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    This Week in Tech 588: New Phone, Who Dis?


    Host: Leo Laporte
    Guests: Mike Elgan, Lauren Hockenson, Alex Wilhelm

    Did Facebook help Donald Trump win the US Presidential Election? Apple's new MacBook Pro is selling better than last year's model. Google's Daydream View VR headsets are out, and they are hot. Literally. Twitter's COO leaves - is Twitter in trouble? Snapchat's new Spectacles go on sale - if you can find them. The Unicode Consortium approves 56 new emojis. Sadly, not Finland's suggested emojis - sauna and heavy metal headbanger.

    Mike Elgan thinks that Facebook has to step up to the fact-checking bat when it comes to its News Feed.
    Alex Wilhelm can't stop tweeting - in fact, he's tweeting right now!
    Lauren Hockenson gives her first-hand impressions of the Daydream View
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    Check Out This Week In Tech !


    In this video, I talk about a very popular podcast called, This Week In Tech (TWiT) with Leo Laporte. This tech podcast is easily one of the most popular out there and discusses the week's tech events. It is recorded live every Sunday at 3PM PDT at and then published as a podcast the following day. I've been a guest host on 3 episodes of TWiT (#168, #172, and #186) which includes this past Sunday's episode - . Please check out TWiT weekly for great tech news from the leading tech minds of the web and yours truly. Thanks!

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    This Week in Tech 589: Save it for St. Patricks Day


    British Parliament passes the Snoopers Charter. Fake news is on the rise. Snapchat files for a secret IPO. Selfie deaths have more than doubled each year for the past three years. Apple charges $300 for a book of pictures of Apple products.

    --Owen J.J. Stone can't even believe the new MacBook Pro
    --Georgia Dow thinks the key to breaking our addiction with technology lies in education and good parenting
    --Baratunde Thurston wants you to take action for what you believe in

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    This Week in Tech 432: Bitcoin Assassin


    Console updates, virtual credit cards, savvy assassins, malware on the ISS, and more.

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    Behind the scenes of This Week in Tech , Part Two


    Part two of how TWiT is recorded. A look behind the scene as Leo Laporte records the popular technology podcast This Week in Technology (TWiT) at Texas Coworking during the SXSW conference in Austin, TX.

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    TweakTown Weekly Podcast #10 - This Week in Tech


    - The last week of January 2014 saw some heavy shifts in the tech world, something we cover in our #10 podcast!

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    TWiT Episode 21 Taped Before a Live Audience


    Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Heron, David Prager, and John C. Dvorak. Special Guests: Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, Arlo Rose of Konfabulator, Alex Lindsay from the Pixel Corps, Applescript product manager Sal Soghoian. Live from the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco. Thanks to our hosts, Apple Computer, and to all the folks who showed up and made us feel welcome. This is the audio edition. Kevin Rose and Keith Harrison from are working on the video version and will offer it later. Get the audio now at the usual places: Main feed - courtesy AOL Radio BitTorrent - four flavors, no waiting Topics:

    * Creative accuses Apple's iPod of patent violation.
    * What's the big Apple announcement Wednesday? Looks like an itunes phone, but is there more?
    * Creative ships the Neeon MP3 player with a Windows worm.
    * Is Creative #2 in the MP3 player market? They want 40% of the market by the end of 2005, but they're losing money right now.
    * Google boycott of cnet reaches week six.
    * Free Linspire at least till Sept. 6th. That might be more interesting news if there weren't already better free versions like Debian, Gentoo, etc.
    * Roger McGuinn brought us the Samson C01U USB Mic - it's just $80 and perfect for podcasting (or recording).
    * Roger's owns his own record company now... which means he actually makes money instead of the record companies.
    * Apple kills the Mac mini test drive in one day. Why?
    * Textamerica is offering a way for cell phone users in the wake of Katrina to tell loved ones they're ok.
    * We were mesmerized by the Katrina blog from Output Crystal.
    * Katrina: how is WiMAX going to work if there's no electricity?
    * The Associated Press is offering Internet access to a satellite image that covers most of New Orleans, detailed enough that viewers can zoom in to check on particular neighborhoods and streets.
    * Scott from Reseller Rattings is offering matching donations to Katrina to the Red Cross up to $10,000
    * Arlo Rose from Konfabulator joins us. It's now free from Yahoo!
    * Alex Lindsay from DV Garage and the Pixel Corps announced MacBreak the new IPTV show he's doing with Leo.
    * Who isn't? Kevin has systm (taping today's show, by the way).
    * And Patrick's doing a weekly IPTV show for Ziff-Davis. Episode 4 goes out LIVE 9PM EST September 6th... available for download in WMV that night, in other formats Wednesday. (Woohoo!)
    * Patrick holds up the $3 telephone VOiP headset Leo likes so much...
    * McGuinn plays the HD-7 - a seven string Martin he designed. Acoustic Guitar magazine is giving one away.
    * Listener Questions:
    * What's our biz model?
    * How do we create RSS feeds? Kevin's doing his in house... Feedburner does a good job of turning blogs into podcasts. Leo uses (and loves) Feeder. Jon of the Jon Hammond show uses .Mac and Rapid Weaver.
    * Why did Yahoo! go w/ $1.99 to host domains? It costs at least $4.00 to do the work w/ InterNIC... We think it's a loss leader to get you to buy other Yahoo! webhosting products.
    * Where is the PowerPC going after Apple? John says it's dead.
    * Gentoo Developer Chris notes crazy patents like the Tarzan yell and swing.
    * Ashley... thanks for the Doin' The TWiT theme!!!
    * Live next week at Noonan's in Larkspur Landing, CA.

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    TweakTown Weekly Podcast #13 - This Week in Tech


    - A lot has happened in the world of technology in the past week, tune in to hear more!

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    This Week in Tech 553: Android Nutroll


    Host: Leo Laporte
    Leo Laporte, David Pogue, Mark Milian, and Nathan Olivarez-Giles discuss the big tech news stories of the week including President Obama's encryption speech at SXSW, AlphaGo leads 3-1 against Lee Se-dol, Apple announcement rumors, Android N preview highlights, and more...
    Guests: Mark Milian, Nate Olivarez-Giles, and David Pogue
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    Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 267: An Open Letter To This Week In Tech


    It started out as a normal tech week... and then Slack wrote an open letter to Microsoft - an unforced error. We dive deep into why it's a mistake. Plus, we talk about a new vigilante app, Deepmind playing Starcraft, Apple's lack of a vision, Toyota's cool toy to turn on your car, Xiamoi's goal of selling phones in the US, the future of voice activated devices, and VR. See for all the show notes.

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    TweakTown Weekly Podcast #16 - This Week in Tech


    - GIGABYTE surprises us for this week's technology Podcast, unveiling a super-small, super power efficient GeForce GTX 970 GPU.

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    Part II: King of Tech Talk, Leo Laporte


    Part II: Leo Laporte is on radio shows across the nation, most notably on KFI in Los Angeles and KGO in San Francisco, two of the most listened to radio stations in the world. His This Week in Tech show has the largest tech podcast audience on iTunes. He usually has the biggest tech audience of any live show on Stickam. People like Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, have launched their careers after being associated with him. Here we sit down for a fun talk with Leo at his studio in Petaluma, California to find out how he does it all.

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    This Week in Tech 514: Enter My Candy Foyer


    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Harry McCracken, Patrick Norton, and Dylan Tweney
    Apple Music, Twitter turnovers, Reddit bans, OPM hack, and more.
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    Tech In 2017 - What The Tech Ep 337


    Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott take a look back at their tech predictions from last year. How many of their predictions were accurate? Andrew and Paul also discuss tech in the new year. Will Samsung be able to recover from the Galaxy Note 7 blunder and will Apple continue to struggle? The guys also discuss Google, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Nintendo and more.

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    Behind the scenes of This Week in Tech , Part One


    Part one of two of how TWiT is recorded. A look behind the scene as Leo Laporte records the popular technology podcast This Week in Technology (TWiT) at Texas Coworking during the SXSW conference in Austin, TX.

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    Leo Laporte


    For From Wikipedia: Leo Gordon Laporte (born November 29, 1956 in New York City, New York)[1] is an American technology broadcaster and author. A native of Providence, RI, he now lives in Petaluma, California with his second wife Jennifer and two children, Henry and Abby. Laporte currently owns and operates a netcast network, The name is derived from the network's award winning, flagship podcast This WEEK in TECH, or TWiT, which is hosted by Laporte along with a rotating panel of guests usually made up of several other former TechTV employees. This show remains one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes and other podcast subscription services, as evidenced by winning an award at the November 2005 Podcasting Expo in California for the year's best podcast and by its over 280,000 weekly downloads.
    Laporte prefers to call his shows netcasts, saying I've never liked the word podcast. It causes confusion ... people have told me that they can't listen to my shows because they 'don't own an iPod' ... I propose the word 'netcast.' It's a little clearer that these are broadcasts over the Internet. It's catchy and even kind of a pun.[14] With the addition of's live video feed, the shows are no longer audio-only.
    Some of his other netcasts include Security Now! with Steve Gibson, MacBreak and MacBreak Weekly, both hosted in a fashion similar to TWiT, The Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo, Munchcast with Cammy Blackstone, Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, FLOSS Weekly, net@nite with Amber MacArthur, and Roz Rows The Pacific (launched June 3, 2008).
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    What Kind of Extraterrestrial Life Is Out There? - Tech Fetish Podcast Episode 230


    This week the Tech Fetish crew discusses NASA's claims of finding alien life by 2025, a phone battery that charges in 1 minute, Apple iPhone rumors, and more.

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    This Week in Tech 559: Ew, EU!


    Host: Leo Laporte
    Guests: Christina Warren, Serenity Caldwell, and Roberto Baldwin
    Apple’s recycled gold, Kindle book scam, Uber tips, Magic Leap questions, and more.
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    How About That Apple Watch? - Tech Fetish Podcast


    This week, the Tech Fetish crew discusses all the announcements that came out of Apple's March 9 event: the Apple Watch, the new MacBook, and the AppleTV's price drop.

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    AT&Ts Controversial Sponsored Data Program: This Week in Tech 440


    Leo Laporte, Marques Brownlee, John C. Dvorak, and Natali Morris talk about AT&T's new controversial 'Sponsored Data' program.

    Watch the full episode here:

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    Podcast Montage


    Here is a montage of many popular podcasts put to Dinosaurs Will Die by NOFX.

    Podcasts used:
    From The Shadows
    Mysteries of Science Explained
    Pixel Perfect
    Tiki Bar TV
    TWiT: This Week in Tech

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 3


    Video 3

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    This Week in Tech 456: SnapChad


    Hi-res audio, identity players, privacy costs, fear of regulation, and more.

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    This Week in Science and Tech Podcast - May 30, 2016


    Concluding the Memorial Day podcast is the This Week in Science and Tech portion,... which got a little interesting as the intoxication started to set in on some of our cast members.

    Intro and Outro track:
    Innerspace Original Soundtrack, composed by Jerry Goldsmith
    Copyright: Warner Bros. Studios
    Soundtrack released by Geffon Records

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    Worst Tech of 2016 - What The Tech Ep. 336


    Andrew and Paul run down their worst in tech of 2016 including Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding, and Microsoft forcing Windows 10 upgrades on users.

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    This Week in Tech 534: Puffy Little Clouds


    Host: Leo Laporte
    Guests: Alex Lindsay, Tim Stevens, and Christina Warren
    New Apple TV, iPad shelf life, Twitch Creative, Crandroid, and more.

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    iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Confirmed: This Week in Tech 419


    Clayton Morris tells Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Liz Gannes, and Larry Magid that he has sources confirming that the next iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor on the home button.

    Watch the full episode here:

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 1


    Video 1

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    Tech Week LA : We Are LA Tech podcast reaches No.1


    Tech Week LA : We Are LA Tech podcast reaches No.1

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    This Week in Tech 482: The Microsoft Shackle


    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Christopher Breen, and Rafe Needleman
    Apple Pay rival CurrentC gets hacked, Apple confirms decline in iTunes music sales, Amazon announces Fire TV Stick, Andy Rubin is leaving Google, Fitbit announces new wearables, Microsoft unveils a fitness band, HP to enter the 3D printer market, the end of the plasma TV, how Verizon and AT&T's ‘Perma-Cookie' is tracking your mobile web activity, and more.
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    Bandwidth for This Week in Tech

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    This Week in Tech 423: Unapologetically Plastic


    New iPhones, NFC vs. iBeacons, meaning of 64 bit, the next Dell, and more.

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    MacMost Now 120: Favorite Podcasts


    Gary Rosenzweig talks about some of his favorite podcasts, including This Week In Tech (TWiT), Geek Brief, Slashdot Review, Tech5, Net@Nite, Grammar Girl, Chillcast, Pop Candy and more.

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    My favourite social media, internet and tech podcasts.


    I regularly listen to Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel), Marketing Over Coffee (Christopher Penn & John Wall), This Week in Tech (Leo Laporte) and Social Media Marketing (Michael Stelzner)

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    This Week in Tech 531: I Hate Unicorns


    Host: Leo Laporte
    'Steve Jobs' movie, AR expectation problems, Surface Book, Amazon as disruptor, and more.
    Guests: Georgia Dow, Harry McCracken, and Robert Scoble
    For additional show notes, visit
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    This Week in Tech 406: Om in Yoga Pants


    Yahoo and Tumblr, unification of Google services, Larry's aspiration, Jeri's glasses, and more.

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    This week on the tech authority podcast!


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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 6


    video 6

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    5 Cool Podcasts


    I love podcasts. I am a podcaster (on hiatus at the moment). I listen to many shows and these are 5 I think you should listen too!


    Dirt Dawg's Running Diatribe:

    Japan Talk:

    This Week in Tech TWiT:


    Another amazing podcast that i didn't mention in the video, but am compelled to here is Stuff You Should Know:

    Follow me on Twitter:

    My other You Tube channel:

    Busan Kevin by Erik Lundgren

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    This Week in Tech 449: Left, Right, and Sunday


    Missing Malaysia Airlines flight, US to give up DNS, anonymity apps, and more.

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 5


    Video 5

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    Would You Ever Buy a Flying Car? - Tech Fetish Podcast Ep. 229


    This week we dive into the backlog of news to discuss the arrival of flying cars, what it'd take for the Nintendo NX to be competitive, the (potential) revival of woolly mammoths, and more.

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 9


    Video 9

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 4


    Video 4

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    Macworld TwiT podcast live 8


    Video 8

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    Coolsmartphone Podcast 189 - Live


    Matteo and Greg get together to discuss the week in tech, gadgetry and mobile.

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    Speaking in Tech Podcast 100th Episode


    Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week is our 100th episode and our special guests are John Troyer from VMware, Amy Lewis from Cisco, Chris Evans from Architecting.IT, Mark Twomey (AKA Storagezilla) from EMC and Vaughn Stewart from Pure Storage.

    -Introductions (0:45)
    -The worst episode of SiT (5:25)
    -The worst host of SiT (10:55)
    -VMware busy with announcements: VSANs and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) (12:23)
    -VMware noise around VDI (18:39)
    -Challenges for Microsoft (22:50)
    -Chris Evans rumor alert: Project Mystic -- EMC & VMware Do Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (27:15)
    -Snowden live at SXSW: Encryption and oversight are key to privacy (29:30)
    -Lena Dunham vs Snowden at SXSW (36:12)
    -Privacy and control of data in the cloud (39:50)
    -Austin cracks down on Uber during SXSW (41:00)
    -Uber is criminal and serial killers on Craigslist (47:20)
    -Future guest requests (50:50)

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    BossJock Podcast App Review - New Media Tech - Episode 7


    This week we review an app designed for new Podcasters. It runs on both the iPad and iPhone. It has some pros and cons, take a look.

    For show notes, contact, suggestions and more details about the New Media Tech Series visit the show page at: or

    Want New Media Tech automatically and on the go, subscribe to the New Media Tech podcast in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher software. You can also get New Media Tech on most internet radio networks like stitcher. We are also available on the microsoft store so you can listen on your zune, xbox and more. Still sporting the blackberry, you can get us there too.

    Please subscribe to our YouTube channel or our netcasts at any of your favorite netcast / podcast outlets.

    We love input on what you would like to know or if you have an idea for a New Media Tech tip, you can contact us via email or phone at the show information page.

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    THE NINTENDO SWITCH WILL TAKE OVER 2017! - This Week in GTN with J.D. & Paul #17


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    - P.O. Box #11748, Burbank, CA, 91510

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    A. XboxOne,PS4,WiiU,Xbox360,PC,Nintendo3DS,PS3

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    A. I use the Elgato HD60 to record all of my gaming videos

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    - Graphics Card - ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti STRIX 6GB Graphics Card

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    RoboMWMs highlights of Windows Weekly podcast #332



    Hosted by Leo Laporte with regular guests Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

    Windows Weekly:
    Paul Thurrott's blog:
    Mary Jo Foley's blog:

    I do not own a single thing in this video. Copyright of the Twit network.

    I decided to publish my picked highlights of the Windows Weekly podcast to help ease those who do not follow/read about Microsoft to explain some of the things that people read or hear about Microsoft's products, and/or relating to them. It's purely for educational purposes, and not meant to promote my channel. (It is intended to promote the Windows Weekly podcast, Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.)

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