Loading the blowback rubber band gun

  • Loading the blowback rubber band gun


    If you're baffled by how the rubber band gun works, watch this lackluster-at-best video.

  • Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun


    Get the free plans here:

    Or here:

    The plans will print full scale on an A4 printer.

    Summary M1911 tutorial:

  • BLOW⇔BACK RUBBER BAND GUN 05.0 RUGER LCP blowback & ejection model


    with laser sight

  • Seburo Space Stapler blowback rubber band SMG


    This is the last in a line of simple blowback rubber band submachine guns. Click here if you want to build it:


    Tutorials and how-to's:

    Free plans:

    Purchasable plans:

    Reddit (sneak previews and extras):

    Google+ (sneak previews and extras):

    Website (no rubber band guns):

    Second channel (no rubber band guns):

    'Candy Crush'

    Japanese only - you may want to use Google Translate!

  • Blowback rubber band gun : Assembly - Heckler & Koch4 Type


    The rubber band guns with blowback mechanism- Heckler & Koch4 Type
    ■ Production manuals :
    ■ Production manuals :
    The Internal mechanism and assembly of the blowback rubber band Gun-Heckler & Koch4 New Version
    ブローバックする 連発式 輪ゴム銃 -ヘッケラーコッホ4 の 内部構造 と 組み立て方

  • rubber band gun blowback MAT-49


    This is inspired by RBGuns' blowback MP40 and is an evolution of my previous blowback guns.

    Lady in Chrome

  • desc

    SIG SAUER Rubber Band Gun with blowback mechanism - Assembly and Shoot


    Taken from Tenkou Kaku. I made my blueprints from screenshots of Tenkou Kaku's video. I won't provide them but you have all the details in this video. I think Tenkou Kaku owns a pattent for the mechanism.

  • desc

    rubber band gun Blowback submachine gun


    This started out as a simplified version of RBguns' MP40 which you can check out here:

    Mine didn't turn out quite as nicely...

    Rocketry by Dan-O

  • desc



    TENKOU KAKUさん(YouTube) mechanism+LUGER toggle action
    making & shooting. Jumping of a toggle and short recoil

  • rubber band gun blowback Gabbett-Fairfax Mars


    This is my failed attempt at a shell ejecting rubber band gun. The gun worked very well except for the shell ejection so I decided to finish building it without the ejection system.


    Japanese only - you may want to use Google Translate!

  • Shell Ejection Rubber Band Gun - How to make Government Type


    Simple mechanism which is easy to make.
    TENKOUKAKU's manuals :



    TENKOU KAKUさん(YouTube) mechanism+short recoil action
    TENKOU KAKUさん(YouTube)を参考にして作った最初の銃を改良しました。

  • Blowback Lego Rubberband Pistol


    It's been a while, but this gun took a lot of time to make and perfect. (I also made two guns before this)
    The trigger of the gun is not connected to the slide/hammer and you can load rubberbands on the top of the slide without taking off pieces. The blowback is smooth and rarely jams. It also has a silencer and a slide lock.

    Inspiration: DevilZCall (I used my own mech)

    Song: pizza planet by monstercat

  • Rubber Band Gun SIG Sauer blowback


    DODKOG - Slovakia

  • MP40 Rubberband Gun insight view


    MP40 Schmeisser rubberband submachine gun
    made of wood

    I can't recommend to make this rubber band gun! It's a lot of work to make this gun and it's not worth it. It's only a prototype. It's not reliable.
    A weak rubber band will stop the mechanism. The mechanism needs ca. 20% of the stretch power of each rubberband. So it's underpowered. It's difficult to get the mechanism to work. I don't have much fun to play with this gun because of all it's disadvantages.
    If you still want to make this gun:
    download link construction manual:

    -please subscribe. new rubber band gun videos coming soon-

    camera: Casio Exilim ZR-200
    program: Video Deluxe MX

  • Blowback-Style Rubber Band Gun


    Blowback-Style Rubber Band Gun

    These cool rubber band guns are a great, family friendly toy version of the more dangerous real thing. Firing rubber bands instead of bullets, these pistol-shaped wooden replicas still have a great blowback feature where the slide jumps back like a real gun would when discharging the shell casing.
    #TokyoOtakuMode #Toy

    Tokyo Otaku Mode:
    Tokyo Otaku Mode shares Japanese otaku culture with the rest of the world! We report on anime, manga, figures, events and more - straight from Akiba, Tokyo!

  • HD Auto Mag rubber band gun


    A HD re-upload of of the prettiest gun in my collection. It uses a realistic but unreliable blowback action.


    Japanese only - you may want to use Google Translate!

  • Blowback Rubber Band GunGlock


    The basic idea was inspired by parabellum1262's work.

    I made some improvements to make it act more realistic.

    This one is actually an experiment. I used computer software to draw all the parts and sent them laser cut. The result is pretty disappointing in both accuracy and stability compared with my previous fully-handmade prototype. = =
    I will upload another video about the previous prototype if I have free time. I'm quite busy these days. = =



  • FN P90 Rubber Band Submachine Gun with BlowBack and Fast Reload Design


    I've been waiting long time and decided to make my very first RBsG with BlowBack Design. But I'm actually a lazy guy so I cut it by using laser cut machine, and all the dimension and triggers are perfect.

    The reason I made Fn P90 is because what I wanted was a FAST RELOAD RBsG, not a FAST CHARGE RBsG. There is no workable fast charge RBMG in market, even though there was one claimed that they can fast charge, apparently is not working very well.

    I do not recommend beginner to start with this RBsG, it is quite troublesome in setting it up.

    It is not a Toy, it is a collection :p

  • desc

    M1911 Rubber Band Gun


    Semi auto shooting with blow back action.
    Designer: Parabellum1262

  • rubberbandgun blowback luger system


    the system of my blowback rubberbandgun luger

  • desc

    Lego M1014


    Our Lego M1014 rubberband gun features:

    .Semi-auto firing
    .5 rubberband capacity
    .Blowback bolt
    .Ability to load and eject 5 shells
    .Accurate, illuminated iron sights
    .Flashlight atachment

  • desc

    Lego Browning Auto 5


    Our Lego Browning Auto 5 rubberband gun features:

    .Semi-auto firing
    .5 Rubberband capacity
    .Blowback bolt
    .5 shell ejection
    .Ability to load 5 shells into magazine
    .Accurate firing
    .Full scale

  • desc

    Lego M1 Garand


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    Now, finally my M1 Garand is done... It's semi automatic with blowback! It is a whole new mechanism and you don't need 1 rubber band to every shot, AMAZING!
    It has an built-in mag that take 4 shots, and you load it as the real one.
    It is awesome, accurate but not so powerful... :(
    I hope you will like it!

    Enjoy, subscribe and please leave a comment! :D

    And you should take your time to visit my channel to see all my videos and guns! :)

  • desc

    Lego Battlefield 3 : Saiga-12K


    Our Lego Saiga 12 rubberband gun features:

    .Semi-auto firing
    .5-10 shot capacity
    .Working magazine release
    .Removable magazine
    .Blowback bolt or movable bolt with shell loading/chambering ability
    .Working, accurate red dot sight
    .Elevated sight rail
    .Comfortable grip and stock

  • desc

    Lego Full Automaitc Crossbow


    This is one of the most awesome Lego weapons ever I think. Completely full automatic reloading and shooting Lego crossbow!! YAY

    ignore tags: Lego gun legogun thekaspall kaspall caspalll caspall thecaspall minigun gatling chaingun pistole shotgun bow arrow engine legos bricks pieces stop motion animation title video railgun extgun laser sight scope sniper machine machinegun amazing impressive awesome subscribe channel account working hilarious cool rubberband rubberbandgun rubber band spring trigger slide action pump charly bit me evolution hanging standing tripod turret crack mechanic poptub flamethrower thecaspalll the kaspal kaspel kasp plastic air motor power recoil blowback pressure button bottom fly shoot shot headshot weapon weapons divina game (l)ego ego shooter ego-shooter camera HD high definition 720p 1080p 1080i full fullhd rate comment stars sound bang music copyright urheberrechte pistole Maschinengewehr Maschine Gummiband dance move spin twisting h22 h10 crossbow reload webcam video TV rocket launcher katyusha somke fire bolt blunt tracker

  • Blowback Rubber Band Gun )Mechanism Beretta M92F YouTube


  • 50 rounds Semi & Full Rubber Band Machine Gun/ oggcraft.jp


    handmade semi and full automatic rubber band machinegun

  • BLOW⇔BACK RUBBER BAND GUN 04.1 I.W.I DESERT EAGLE blowback mechanism is added


  • Rubber band gun



  • Blowback rubber band gun : Muzzle Flash - Desert Eagle & USP Compact Type


    The rubber band guns with blowback mechanism -Desert Eagle & USP Compact Type
    ■ Production manuals :
    ■ Production manuals :

    Add Muzzle Flashe Effect to Blowback Rubber Band Gun Movies - Desert Eagle & USP Compact
    ブローバックする連発式輪ゴム銃-デザートイーグル・タイプ とUSPコンパクト・タイプ に大げさなマズルフラッシュ を合成してみました。

  • Lego Blowback MP


    Lego Blowback MP

    - Fast Rate of Fire
    - Smooth Mechanism
    - Magazine
    -10 Rubberbands can be loaded

    -Only 1 rubberband used to connect trigger , bolt and feeding pedal.

  • Blowback RBG


    this is based on tutorial made by Parabellum 1262 .

  • Glock Blow Back rubberband


    This 3d printing glock mimics the recoil action of a real firearm. The slide's recoil action is independent of the trigger, The only force used is the elastic energy stored in rubber bands and the mechanic designs.
    Laser aimer and flashlight are cool accessories to have.
    Please contact me if you are interested to have one made by 3D printing or in wood. If you want the blueprint, please email me at
    rubber band blow back @ gmail .com

  • Blowback rubber band gun : Prototype-Colt Government Type


    The rubber band gun with blowback mechanism - Colt Government Type
    ■ Production manuals :
    ■ Production manuals :

  • desc

    rubber band gun Vis wz. 35 — Mk.2


    Free tutorial:

    The improved version of the Vis wz. 35. My most finely made rubber band gun.

    Kick Shock by Kevin MacLeod

  • desc

    Shell Ejection Rubber Band Gun - Glock Type


    Blowback Rubber band Gun which ejects shells -Structure
    ■ Production manuals :
    ■ Production manuals :

  • desc

    Rubber band gun



  • Blowback Rubberband Gun- Tutorial- DIY


    The cool blowback action mimic the real gun's recoil system.
    Make one from cardboard, wood & PASSION
    Email me for tutorial & blueprint RubberBandBlowBack @ G Mail.COM

    Actually this works with LEGO as my first one is build from LEGO. Which is easier to do :0

  • Ultimate rubber band guns OUT-TAKES


    Tutorials and how-to's:

    Rubber band gun plans:

    Reddit (sneak previews and extras):

    Google+ (sneak previews and extras):

    Website (no rubber band guns):

    Second channel (no rubber band guns):

    The Show Must Be Go and Meatball Parade by Kevin Macleod

    There is no punch line

    Japanese only - you may want to use Google Translate!

  • Rubber Band Guns & Wooden Guns


    Somente algumas imagens das RBG(Rubber Band Gun) que construo. Desenho no Illustrator, envio para Corte Laser e depois monto. Algumas são somente de enfeite, mas tem efeito Blowback, outras atiram elásticos.

  • M1911 Rubber band gun


  • 1911 slo mo from Rubberband tech


    1911 slo mo from Rubberband tech

  • HD Błyskawica and M16A1 rubber band guns


    Please do not request plans or sales.


  • rubber band gun Prototype M1911


    No sales. Any requests for sales or blueprints will be flagged for spam.

    Wanna build it? The tutorial is here:


  • RBG collection My Rubber Band Gun


    Hello youtube! This video is a short introduction to my new
    channel that is going to be centered around my rubber band
    guns that I have made over the last couple of months! Enjoy

    All credit goes to Parabellum1262,RBguns,Petit-Rave,tenkou kaku,gunsk2009 and to all BRG maker.

  • rubber band gun MAS-36


    This is a pretty standard bolt-action with a unique folding stock, as employed by the real MAS-36 CR-39 paratroop rifle.


    Tutorials and how-to's:

    Free plans:

    Purchasable plans:

    Reddit (sneak previews and extras):

    Google+ (sneak previews and extras):

    Website (no rubber band guns):

    Second channel (no rubber band guns):

    Fire Within by Jens Kiilstofte

  • P226 Sig Sauer


    8 round semi automatic blow back rubber band gun.
    Precision laser cut components ensure 100% fits and perfect shooting action.

  • Lego Blowback MP10a3


    This is a video of the loading of the gun.Can hold a capacity of 10 + 1 rubberbands.

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