The Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 1:


    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 1:

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 1 Episode 1: Comedy, Dinos, Scientific Method, Funding


    With physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince.

    Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science.

    Former cosmologist Dara O'Briain and Dr Alice Roberts join physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince for a witty, irreverant and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. They'll be asking why so many comedians seem to start life as scientists, and begin their quest to put science at the heart of popular culture.

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 2:


    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 2:

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 4 Episode 1: What Dont We Know?


    With physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince.

    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world accoring to science.

    The Infinite Monkeys will be asking what don't we know, do we know what we don't know, does science know what it doesn't know, and are there some things that science will never be able to know? Joining them on stage are the comedian Paul Foot, biologist Professor Steve Jones and cosmologist and science writer Marcus Chown.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #610 - Brian Cox


    Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK. His BBC science comedy show/podcast Infinite Monkey Cage with comedian Robin Ince will be touring the US during the spring of 2015.

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 6 Episode 5: Parallel Universes


    Brian Cox and Robin Ince stretch the cage of infinite proportions this week to encompass not just our own universe, but any others that might be lurking out there as well. They'll be joined by QI creator John Lloyd, the Astronomer Royal, Professor Sir Martin Rees, and solar scientist Dr Lucie Green to talk about one of the most tantalising ideas of cosmology, that of parallel universes. Are we inhabiting a universe that is just one of a possibly infinite number of others and how would we ever know? Is this an idea that is destined to remain one of the great scientific thought experiments, and a staple of science fiction, or will science ever progress enough to truly put the idea of multiverses to the test.

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    Popular Science


    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince return for a new series of Radio 4's witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. In a special programme recorded as part of this year's Cheltenham Science Festival, Brian and Robin are joined by special guests Ben Miller and Robert Winston to explore the choppy waters of science and fame. Are we are entering a golden age of science popularity? Is there a genuine interest in the wonder of science and is science the real star or is it simply being dumbed down as a result of our celebrity obsessed culture? They'll be asking whether science needs to be popular and whether this new wave of enthusiasm has any real impact on science policy, or the quality of science being done in this country. Has science finally found the S Factor? Producer: Alexandra Feachem.

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    Extraterrestrial Life


    Series in which physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. Robin and Brian are joined by alien abduction expert Jon Ronson and Seth Shostack from the SETI Institute in California to discuss science conspiracies, UFOs and the search for ET.

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    Science and Comedians


    Former cosmologist Dara O'Briain and Dr Alice Roberts join physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince for a witty, irreverant and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. They'll be asking why so many comedians seem to start life as scientists, and begin their quest to put science at the heart of popular culture.

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    Science and Religion


    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. Robin and Brian are joined by Victor Stock, Dean of Guildford Cathedral, and science journalist Adam Rutherford for a special Christmas edition of the programme. Adam explains why religion really could be good for your health, and can Victor convert Robin and Brian in time for the festive season?

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    Quantum Physics


    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. Physicist turned comedian Ben Miller joins Brian and Robin to discuss quantum physics, and if astrology really shares its roots with more scientific pursuits. They also discuss the largest scientific experiment ever undertaken, currently storming ahead in a large underground tunnel just outside Geneva.

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 6:


    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 6

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    Science Podcasts: The Infinite Monkey Cage


    One of my favourite podcasts... which is actually just a longer version of a BBC Radio 4 Program! The Infinite Monkey Cage
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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 4:


    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 4:

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 3:


    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 7 Episode 3:

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 2 Episode 3: Science Fact and Science Fiction


    With physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince.

    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world accoring to science.

    Special guests Jonathan Ross, graphic novelist Alan Moore and string theorist Brian Greene joining Brian Cox and Robin Ince for a special science-fiction-themed edition of the show. They discuss multiple dimensions, alternate universes and look at whether science fact is far more outrageous than anything Hollywood or science-fiction authors could ever come up with.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #584 - Zoltan Istvan


    Zoltan Istvan is a futurist, philosopher, journalist, author of #1 best-selling novel The Transhumanist Wager & 2016 US Presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party.

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 6 Episode 6: Science vs Art


    Brian Cox and Robin Ince transport the cage of infinite proportions, to the slightly more confined space of the Latitude Comedy Arena. They will be joined on stage by a panel of guests, including Al Murray, for a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. Given Latitude's artistic, musical and literary credentials, they'll be taking a huge risk by staging the ultimate show down, as they pitch Art against Science and ask which has more to offer and whether the two cultures might ever make a happy union. To help them battle it out, and alongside comedian Al Murray, they'll be joined by cosmologist Andrew Pontzen, comedian and actor Sara Pascoe and CERN scientist Jonathan Butterworth. Let battle commence!

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    Joe Rogan discusses INFINITE MONKEY THEOREM


    Joe Rogan discusses INFINITE MONKEY THEOREM with guest

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 2 Episode 4: Things Can Only Get Better?


    With physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince.

    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world accoring to science.

    Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince look at the notion of perfection and whether the latest advances in biomedical science could ever lead us to the perfect body.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #550 - Rupert Sheldrake


    Rupert Sheldrake is an author, lecturer, and researcher in the field of parapsychology, known for his proposed theory of morphic resonance.

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    Mondo Boloko - Space Exploration


    Mondo Boloko looks at space exploration

    Audio excerpt taken from below podcast available via-

    The Infinite Monkey Cage
    19 Nov 12: Space Exploration
    Brian Cox and Robin Ince talk space exploration with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ben Miller and Professor Monica Grady.

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    Bird Barf Blooper 2 - WTF is a Podcast?


    New podcast coming next Monday! For now, here's a clip from an episode we wound up scrapping wherein Mary tried to tell Tina about the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast, and all they did was misunderstand each other. It was a sad, sad day.

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage - Series 5 Episode 5: Im A Chemist Get Me Out of Here


    Robin Ince and Brian Cox give the chemists a chance to fight back as they stage the ultimate battle of the sciences to find out, once and for all, whether all science is really just physics..and whether chemistry is, as Brian puts it the social science of molecules. Joining Brian in the physics corner will be comedian and ex-physicist Dara O'Briain, and trading punches for the chemists will be Professor Andrea Sella and monkey cage regular Professor Tony Ryan. Referee Robin Ince will be ringside to make sure its a clean fight and there's no hitting below the belt. Ding ding

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    SoT Special 019 - Robin Ince


    Robin Ince is a celebrated British comedian. He has built his career mixing science and comedy, on television, radio, podcasts and in his stand-up routines. He's perhaps most famous as a co-host with astrophysicist Brian Cox on BBC4's Infinite Monkey Cage radio show and podcast.
    Ed managed to sit down with Robin in April last year, to discuss comedy and science, raising sceptical and scientifically literate children, and whether science can bring happiness!

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    Infinite monkey cage: or
    Take My Arms That I Might Reach You:
    The Fosters:

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    My Favourite Podcasts! | 24 Hours a Year


    In which I tell you what a podcast is, why you should listen, and what ones I listen to. :D

    Podcasts listed:
    The Chapter Titles Were So Good:
    If I Were You (with Jake and Amir):
    No Such Thing As A Fish:
    Radio 4 Comedy of the Week:
    The Infinite Monkey Cage:
    Welcome to Night Vale:
    Roosterteeth Animated Adventures:
    Roosterteeth Podcast:
    The Patch:

    Time Elapsed: 15:55:08
    Time to go: 08:04:52

    Good evening, internet! You have found yourself on one of my videos, so I suppose I better introduce myself. My name is Josh, I am 17 and I'm from Wales (that's in the UK for those not-so-good with place names). I have had this youtube channel for a number of years, however this year I embarked on a project in which I make 24 hours of video content in a year. That is a lot of video, so if you do subscribe, be prepared for that. But also, if you do subscribe that would be really awesome and very nice.
    I hope you enjoy what you see here, and I hope you come back.


    Twitter: @24hoursayear

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    UKCSJ 2014 The secrets behind creative radio and video


    Top video and audio producers offer their advice on how to make radio shows, podcasts and science films sound zingy and look fresh. Plus, the Radio 4 commissioner behind The Infinite Monkey Cage explains what the BBC is looking for in its new science programmes. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, of course.

    Producer and Chair:

    Angela Saini, Science Journalist and Broadcaster


    Mohit Bakaya, BBC Radio 4 Commissioner

    Sue Nelson, Award winning science broadcaster, former BBC science correspondent and founder of the Space Boffins podcast

    Brady Haran, Award-winning Video Journalist and Producer of The Periodic Table of Videos

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    The Infinite Monkey Cage, Series 15 Episode 1 of 6


    The Infinite Monkey Cage, Series 15 Episode 1 of 6
    The Science of Everyday Life - The Infinite Monkey Cage
    Robin Ince and Brian Cox return for a new series. They are joined on stage, at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, by comedian Russell Kane, physicist Helen Czerski and engineer Danielle George as they discuss the science to be discovered in everyday life. They discover how the humble cup of tea displays fundamental laws of nature that also govern our climate. How dropping raisins in a bottle of lemonade reveal how the Titanic sunk, and a robot orchestra, created from household objects, plays some familiar tunes.
    PRODUCER: Alexandra Feachem.
    EDITED: Drudy-Funny

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    Weekly update 25 02 16


    Gail Porter Pt 1 Podcast -

    Gail Ported podcast pt2 -

    The Infinite Monkey Cage -

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    Network programming, lesson 7.1 - TCP //PR 03 05 2015 L1


    TCP - a reliable transport layer protocol

    - the TCP header
    - what's a sliding window protocol?
    - what makes it reliable?

    - reference to `the infinite monkey cage` podcast

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    Robin Ince, science comedian, at EMBL-EBI


    On 12 June 2014, EMBL-EBI ( celebrated its 20th anniversary on the Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK. It was a beautiful, sunny day, full of good food and excellent company. Robin Ince was one of the main highlights of the day - his lecture kept everyone laughing for close to an hour! Thanks very much to Robin for coming and making a great day truly remarkable.

    About Robin Ince
    Robin Ince, an award-winning English stand-up comedian, actor and writer, is perhaps best known for co-presenting The Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC radio with Professor Brian Cox. He has also collaborated with Simon Singh, Ricky Gervais, Ben Goldacre and Richard Dawkins. Robin hosts The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome, which provides access to exclusive interviews with the world’s leading scientists and comedians, writers, performers and others who interact with science in their work. He also writes for The Telegraph on culture and film and has an honorary Doctor of Science from the Royal Holloway, University of London. You can also watch Robin's talk at TEDx Dublin, The mind is a chaos of delight.

    About this video
    The event was filmed and the footage edited by SaSo Media, Cambridge:

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    Bird Barf 28 - Podcast Talk pt 1- Nonfiction Podcasts


    We're back! And this time we've successfully managed to talk about podcasts without screwing up what they are! Er, except when Mary did it. But whatever - close enough. Join Mary and Tina (and Dave, who was trapped in the room with us)

    Anyway, this is us talking about nonfiction podcasts. We discuss the following podcasts:
    The Nerdist Podcast -
    Serial -
    The Dollop -
    Infinite Monkey Cage -
    Anything Ghost -

    All of these can also be found in iTunes (as can we!)

    DISCLAIMER: We spoil sometimes (though we warn beforehand) and swear all the time (no warnings). Beware!

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    London Thinks – In Conversation: Prof Brian Cox and Dr Adam Rutherford


    Join Brian Cox as he talks with Adam Rutherford about particle physics, the importance of getting people engaged with science and why the UK needs to aspire to be the best place for science in the world.

    Particle physicist, retired rock star and star of the BBC’s Wonders of the Solar System, Brian Cox is the Royal Society’s Professor for Public Engagement in Science at Manchester University.

    Adam Rutherford is an author, broadcaster, film-buff and all-round geek. He holds a PhD in genetics from UCL.

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    BBC Radio 4 - TIMC: Fierce Creatures 26 Jan 15


    Uploaded via Clowdy (
    Check out my profile on Clowdy (

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    The Robin Ince and Brian Cox Puppet Show Teaser #2


    With the 1st Anniversary of The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome approaching, puppet Robin & Brian return to discuss this passage of time.

    Full Cosmic Genome archive with tens of hours of exclusive interviews with the real Robin, Brian and 100 + more is available now on all platforms at

    Special 1st Anniversary edition out in July.

    And look out for the puppets soon in a special appearance on BBC's The Infinite Monkey Cage.

    Produced by Trunkman Productions and Robin Ince.
    Puppets built by Paper Crane Puppet Company.

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    How To Practice Cubing


    This video is about how to practice cubing. Duh. Read the title.
    Anyway, enough about me, how's your day going? Uh huh. Yup. I agree completely. Well, I gotta go finish a description, so BRB.

    Podcasts I listen to: Hello Internet, Ear Biscuits, The Infinite Monkey Cage, and Welcome to Night Vale. For now, at least, those are what I've been into.

    Music by TeknoAXE ( )

    If you read this description, comment your favorite quote about cubing.

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    Wildlife Podcast: Brian Cox and The Wonders of Life


    Britain's most famous physicist talks to BBC Wildlife about his new series currently airing on BBC2 on Sunday nights.

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    ñerds 063 - 30+ Tips


    Ñerds es un podcast de tecnología en español. Más info aquí:

    Más de 30 tips en un rápido episodio. Desde Apps hasta gente a seguir en Twitter pasando por páginas web y podcasts.

    Te puedes suscribir a este podcast en iTunes, Youtube o por RSS


    * BitTorrent Sync -
    * ColorSnapper — the missing color picker for Mac OS X -
    * Soulver | Acqualia -
    * Simplenote -
    * Subtitles for Mac & Windows · Automatically download subtitles for your movies and TV shows -
    * Sketch 3 -
    * Tweetbot for iPhone — Tapbots -
    * Bartender | Mac Menu Bar Item Control -


    * Little Big Details - Your daily dose of design inspiration -
    * Venezuelan Sayings -
    * Silo -
    * NoTengoEnie -
    * Geek&Poke -
    * - the missing cdn for javascript and css -
    * Trello -
    * Open Culture - The best free cultural & educational media on the web -
    * NounProject -


    * Accidental Tech Podcast -
    * The Ihnatko Almanac -
    * StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson | Science, pop culture & comedy collide on StarTalk -
    * Debug | iMore -
    * The Infinite Monkey Cage -
    * Iterate Podcast -
    * Radiolab -

    Gente a seguir

    * David Heinemeier Hansson - Twitter -
    * Smashing Magazine - Twitter -
    * Visual Idiot - Twitter -
    * Daily Zen -
    * I Am Devloper - Twitter -
    * History In Pictures - Twitter -
    * Very British Problems - Twitter -

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    ► The Nerdist Podcast Presents Brian Cox and Eric Idle


    Physicist Brian Cox chats with Chris and Matt about what made him want to get into science, his views on extraterrestrial life in our galaxy and his upcoming tour

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    Adurgintza 01 - Brian Cox and the Infinite Monkeys


    A little video response to Brian Cox's memorable appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (#610).
    Recorded live from the Metaverse Project, by your humble friend Adur Alkain.

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    Brian Cox Facts


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    Brian Cox Facts

    Cox was a member of a band in the past. He was in D:ream and Dare, as a keyboard player, before he had his academic career.

    In 1979 until 1986, he went to Hulme Grammar School in Oldham. He stated that he got a D, for his mathematic A-level, during the Jonathan Ross Show.

    Cox got Bachelor of Science degree. Then he went to University of Manchester, to earn Doctor of Philosophy, after his band split up in 1997. He focused on the high energy particle in physics.

    You can find the appearance of Cox in various BBC Horizon series, such as “Can we Make a Star on Earth,”, “What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity,”, “Do You Know What Time It Is”, and “The Six Billion Dollar Experiment”.

    On BBC Radio 4, Cox along with Robin Ince, presents The Infinite Monkey Cage, since November 2009. It is a comedy science magazine program.

    There are several books that Cox writes, along with Jeff Forshaw. Some of them include, The Quantum Universe and, Why does E equal MC 2 squared

    This video is purely for educational purposes only. All audio has been produced by SuperDuperFacts.

    All images used have been legally purchased from Fotolia, shutterstock or used under the Creative Commons License.

    All voice overs produced in London, England and recorded in the SuperDuperFacts recording studio.

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    Rocky Podcast with Brad Jones


    Brad Jones and Spoony jibber-jabber about the classic Rocky series!

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    The effect of Ricky Gervais laugh on Robin Inces brain


    Find out more:
    Join the conversation #iGaze

    Comedian and presenter of BBC Radio 4's The Infinite Monkey Cage gets an EEG recording at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability to measure his neurological reaction to various audio stimuli.

    What will the results of his EEG say about his reaction to Ricky Gervais' laugh, the music of D:REAM and will we ever get to the bottom of his inexplicable hatred for the Lighthouse Family?

    From 10th-16th March, it's Brain Awareness Week. We have been working with some brilliant people, to raise awareness of just how amazing our brains are when it comes to communication.

    Robin Ince

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    Opie & Jim Norton - Full Show


    We start the show talking about Apple and Blackberry, Opie talks about a secret room here at SiriusXM, Dennis Falcone comes in to talk about the shower we have here, and we talk to Dennis about other radio things. Jim Florentine joins the show, and Adam Carolla stops by to promote his new movie and his career. We talk about the Blurred Lines lawsuit, and we talk to Vince Vaughn about his new movie. Robin Ince and Brian Cox stop by to discuss their careers and their podcast The Infinite Monkey Cage. (03/04/2015)

    Follow Adam @

    Follow Florentine @

    Follow Opie @

    Opie's YouTube -

    Follow Jim @

    Jim's Website -

    Follow Ant @

    The Anthony Cumia Show -

    Follow The Show @

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    The mind is a chaos of delight: Robin Ince at TEDxDublin


    Robin Ince began as a stand up at age 22 and was runner up in So You Think You're Funny after a few gigs. He now co-presents a Radio 4 science show with Professor Brian Cox, tours solo shows about rational thinking, science and things that have made him creatively produce live shows such as Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, The Book Club and Uncaged Monkeys. His first book, Robin Ince's Bad Book Club is available and most of his second one resides in his mind. He also co-wrote a feature film called Razzle Dazzle which opened the New York Children's Film festival and did okay in Turkey.

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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    TDP 623: Whographica: An infographic guide to space and time Doctor Who Book Review


    WHO WAS KILLED BY PSYCHIC SPIDER ELECTRICITY? WHAT CAN’T A SONIC SCREWDRIVER DO? More colourful than Tom Baker’s scarf, and more clever than Osgood, Whographica explores the rich and peculiar history of Doctor Who through infographics, charts, maps – and more! Follow the tangled threads of the Doctor’s family tree. Discover the secrets of Dalek evolution. Learn what the Doctor so desperately wants to know himself: where and when to find his home planet. Captivating, intriguing, beautiful and strange, Whographica will show you so much more than the average eye is allowed to see. Because, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could have ever dreamed of. Book Description ‘There’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see… if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of’ – Vincent and the Doctor About the Author Steve O'Brien (Author) Steve O'Brien is a film and TV journalist. In an 18-year career, he has written for SFX Magazine, Sci-Fi Now, Total Film and Empire and is a regular contributor to the official Doctor Who Magazine. Steve has also made many appearances on documentaries included on the Doctor Who DVD range and on BBC Four. Simon Guerrier (Author) Simon Guerrier is co-author of Whographica and The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who for BBC Books, and has written countless Doctor Who books, comics, audio plays and documentaries. In 2015, Simon was a guest on Front Row and The Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4, and with his brother Thomas, makes films and documentaries – most recently HG and the H-Bomb for Radio 3. Ben Morris (Author) Ben Morris has illustrated for Radio Times, Sunday Times and The Scotsman, and is a regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine. He has created dozens of character icons and puzzles for Doctor Who Adventures. For BBC Books he has illustrated Who-ology (2013), Wit, Wisdom and Timey Wimey Stuff - The Quotable Doctor Who (2014) and Time Trips (2015).

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    Trung Tâm Bảo Hành HTC Chất Lượng


    Cuối cùng, giáo sư Cox đã xuống sân khấu để kết thúc đêm với một bộ sưu tập nhỏ của hình ảnh chụp từ không gian. Ông để lại cho chúng ta khét tiếng Pale Blue Dot ảnh chụp bởi Voyager 1 như là một ghi âm của Carl Sagan thảo luận về những bức ảnh chơi, đêm kết thúc trong tiếng vỗ tay nồng nhiệt.

    Pale Blue Dot, Trái đất từ ​​bốn tỷ Miles Away
    Pale Blue Dot, Trái đất từ ​​bốn tỷ Miles Away
    Uncaged Monkeys đã quy tụ một bộ sưu tập của những người thật sự hấp dẫn và hài hước và cho họ tự do hoàn toàn để thảo luận về các đối tượng của họ về lợi ích với một khán giả, những người muốn tìm hiểu và cười. Sự nhiệt tình quả là truyền nhiễm và khi chúng tôi rời đi, người ta có thể nghe thảo luận về các đối tượng, chúng tôi đã nghe nói về chi tiết. Nếu trường học có thể tìm thấy một cách để trình bày khoa học một cách đều quyến rũ, có cũng có thể là rất nhiều trẻ em ngày nay có quan tâm đến khoa học và toán học.

    Monkeys Uncaged là chuyến lưu diễn trên khắp nước Anh cho đến thứ ba ngày 17 tháng 5 năm 2011 với số ngày tour du lịch có sẵn trên trang web của Robin Ince . Vé máy mới đang được phát hành hàng ngày, kiểm tra Twitter để biết chi tiết. Đối với những người không thể tham dự, Robin và Brian cai Infinite Khỉ Cage , thỉnh thoảng trên BBC Radio 4 nhưng cũng có sẵn tại trang web BBC Podcast hoặc thông qua iTunes và đọc RSS phổ biến nhất. Cuối cùng, một podcast tour du lịch hiện có sẵn tại Pod Delusion mang tên Free Primates mà hy vọng sẽ trả lời các câu hỏi của khán giả đã được bỏ ra theo chương trình. Tập đầu tiên có sẵn ngay bây giờ.
    KHI TÔI CÒN ở Toy Fair hồi đầu năm nay, một trong những gian hàng mà bắt gặp ánh mắt của tôi là các robot đầy một trong Robotis . Tôi đã quan tâm của họ bộ dụng cụ Robot Ollo , mà là tương tự như Lego. Có một cuốn sách nhỏ với bước theo bước hướng dẫn trực quan cho thấy làm thế nào để đưa robot với nhau, cộng với tất cả các phần bạn cần phải thực hiện một loạt các robot khác nhau.
    The folks tại Robotis gửi cho chúng tôi một bộ để thử. Con gái tôi là trẻ hơn nhiều so với khuyến cáo 10+ trên hộp, nhưng điều đó không làm giảm sự nhiệt tình của mình một chút nào. Những mảnh nối nhỏ xíu này lại một chút quá nhỏ cho cô ấy để làm việc với một cách dễ dàng, nhưng có hai bước để đặt chúng lại với nhau - trượt đáy vào các lỗ, và sau đó đẩy ngọn xuống. Cô trở thành một bậc thầy ở đó bước thứ hai. Tôi đã được băm nhỏ tất cả các móng tay của tôi đặt các kết nối với nhau và vào các lỗ, thực hiện một lần duy nhất chúng tôi đã gần như hoàn thành các kit đi kèm với một công cụ tiện dụng mà làm cho nó dễ dàng hơn rất nhiều. Duh.

    Sửa Chữa Điện Thoại HTC Tại Hà Nội

    Trung Tâm Bảo Hành HTC Tại Hà Nội
    Trung Tâm Bảo Hành Điện Thoại Lenovo Ở Tại Hà Nội
    Sửa Chữa Điện Thoại Lenovo Tại Hà Nội
    Trung Tâm Bảo Hành Điện Thoại Asus Tại Hà Nội
    Sửa Chữa Điện Thoại Asus Tại Hà Nội

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    The First Crusade I


    Episode 5. Planning, preparations, pogroms and principal players

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