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  • Louis C.K. on The Fresh Air podcast


    Louis C.K. talks about some of his formative experiences, like doing drugs when he was a kid, how he got his start in standup, and how his comedy evolved.

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    FreshAir NPR Robin Williams interview


    Reaired interview with Robin Williams in memorium.

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    Fresh Air with Terry Gross April 17 2015 Podcast


    Apr 17, 2015
    Comedian Joel McHale Talks Dyslexia, Bad TV And Filming A Thriller
    The host of The Soup co-stars in the thriller Deliver Us From Evil. I felt like a 12-year-old getting to be in an action film, McHale tells Terry Gross. Originally broadcast June 30, 2014.

    Apr 17, 2015
    In 'True Story,' A Shamed Journalist Interviews A Fugitive Who Stole His Identity
    In 2001, Michael Finkel was fired for making up a story. Then he learns that a suspected murderer is posing as him, so he gets to know him. The best word for the drama is dumb, says David Edelstein.

    Fresh Air
    Fresh Air with Terry Gross
    Fresh Air with Terry Gross April 17 2015
    Fresh Air with Terry Gross April 17 2015 Podcast

  • Terry Gross George Carlin Interview on Fresh Air NPR vs the FCC


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    Quentin Tarantino on Fresh Air


    Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino talks about his film Django Unchained with Terry Gross on NPR.

  • Louis C.K. on The Fresh Air Podcast 09/06/2015


    Louis C.K. talks about some of his formative experiences, like doing drugs when he was a kid, how he got his start in standup, and how his comedy evolved. (09_06_2015)

  • Sue Klebold - Fresh Air Radio Interview


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Why Abby Wambach Doesnt Want To Be Known Just As A Soccer Player


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    Zelda - A Breath of Fresh Air? - IGN UK Podcast #337


    IGN UK links up to chat Zelda.

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    Fresh Air Podcast | Guitarist Nels Cline On Lovers, An Album 25 Years In The Making


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Comic Jeff Ross Having Thick Skin Is A Survival Technique


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Who Says You Cant Train A Cat A Book Of Tips For Feline Human Harmony


  • Louis C.K. Interview on NPR


    From National Public Radio.

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    Luxoft Podcast: DevOps - A Breath of Fresh Air


    DevOps (Development and Operations) is a movement that became a hot topic in Software Development world and media (from big news outlets to niche publications). How did it all start and evolved? What are its benefits? What should we expect? Listen to our DevOps experts to find out the answers.

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    Fresh Air Podcast | Jonathan Safran Foers Here I Am Is Both Dazzling And Draining


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Jim Blacks Trio Comes Into Its Own With A Lovely, Constant Album


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Writer Mat Johnson On Loving Day And Life As A Black Boy Who Looks White


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    Fresh Air Podcast | NeuroTribes Examines The History — And Myths — Of The Autism Spectrum


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    Fresh Air Podcast | An Unforgettable 208 Second Flight Creates A Bureaucratic Frenzy In Sully


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    Fresh Air Podcast | A First Year College Student Finds Himself Outclassed In Loner


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    Fresh Air Podcast | Oliver Stone Puts A Melodramatic Spin On Snowden And The Surveillance State


  • WTF Marc Maron - Terry Gross - Episode 604


    The tables are turned on one of the world's greatest interviewers, when Marc sits down with Fresh Air's Terry Gross in front of a live audience at the BAM Opera House in Brooklyn. The voice of NPR and the mind of WTF go deep into Terry's past to examine the life of a person who is so familiar to millions and still very much a mystery. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, NatureBox, Blue Apron and Casper.

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    How to grow fresh air | Kamal Meattle


    Researcher Kamal Meattle shows how an arrangement of three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air.

    TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes and Lost producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on TED.com, at

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    Breathe More Fresh Air to Reinvigorate Your Work Day


    It's easy to get stuck inside all day while at work. Make a conscious effort to get outside daily to breathe fresh air and reboot your brain for renewed energy and productivity at work.
    More Caroline Dowd-Higgins Podcasts and Videos on iTunes and

  • Project Twenty1 Podcast #51 - Fresh Air For Once


    Matt and Steph co-produce a shoot for Weston Sound, and it's outdoors! Sure they have to work, but at least they aren't sitting at the damn computers. May 4th, 2010.

  • Toni Morrison interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air


    Now that she's in her mid-80s, celebrated author Toni Morrison feels aches, pains and regret.
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    Toni tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross, When I'm not creating or focusing on something I can imagine or invent, I think I go back over my life — I don't recommend this, by the way — and you pick up, 'Oh, what did you do that for? Why didn't you understand this?' Not just with children, as a parent, but with other people, with friends. ... It's not profound regret; it's just a wiping up of tiny little messes that you didn't recognize as mess when they were going on.

    Morrison, the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature, says writing provides a big protection from her thoughts.

    Her latest novel, God Help the Child, follows an African-American woman who has no idea why she has given birth to such a dark-skinned baby. The mother, named Sweetness, is embarrassed by her daughter's darkness and wants to distance herself. The daughter, meanwhile, is scarred by not having her mother's love.

    Morrison says she wanted to separate color from race in her latest creation.

    Distinguishing color — light, black, in between — as the marker for race is really an error: It's socially constructed, it's culturally enforced and it has some advantages for certain people, she says. But this is really skin privilege — the ranking of color in terms of its closeness to white people or white-skinned people and its devaluation according to how dark one is and the impact that has on people who are dedicated to the privileges of certain levels of skin color.

    The novel explores those childhood wounds that leave a lasting mark into adulthood, and Morrison says it got her thinking about her own two sons. When they were young, she says she felt able and competent and she never thought she would hurt them in any way.

    Afterwards, I remember every error, every word that I spoke that was wrong or incontinent, every form of when I did not protect them properly, she says. Now that I'm 84, I remember everything as a mistake — and I regret everything. Now, mind you, one of them is now deceased, one of them is very successful, so I don't have any reason for this except perhaps age and regret.

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    Terry Gross talks Fresh Air on Charlie Rose


    An interview with Terry Gross the host of the radio program, Fresh Air on NPR.

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    WTF with Louis C.K.


    Originally published as a two-part episode in October 2010, this conversation between Marc and Louis C.K. was chosen by Slate as the #1 podcast episode of all time. It is presented here for the first time as a single, uninterrupted episode....After months of false starts, Marc finally tracks down his old friend Louis CK and it's more than one episode can hold. Louis is at the top of his game today, but he and Marc recall the days when they were both struggling young comics in Boston, when Louis was getting rejected by SNL, and when his movie was being taken away from him by a Hollywood studio. Oh yeah, and when Louis bought a trumpet. Louis tells Marc about the major changes in his life over the past decade, from the birth of his children to his rebirth as a stand-up comedian, from the demise of one television show to the rise of another.

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  • David Foster Wallace and Terry Gross NPRs Fresh Air


    Check out the DFW Playlist for more:
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    I actually do not own a TV now, but that is not TV's fault because if I own it, I will watch it. And you know, even when after an hour or so I'm not even enjoying watching it because I'm feeling guilty at how non-productive I'm being, except the feeling guilty then makes me anxious which I want to soothe by distracting myself so I'll watch the TV even more. And it just gets -- I don't know -- it just gets depressing. My own relationship to TV depresses me. It's not TV per se. I do have a VCR so it's not like I never watch a cathode ray screen.


    I was sick in bed one day and decided I would amuse myself by drawing up a list of all the things I thought would be neat to read or that I should've read and that I had not read. And by the time I was on the like twelfth page, I began to panic and to realize that I needed to start doing some reading and that if there was a TV in the room (I found out about a month later) I would simply: I mean, the game that I'll play with myself is, 'O, I'll read it with the TV on,' which is, which is just a farce. So I decided that I had too much to read to be able to own a TV.

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    Jennifer Lawrence interview in Fresh Air - December 21 2015


    No copyright infringement intended. This interview is shared for entertainment purposes only.

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    Episode 14: Out in The Fresh Air


    Come join me, Georgina on this lovely Spring day in Toronto discussing knitting, spinning and some other lovely things.

    Please join us on Ravelry groups: Ewe Who Knits Podcast
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    Enjoy and Happy Knitting & crafting!


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    Ali Wong - WTF Podcast with Marc Maron #704


    Ali Wong wtf podcast
    Ali Wong Interview
    Ali Wong marc maron 2016 new

    Ali Wong wants you to know what leaning in is like for a working stand-up comic who also happens to be a new mother. Marc talks with Ali about her new life as a mom and her continuing life as a road comic who is bucking conventions on the stage and in the writers' room on the show Fresh off the Boat. Their conversation features something that has never happened on WTF.

    marc maron, lol, comedy, wtf radio, wtf with marc maron, wtf marc maron, podcast, marc maron, comedian, stand-up comedy

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    Fresh Air 2: 2 Fresh 2 Furious


    Help us bring Mike's next film, Sleepwalk With Me, to a theater near you by tweeting #BringSleepwalk to your local art house theater or by contacting them directly by email or phone. To find contact info for your local art house please visit the This American Life website:


    Twitter: @sleepwalkmovie -

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    Chevy Cruze Stereo


    Biggest piece of shit car I've ever seen

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    Fresh Air Open House x Bag Raiders


    While they were touring their brand new live setup around Australia, we sat Bag Raiders down for a Fresh Air Open House at Rocket Bar and Rooftop for a live demonstration of their on-stage gear, and a chat with Caroline Tucker about their new album, their production process and following up their most famous track.

    Bag Raiders one of Australia's premier electronic music acts. Since releasing their breakout track 'Shooting Stars' in 2009 and backing it up with an album a year later, the boys haven't slowed down. They've been touring, remixing and working away, and they're finally gearing up to put out their second record sometime soon.

    Listen to an extended podcast of the Open House here:

  • Artie Lange Interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air Part 1/4


    Artie Lange Interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air Part 1/4

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    The Fresh Prince of Tasmania Podcast EP001 - Danielle Deckard


    This our First Podcast Ever!! On this Podcast we interview an incredibly beautiful and talented young Singer Songwriter Danielle Deckard. Much laughs much fun We hope you enjoy!!

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    Fresh Air Open House: How To Get A Gig


    Our final Fresh Open House for 2015 was another lesson in getting your music heard by whatever means possible. This time around though, rather than just production, we put the focus on Adelaide’s up and coming DJs who are hungry for gigs and we got some pearls of wisdom from some major industry players, namely Tom from HQ Complex, Matt from Crown Ruler / Rocket Bar & Rooftop and Petar from Zhivago. Here's a quick video of the Fresh Air Open House panel discussion!

    A full podcast of the discussion can be found here:

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    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Street Dude vs Nerd


    We go back to the early 90's to take a look at one pivotal Black sitcom.

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    Disclaimer: This is a channel where one can speak openly, do not be afraid, but be respectful.

  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast MARC MARON COMEDY Episode 604 Terry Gross 05 21 15


    WTF with Marc Maron Podcast MARC MARON - COMEDY Episode 604 - Terry Gross 05 21 15 Episode 604 - Terry Gross The tables are turned on one of the .

    WTF with Marc Maron Podcast MARC MARON - COMEDY Episode 604 - Terry Gross 05 21 15 Episode 604 - Terry Gross The tables are turned on one of the .

    WTF with Marc Maron Podcast MARC MARON - COMEDY Episode 604 - Terry Gross 05 21 15 Episode 604 - Terry Gross The tables are turned on one of the .

    WTF with Marc Maron Podcast MARC MARON - COMEDY Episode 604 - Terry Gross 05 21 15 Episode 604 - Terry Gross The tables are turned on one of the .

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