপেল গাছ


  • Isaac Newton for children


    Open up the brilliant world of famous brainboxes to children with Nowyouknowabout Scientists, an entertaining and lively first encounter with the great science superboffins: Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Pasteur and Marie Curie. Let Newton tell you how he discovered gravity! Why is Pasteurs name on every milk bottle? What did Darwin see that made him think differently? Find out all this and more with this fun educational DVD comprising five colourful films for young minds (and old ones that need refreshing).

    Explore what we do and find our films at

    Featuring: Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Pasteur, Marie Curie

  • Wonderworks Closing - 1986


    The closing to Wonderworks from 1986.

  • Isaac Newtons discovery of Gravitation


    The British evaded the fact that the half-witted plagiarism of Kepler by the circles creating the Newton cult, did not permit the consideration of any relevant, experimental proof of principle; hence, the silly diversion of proposing that Isaac I do not make hypotheses Newton had discovered gravitation through being hit on the head by an apple. (Presumably, if we consider the relevant evidence at hand, that apple either hit Newton too violently, or, in the alternative, not hard enough.)
    -Lyndon LaRouche in his paper
    How London Goes Down
    Feb.17, 2009

  • The Notable Trees of the National Trust - Newtons Apple


    Join Brian Muelaner on his journey to discover the notable trees of the National Trust. This episode explores Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire.
    This video was made possible by a generous donation from Cadbury.
    For more information go to:

  • PBS The Game kids block interstitials 1 - ca. 1997


    Promos, short films and interstitials from The Game, PBS afternoon/evening children's programming aired on KERA around or after 1997. (Not to be confused with the film The Game, which you should probably let the kids skip.) This batch is from before Arthur and the following show, The Magic School Bus.
    * Glitchy mystery ad at beginning of recording. (Possibly local ad for The Game block - I can make out some Bill Nye and maybe Wishbone.)
    * Wishbone promo (You will have that one part of the theme song in your head for the rest of the day.)
    * A Bite of Newton's Apple - A fairly interesting 3-minute segment from 1996 about bubble gum - what's in it, why regular gum just isn't the same, and the best way to blow the biggest bubbles. Includes 3M sponsor tag and KTCA (now TPT) production card at the end.
    * This Is PBS network ID (The grown-up one.)
    * Primestar sponsor tag for PBS' Ready to Learn service
    * The Game intro (Starring various playing pieces: Colleen Collect, Gulp, Kline Westwood, Ms. B, .Fraid Knot and Gumball. Kind of bizarrely awesome.)
    * The Game bumper with local station ID
    * Local sponsor tags for Arthur: JCPenney and Quaker Oats products at Tom Thumb
    * Arthur sponsor tags, including short spots for Baby Gap (you really had to specify that the Gap owns Baby Gap?), Polaroid, and Libby's Juicy Juice.
    * PBS kids' network ID (The brightly colored animated one, with the dog toting a balloon designating the previous show as Educational/Informational programming. I took out repeats of national sponsor messages before this and local ones after it.)
    * A 30-second animation accompanying a poem about looking up at the moon and imagining someone else looking up at it and imagining you. Can anyone identify where the text is from?
    * The Game station ID bumper
    * Local Magic School Bus sponsor tag for The Science Place at Fair Park, now part of the Museum of Nature and Science.
    * The Magic School Bus sponsor tags, including a spot for Microsoft Home (Whither Encarta?)

  • Wonderworks - 1986 Opening


    Here is an opening to Wonderworks from 1986. The intro is shorten but
    has the funding credits.

  • Learn about Gravity and Math w/ Isaac Netwon - Cool School Math & Science for Kids!


    Today's Cool School video is packed with learning! Mr. Histor takes kids back in time to find Isaac Newton, famed mathematician and physicist, just chilling out under an apple tree. Before gravity causes that fated apple falls, Newton and Mr. Histor count the apples in the tree. So, this video is a history lesson, plus a math lesson, and a science lesson all in one! So much learning, we could use some brain apple, perhaps?

    Comment! Tell us what history lesson you want to see next! Or math, or science, get the idea! Leave your Cool School requests in the comments!


    Best of Cool School:
    Story Time with Ms. Booksy:
    Nursery Rhyme Time:
    Letters of the Alphabet:
    Arts and Crafts with Crafty Carol:
    Mr. Histor's History Lessons:
    Ron's Music Class:

    Cool School is a place for kids to learn, laugh, and sing. Cool School features classic children's stories, nursery rhymes, lullabies, fun kids songs, educational music, arts and crafts, history, science, math and more!

  • WonderWorks - The House of Dies Drear / WNTV 29


    This commercial was recorded sometime in 1986.

  • Sharon Lois & Brams Elephant Show


    Here is another, longer version of the closing credits sequence from Sharon Lois & Bram's Elephant Show where the cast sing Skinnamarink. Each episode has an original credit sequence. *A Canadian/CBC production!*

  • Mathnet | The Trial of George Frankly


    I know it's not in my nature to upload non-game shows, but there's a first time for everything.

    This episode of Mathnet is uploaded in honor of Square One TV's 25th anniversary.

    In this 1987 episode of Mathnet, Officer George Frankly is accused of robbing the Next-to-the-Last National Bank of $250,000. However, George had been on a fishing trip the past week, and both he and his partner, Sergeant Kate Monday, know he is innocent. Before the trial, the Mathnetters figure that someone George arrested before may want to get back at him. The main suspects are two escaped convicts: The Brothers Karamazoff (however you pronounce it): Irving and Jake, who were in for a computer crime.

    Joe Howard as George Frankly
    Beverly Leech as Kate Monday
    Mary Watson as Debbie Williams
    James Earl Jones as Chief Thad Green
    William Windom as Judge Herman Hoffman
    Jim Thurman as Crusty
    Martin Katzoff as Oren Terwilliger
    Gene Wallace as Desmond Ratcellar
    Sheila Rogers as May Schwamb
    James Karen as the Prosecutor

    (c) 1987 Children's Television Workshop

    DISCLAIMER: Nothing seen here is my property. Uploads intended for entertainment purposes solely.

  • Newtons Apple


    Here's a clip from Newton's Apple, a total buzzkill of a show for kids who grew up in the 80's.. you'd be sitting there, enjoying episodes of Square One TV, or Reading Rainbow.. and then, all of a sudden, THIS would come on & ruin your afternoon..

  • Newtons Apple -P4- Hiccups - Newtons Lemons - Cold Remedies


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

  • Newtons Apple -P2- Skiing Mechanics - Good Year Blimp - Beavers - Advantage of Metal Bats


    Host Ira Flatow helps viewers talk to experts about their various scientific questions.

  • Apple Newton Commercial - What is Newton?


    Apple Newton Commercial - What is Newton?

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    Apple Newton MessagePad 100 | Ashens


    Did I mention that these things cost about $700 at launch in 1993? Which is the equivalent of well over $1000 now? Eat Up Martha

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    Extra Videos -
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    Wonder Works


    Someone wrote to ask if I had the opening from Wonderworks, which was a 1980s collaborative project between Disney and PBS to produce made-for-TV family movies. The good news is that, yes, I do have a copy. The bad news: it's a jittery, poor-quality copy with no audio.

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    Apple Theme Tune Music HQ HD For iPad / iPhone and iPod


    Apple Theme Tune Music HQ HD For iPad / iPhone and iPod .. 4s 3 hq hd

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    DuPont Stain Master Carpet


    Here's a commercial featuring a young Ryan Stiles! Yes, that is Ryan Stiles! Before he was on the Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway. This was recorded off WMC-TV in 1995.

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