Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 6 - The Case Against Adnan Syed | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 6 - The Case Against Adnan Syed | This American Life
    The physical evidence against Adnan Syed was scant - a few underwhelming fingerprints. So aside from cell records, what did the prosecutors bring to the jury, to shore up Jay's testimony? Sarah weighs all the other circumstantial evidence they had against Adnan, including curious behavior, a disconcerting note, and an unexplained mid-afternoon phone call.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 - The Alibi | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 - The Alibi | This American Life
    It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.

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    Serial School Cut Ep 2


    This is episode 2 of the podcast Serial. This episode has been edited of foul language in order to be used in public schools.

    I claim no ownership of this material and post it here in order to share with students.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 5 - Route Talk | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 5 - Route Talk | This American Life
    Adnan once issued a challenge to Sarah. He told her to test the state’s timeline of the murder by driving from Woodlawn High School to Best Buy in 21 minutes. It can’t be done, he said. So Sarah and Dana take up the challenge, and raise him one: They try to recreate the entire route that Jay said he and Adnan took on January 13th, 1999.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 4 - Inconsistencies | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 4 - Inconsistencies | This American Life
    A few days after Hae’s body is found, the detectives get a lead that opens the case up for them. They find Jay at work late one night and bring him down to Homicide. At first, he insists he doesn’t know anything about the murder. But eventually he comes clean. He tells them what happened on January 13th. A few weeks later, he’s back at Homicide and his story has changed. In some ways, these changes are small and understandable. In other ways, they’re big and confounding.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 8 - The Deal with Jay | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 8 - The Deal with Jay | This American Life
    The state’s case against Adnan Syed hinged on Jay’s credibility; he was their star witness and also, because of his changing statements to police, their chief liability. Naturally, Adnan’s lawyer tried hard to make Jay look untrustworthy at trial. So, how did the jurors make sense of Jay? For that matter, how did the cops make sense of Jay? How are we supposed to make sense of Jay?

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 9 - To Be Suspected | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 9 - To Be Suspected | This American Life
    New information is coming in about what maybe didn’t happen on January 13, 1999. And while Adnan’s memory of that day is foggy at best, he does remember what happened next: being questioned, being arrested and, a little more than a year later, being sentenced to life in prison.

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    Serial Podcast Review episode 5 , 6 and 7


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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 10 - The Best Defense is a Good Defense | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 10 - The Best Defense is a Good Defense | This American Life
    Adnan’s trial lawyer was M. Cristina Gutierrez, a renowned defense attorney in Maryland – tough and savvy and smart. Other lawyers said she was exactly the kind of person you’d want defending you on a first-degree murder charge. But Adnan was convicted, and a year later, Gutierrez was disbarred. What happened?

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    Serial School Cut Ep 1


    This is episode 1 of the podcast Serial. This episode has been edited of foul language in order to be used in public schools.

    I claim no ownership of this material and post it here in order to share with students.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 - The Breakup | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 - The Breakup | This American Life
    Their relationship began like a storybook high-school romance: a prom date, love notes, sneaking off to be alone. But unlike other kids at school, they had to keep their dating secret, because their parents disapproved. Both of them, but especially Adnan, were under special pressure at home, and the stress of that spilled over into their relationship. Eventually Hae broke up with Adnan. And then, depending on who you ask, Adnan was either understandably sad and moping around, or full of rage and plotting to kill her.

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 12 - What We Know | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 12 - What We Know | This American Life
    On January 13, 1999, Adnan Syed was a hurt and vengeful ex-boyfriend who carried out a premeditated murder. Or he was a bewildered bystander, framed for a crime he could never have committed. After 15 months of reporting, we take out everything we’ve got - interviews and documents and police reports - we shake it all out, and we see what sticks.

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    Serial, School Safe, Ep. 3: Leakin Park


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    Serial Podcast Rebuttal Series: Episode 1


    Rebuttal to Serial Season 1 Episode 1

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 6 - 5 OClock Shadow | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 6 - 5 O'Clock Shadow | This American Life
    Why did Bowe Bergdahl walk off?

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    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 3 - Leakin Park | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 1 Episode 3 - Leakin Park | This American Life
    It’s February 9, 1999. Hae has been missing for three weeks. A man on his lunch break pulls off a road to pee, and stumbles on her body in a city forest. His odd recounting of the discovery makes Detectives Ritz and MacGillivary suspicious. For instance, why did he walk so far into the woods - 127 feet - to relieve himself? And that’s just the start. A look into the man’s past reveals some bizarre behavior.

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    Podcasts Like Serial - 10 True Crime Podcasts You May Enjoy If You Liked Serial


    10 Podcasts Like or Similar To Serial Podcast

    If you havn't watched the Serial Podcast, I highly recommend you checkout an episode or two and I gurantee you will be hooked. It's a radio show/podcast which covers a story over the course of a number of weeks.

    I used to wonder how people in the old days could listen to radio shows and find them entertaining. After listening to the Serial Podcast on a recent roadtrip I see how, I was hooked just a few minutes into my first episode.

    The first season is a story about a High School girl who goes missing. Her high school boyfriend winds up being convicted for the murder despite no physical evidence and a purely circumstantial case. Over the course of the episodes and weeks you go back and forth from thining he's innocent and then guilty. It really does keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Season 2 is the Bo Bergdahl story. The US Army Soldier who walked off his base in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban. The story each week covers his leaving, his capture, and how the military should deal with his discipline. It also discusses whether he was a trader, a deserter, or just crazy.

    So the 10 other podcasts you may enjoy if you enjoyed Serial are...

    1. Criminal
    2. Someone Knows Something
    3. Unsolved
    4. Generation Why
    5. Sword And Scale
    6. True murder
    7. Finding Tammy Jo
    8. Actual Innocence
    9. True Crime Garage
    10. Missing

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    Ricky Gervais Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 1


    The Ricky Gervais Podcast Season 1.
    Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant.

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 - Hindsight, Part 1 | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 - Hindsight, Part 1 | This American Life
    It makes sense if you’re Bowe Bergdahl.

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    Serial: Falls Best New Show is a Podcast?


    YouTube Nation explores the incredibly popular Serial podcast, including what it’s about and how this true crime story has taken the internet by storm.
    Watch the videos from today’s episode:
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    More Serial!
    Listen to Serial Episode 1 - The Alibi
    Your One Stop Serial Podcast Resource Guide
    “Bad Dream” (the theme) courtesy Nick Diamonds:

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    Featured in this show:

    Tour of Woodlawn MD for /r/SerialPodcast
    Video Tour pt. 2 without music
    By WoodlawnMDTour:

    Serial Jay's Testimony
    By Engine House:

    Conversations on the Serial Podcast: One
    By Pete Rorabaugh:

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 - The Captors | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 - The Captors | This American Life
    What's happening on the other side of the door?

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    #podcast | #Episode 6 - The Seven Deadly Sins - Greed


    The Seven Deadly Sins - Greed

    radio drama, audio drama, radiodrama, audiodrama, podcast, otr, old time radio, viral, serial, serialpodcast, audio book, e-book, viral video, youtube, @sonicsociety, the sonic society,, jack ward

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 - DUSTWUN | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 - DUSTWUN | This American Life
    In the middle of the night, Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl grabs a notebook, snacks, water, some cash. Then he quietly slips off a remote U.S. Army outpost in eastern Afghanistan and into the dark, open desert. About 20 minutes later, it occurs to him: he’s in over his head.

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 5 - Meanwhile, in Tampa | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 5 - Meanwhile, in Tampa | This American Life
    CIA, FBI, YouTube, the Portland PD? There was no handbook for getting Bergdahl back.

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 11 - Present for Duty | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 11 - Present for Duty | This American Life
    The Season Two finale: What is Bowe’s fault, and what isn’t?

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    Turn After Show w/ Special Guest Samuel Roukin Season 1 Episode 6 Mr Culpeper | AfterBuzzTV


    AFTERBUZZ TV — Turn edition, is a weekly after show for fans of AMC's Turn. In this episode host Ryan Hooks breaks down the episode in which Abe is ambushed by a desperate patriot on the way to New York. Meanwhile, Gen. Washington charges Ben with the task of creating America's first spy ring. There to help Ryan are co-hosts Dillon Chance, Kristin Carole and Megan Salinas. Also calling in to join the conversation is special guest Samuel Roukin (Simcoe). It's Turn's Mr. Culpeper podcast!

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    Im Jonnay - Episode 6 - The Top x consumables in 2014


    Where Jonnay micro-reviews and suggests the top video games, board games, youtubes, podcasts, mixes and even plugins that he has run across.

    - Among the Sleep :: Thanks to Marshall Dyer for video (
    - Binding of Isaac Rebirth ::
    - Fiasco ::
    - Takenoko :: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
    - Crash Course ::
    - Vlog Brothers ::
    - Sci Show ::
    - Serial Podcast ::
    - Hello Internet ::
    - Jonnay - Summer Souls Twist ::
    - The Illusionist and Darm Bassdrive Archive ::
    - LM1s Latest Guest mix ::
    - Kawehi - I Believe ::
    - Kawehi - I Believe (Jonnays Computer Controled mix) ::
    - Bazille ::

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    Aristokraterna Avsnitt 2 Making a Murderer


    Aristokraterna har sett Netflixdokumentären Making a Murderer och precis som alla andra har de åsikter om den.

    Aktuella länkar:

    Rebutting a murderer:
    Episod 1

    Episod 2

    Episod 3

    Episod 4

    Episod 5

    Episod 6

    Episod 7

    Episod 8

    Episod 9

    Episod 10

    Serial, säsong 1

    Crime writers on

    Undisclosed, the state vs Adnan Sayed

    The Jinx

    Följ oss gärna på:


    Twitter: (@aristokratpod)


    Ljudfilen från podden finns även på:

    Vi finns tillgängliga på Podcast Republic och Podcast Addict

    Ni kan även maila oss på:

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    Obsessed- Serial Podcast


    Are you listening to the Serial Podcast? Why not? Here's why you should.
    A new podcast from the creators of This American Life. One story. Told week by week. Hosted by Sarah Koenig.

    Sarcastically Margaux is a comedic YouTube channel hosted by Margaux Mireault

    Twitter: @margaux_merlot
    Instagram: @margaux_merlot

    Other helpful links include:

    Everyone is obsessed with the ' Serial' podcast -...
    Nov 06, 2014 · Never has a podcast collected a loyal cult following in such a short amount of time like Serial. The nonfiction series, which unravels a story week-by-week ...

    5 Reasons Everyone’s Obsessed with ‘ Serial’ -- Vulture
    Jan 13, 1999 · Serial sounds like podcasting's next big thing Podcasts tend to be episodic, focused on thematic rather than narrative exploration. Because it’s ...

    Why Are Serial Podcast Fans So Obsessed With...
    You may have heard that Serial—the new podcast from the creators of This American Life—is very, very good. You may have listened to Serial yourself, in which case ...

    What To Watch When You’re Obsessed With ‘ Serial ...
    Can't get enough of the addictive podcast? Here are 10 titles on streaming to keep you guessing and to tie you over until a new 'Serial' episode comes out on...

    Non- Serial Podcasts for the Obsessed Serial Podcast...
    Dec 11, 2014 · The world rejoiced yet again when the newest episode of the true-crime podcast Serial dropped earlier today. If you haven’t heard about it, go here.
    Serial - Official Site Cached
    Serial is a podcast designed to be listened to in order. If you're just landing here please go back and start with Episode 1.

    What Is The ‘ Serial’ Podcast, And Is It Okay To Be ...
    Serial is an interesting podcast — and a current online obsession. With a normal piece of investigative journalism, the reader is usually only given the

    Charts for people obsessed with Serial podcast - Boing...
    The Bold Italic has a funny gallery of infographics about the great Serial podcast.

    This Is How Obsessed People Are With ' Serial' Right Now
    Nov 13, 2014 · Have you listened to the podcast about the subreddit about the other subreddit about NPR's Serial podcast?! Serial, produced by WBEZ Chicago Public …

    'Serial': An investigative journalism podcast becomes a ...

    The Washington Post
    Nov 13, 2014 - Rabia Chaudry had never listened to a podcast until “Serial. .... But as a pop culture obsession, “Serial” is an outlier, not because it's a podcast, …

    7 Reasons True-Life Murder Podcast Serial Is Your New ...

    Nov 5, 2014 - The new podcast Serial is totally obsession-worthy. Here's why.

    Podcast Serial - Vanity Fair

    Vanity Fair
    Dec 8, 2014 - Serial. New Serial Revelations Put a Human Face on Your Podcast Obsession. by Joanna Robinson. December 8, 2014 4:38 pm …

    Why Are Serial Podcast Fans So Obsessed With MailChimp?

    Nov 6, 2014 - You may have heard that Serial—the new podcast from the creators of This American Life—is very, very good. You may have listened to Serial ...

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    Extr@ - 1 Episode: Sams Ankunft


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    Bill Burr - The Orphan


    Bill Burr talks about that movie The Orphan, and how it is a good film for being so stupid.

    Bill Burr Podcast Link:

    The Orphan Trailer Link:

    Intro Song : Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Difference Ones)


    The Li-Burr-ary's Playlist
    1.If Bill Burr Was a NBA commentator

    2.If Bill Burr Was a NFL commentator

    3.Fan Falls Over Rail

    4.Ford Commercial

    5.Review of Star Wars Trilogy

    6.Clippers vs. The Warriors

    7.Titty Slap Video

    8.Women's Soccer Highlights

    9.Honey Bees vs. Hornet

    10.The Great Antonio vs. Antonio Inoki

    11.Ted Cruz Elbow to Wife's Face

    12.Grape Stomping Lady Narrating

    13.YouTube Video of The Year

    14.Fat Naked Jew on Shrooms Shooting Pistols

    15.Bruins Fight Fans

    16.Teacher vs. Cop

    17.Booker T Calls Hulk Hogan the N-Word

    18.Deer vs. Dog vs. Cat

    19.Rapture Prank

    20.Eating Fish Alive Video

    21.5 Minute Fight

    22.My Name is John Daker

    23.Bully Gets Body Slammed

    24.Devious Maids

    25.Bill O'Reilly On The View

    26.Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Skywire

    27.Guy Runs Over Woman

    28.UFC 198

    29.Texas Man Buys House for $16 Dollars

    30.UFC 168

    31.Sue Austin

    32.Enter the Dragon

    33.Yahweh Video

    34.The Apprentice - Ian Ziering


    36.iPhone Commercial

    37.UFC 189 ---------------------------------------------------- REMOVED
    38.Jersey Shore Finale ---------------------------------------- REMOVED
    39.Virgin Airlines Saftey Video

    40.Kobe Bryant Commercial

    41.Buzz Aldrin Punches Fat Guy

    42.YouTube Video of the Week
    43.The Talk
    44.Soccer Fans Beat Up Guards
    45.Drummer At the Wrong Gig
    46.NeNe Leakes
    47.Dwayne Wade Flying Elbow to Lance Stephenson
    48.I Got 2 Eyes
    49.LL Cool J
    50.The Lord of the Rings - Shadowfax
    51.Black Man Hoses Off White Woman
    52.Serial Killer Documentary
    53.The Baseball Kid
    54.Cheater Episode
    55.Men Are Better Than Woman dot Com
    56.Fat Guy Jumps Into Frozen Lake
    57.The Grammys 2011
    58.UFC 202 ---------------------------------------------------- REMOVED
    59.Walrus vs. Polar Bear
    60.Dakota Access Pipeline
    61.M.I.A. - Born Free
    62.The Tree Terminator
    63.1000 Ways to Die
    64.68th Primetime Emmys
    65.X Games Moto X Women's Highlights
    66.Doomsday Preppers
    67.Man Gets Caned
    68.Mel Gibson Interview
    69.Dr. Phil Fat Kid Slaps Mom
    70.Akon Throws Fan Off Stage
    71.Happy Days
    72.WKPR in Cincinnati
    73.The 71st Annual Golden Globes
    74.Auston Matthews
    75.Dwarf Midgets Killer Muay Thai Kick Boxing Nasty Fighting
    76.Public Access Host Prank Calls
    78.The Simpsons
    79.TedTV - Robots
    80.Lion with Broken Hanging Jaw
    81.Police Demand Camera Owner Says NO!
    82.The Goodbye Girl
    83.Moaning Workout Girl
    84.NRL Gets Knocked Out By Player
    85.Drunk Redneck Arrest
    86.Final Alimony Payment
    87.Dancing Guy Gets Hit By Ice Cream Truck
    88.Budweiser Commercial - Sad Dog
    89.Kevin Hart vs. Draymond Green - 3 Point Contest
    90.Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Commercials
    91.Stevie Ray Vaughan
    92.Ray Lewis
    93.30 for 30 Broke
    94.Creepy Hand Model
    95.Christmas Music
    96.Little House on the Prarie
    97.Earl Weaver
    98.F1 - Abu Dhabi Championship
    99.54th Annual Grammys
    100.60 Minutes : Moutains Lions in L.A.

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    11 Minutes of Silence


    Let's not talk about that. GMM #891! 
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    Beyond The Veil | Horror Podcast: Ep06 VIRTUAL REALITY


    In Episode 6 We do a CONTEST! Pay attention and listen to win free DVDS. We also talk about Virtual Reality. The origins of VR and the many works of film/fiction that pushed the technology along. We talk about the upcoming Tremors TV Show, The Upcoming MIST TV SHOW, Friday the 13th legal stuff, the Neon Demon, Lawnmower Man, Evolver, Existenz, Stay Alive, World On A Wire, The Rift, The Neon Dead, Arcade, Evolver and many more titles. Plus we make up a new Shot that tastes AMAZING! Grab a drink, you earmuffs and a little funshine for this wildly offensive and informative episode about VR.

    Fangoria Fearcon in Phoenix Oct 7-9th! BE THERE we will!

    Buy tix and get info here.
    facebook Page


    Stuff We talk about in the cast to link

    **HORROR SHOT Recipe**

    **** Bloody Apple Brain Freeze Shot *****

    1-1/4 ounce Bacardi

    3/4 ounce Apple Juice

    1/4 ounce Grenadine

    1 Freeze Pop (Red and 2yrs old if possible)

    Place liquids in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend and chill. Strain into shooter glass. Then drop

    a small portion of the freeze pop in the shot before you shoot it. Shoot, Enjoy and BRAIN FREEZE!


    The Rift Trailer

    Tales From The Darkside Intro (80s)

    The Neon Dead Trailer

    Slugs Trailer

    Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer TRAILER

    Affected The Manor VR GAME TRAILER

    Lawnmower Man Trailer

    Stay Alive Trailer

    Evolver Trailer

    Existenz Trailer


    *** Twitter
    *** FB page
    *** SoundCloud
    *** Youtube

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    New Spider-Man, New Host of the Daily Show, and Job at Buzzfeed| Blonde Slumber Party Episode 6


    Spider-Man is getting another reboot, Jon Stewart left the Daily Show, and Matt is homeless! Who will replace them?! Plus, Nicole starts working at BuzzFeed with Minhdzuy!

    We're three new friends who met at the Nerdist School and now we're gonna record our lives for the next year! Hear our rendition of the Serial Podcast theme song!

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    Psychopath Smell Test


    A new study proves that if you can't smell well, you're a psychopath. So we put our noses through the Psychopath smelling test. Good Mythical Morning Season 2 Episode 38! **** SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ****

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    Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary


    Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary

    I am so sorry that Dianne Sawyer did not listen and paid more attention to Charlie's words. She really could have learned a lot about her own self. Dianne does not understand a fucking thing about the life she lived in ever since she was born. Sad life is her life and fake. Bill Hicks said the same thing that Charlie says. This guy will be absolved by history as he was your leader. And you let him down, Boystown Nebraska. Childrape. Charlie was there. Revolution in LA and Africa and Charlie was there with you and when the big black drug dealer the Pather connected Lotsapoppa wanted to take the life of that girl Charlie kneeled down and offered his own life instead to save the girl. And he did it. No words like Sawyer... Charlie did it. Actions speak louder than words and he is a true soul a friend a brother forever for all of you.

    Pizzagate and Franklin Cover Up in Boystown, Nebraska that is the place where little Charlie Manson was sent to at age 13. He was even pictured in the papers as it was a great reward in a life of an orphan or unwanted child. He told you he was there in Boystown and he told you he wasn't there when the murders took place in 1969. No one heard him and not many wants to hear him now either... Truth hurts.

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    Best TV Theme Song Ever?


    What is the best TV theme song ever? Good Mythical Morning Episode 94! Comment: Next Week: What is the best superpower ever? **** SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ****

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    Casefile True Crime19 Snowtown


    Case 19: Snowtown

    Case 19: Snowtown Living in Australia, I had heard of the Snowtown case. I knew it as the bodies in the barrels case. But that’s all I knew. I had no idea about the who, the what, the why, or the when. So I didn’t know it was the worst case of serial killing in Australia’s history, involving torture and dismemberment. None of the murder victim’s are children, however child sexual abuse is prominent throughout. It is a deeply disturbing, depraved case. I didn’t know any of that when I started looking into Snowtown, but now you do, and you can make an informed decision if you want to listen or not. Subscribe on iTunes Follow us on twitter and facebook and youtube or email us RESOURCES 1. Killing for pleasure, book on the Snowtown case by Debi Marshall Debi-Marshall-ebook/dp/B004X83CBY?ie=UTF8&keywords=snowtown%20murders&qid=1463209359&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3 2. Snowtown: The bodies in barrels murders, book by Jeremy Pudney 3. The snowtown murders, the real story behind the bodies in the barrels killings, book by Andrew Mcgarry bodies-barrels-killings/dp/0733314821/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1463209359&sr=8-12&keywords=snowtown+murders 4. Crime investigation Australia, Season 1 Episode 9, Snowtown: Bodies in the barrels. 5. Hearld Sun newspaper article: 6. The Age newspaper article MUSIC 1. Flatline intro and & Come play with me intro and outro 2. All other music scoring performed by Mike Migas Logo design by Wendel Topper

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    Episode 8


    Finished Objects
    Basic vanilla sock, cuff down using the fish lips kiss heel. I am knitting it with Knitpicks Felici in the Springmix colorway. I casted on 52 sts.

    Current Projects:
    Araira Shawl by Aroha Knits. Knit in Malabrigo Sock in the Impressionist Sky and Ocher colorway, using size 4 needles.

    Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu. Knit in Island Yarn Pagoda in the silver colorway, using size 4 needles.

    Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down using Knitpicks Simply Cotton Worsted in the Grey Heather colorway with US size 7, 4.5mm Hiya Hiya Sharps

    Laneway by Veera Valimaki using US 3, 3.23 mm needle with Knitpicks Stroll in the Basalt Heather and the Dove Heather.

    Hugs and Kisses Cardigan by Vera Sanon, using US 3, 3.23mm needle with Knitpicks Comfy Sport in the Peony colorway

    Sewing: Butterick 6126

    Stash acquisition
    Yarnbox Subscriptions: Classic and Sock

    Puget Sound Yarn Crawl
    1. Mad Cowl Yarn: Addi Crochet Hook in F
    2. Yarn Eden: Frog Tree Llambrosia
    3. Quintessential Knits: Tosh Merino Light
    4. Tolt Yarn and Wool: Yoth Yarn Light Brother
    5. Serial Knitters: Knitters Pride Karbonzs size 2
    6. Weaving Works: Cone Yarn
    7. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight
    8. Tea Cozy: Bumblebirch
    9. Bad Woman Yarn: Madelinetosh Twist Light

    Tea: Dragonwell (Longjing)

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    Machete Exclusive mix The Everyday Junglist Podcast Detroit Episode 263


    MACHETE ignited his musical journey back in 1992 as DJ Rob G, spinning Hip-Hop at Hollywood afterhours events such as No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend. Los Angeles underground rave culture was in it’s infancy, but Rob found inspiration thanks to techno-infused breakbeat music emerging out of England via vinyl records championed by DJs Raw, Curious, and Oscar da Grouch. These frantic, bass-heavy tracks that evolved from old-school drum breaks layered with HipHop and Reggae samples were intriguing and propelled him in a new direction. Rob, encouraged by his peers, changed his professional name to Machete in 1994… a title meant to evoke the nature of his mixing and cutting skills in relation to this new Jungle music. As DJ Machete, Rob helped put the Junglist Platoon crew on the map securing gigs at nearly every Jungle party in the Greater Los Angeles area. A brief residency with Los Angeles mega-promoter Insomniac, plus a noted mention in URB Magazine’s NEXT 100 Issue (1998) also garnered much attention. Rob was then featured on various dates of the infamous KungFu-Knowledge Tour of 1999, placing DJ Machete alongside many of the world’s best including DJ Craze, Mampi Swift, and Rob Playford. Machete is well-traveled and has showcased his skills internationally in Italy, Costa Rica, Canada, plus numerous cities and states across the USA including Hawaii, New York, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and many more. Machete also made history as one of the very first Jungle/Drum and Bass DJs flown to perform in Anchorage, Alaska. In March of 1999 the Junglist Platoon began hosting a weekly event called RESPECT with Machete in charge of talent bookings, promotions, as well as being a resident DJ. In March of 2000, Machete organized a RESPECT one-off at the Winter Music Conference in Miami which successfully placed the RESPECT brand at the forefront of Los Angeles Drum and Bass. After 16+ years, RESPECT is the longest running Jungle/Drum and Bass weekly in Los Angeles in addition to being one of the most successful clubs in the United States. RESPECT is globally known for bringing the best international and stateside talent and continues to do so after settling into it’s fifth and most current venue, The Dragonfly in Hollywood. In 2015 Machete is busier than ever with DJ residencies at RESPECT DnB Thursdays, spinning at one-off events, hosting a weekly RESPECT DnB RADIO program, taking on the role of booking agent at Circle Talent Agency, and engaging production projects proving his versatility as an artist. DJ Machete’s longevity speaks for his talents, dedication, and determination which has surely solidified his place as a force in the world of electronic music. Billing / Affiliations: MACHETE [Junglist Platoon // Respect // Los Angeles] For more music from Machete, please click the links below: Enjoy the sounds of Machete!! The Everyday junglist Podcast-Detroit!! 1. Ammunition – Logistics feat. Inja – Hospital 2. Late Night Caller VIP – Bladerunner – Dub 3. Red Sonja – Dawn Raid – Mac 2 4. Da Bass II Dark – Asylum – Metalheadz 5. Your Sound RMX – J Majik – Razors Edge 6. Cycle of Time – Serial Killaz – Titan 7. I Still Love You – Paul T & Edward Oberon – V 8. Feel For You VIP – Bladerunner – Dread 9. Bad Man (Serum VIP) – Visionary – On Point Recordings 10. Camatcho – Brain Crisis – SubTitles Music 11. Count to Ten VIP – DRS feat. Enei – Soul:r 12. Rahstok – Moresounds – 31 Records 13. Hey DJ (Tease) – iKamanchi – Full Cycle 14. Where They At – Mikal – Metalheadz 15. Bad Boy Tune – 6blocc feat. MC Bones – Digital 6 16. Bogata feat. Kryptomedic – War Machine – Serial Killaz 17. Hard Food – Fracture & Chimpo – Metalheadz 18. Emergency – Machine Code feat. Coppa – Comanche 19. Whip Slap – Dimension - MTA 20. Snarl – Frankee – Ram 21. Whoonga (Chroma RMX) – Total Science & S.P.Y – C.I.A. 22. lock off VIP-Bladerunner-Chronic 23. Never Change-Terraform & dRamatic-Chronic 24. Patchy-TI-Co-Lab 25. Disturbia-Sub Killaz-Sektion 26. Dutty-Brockie & Ed Solo-Undiluted 27. Delivery Service-Jaybee & Zere-Chronic 28. Badness(Marcus Visionary Bashment Mix)-Cutty Ranks-Inna City Dance 29. Version (Scratch)-Logistics-Hospital

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    Big Worm Exclusive mix The Everyday Junglist Podcast Detroit Episode 260


    Let's meet the man behind the mix: It’s a fact that Big Worm came up exactly as drum and bass did - in the crowded sweaty basements and tiny second rooms of Calgary’s house and trance massives. Big Worm started DJing hip-hop at just 16 years of age, and was practicing the art of turntablism well before morphing into the straight up junglist he is today. It was when he first heard the hip-hop inspired jump up jungle of the early millennium that he saw a way to bridge the two. From that day forward, drum and bass would be played at high volume, and seasoned with a sizeable helping of scratching and rowdy antics. With a record bag full of old school jump up bangers from guys like Mickey Finn and Aphrodite, Big Worm began his foray into Junglist Massive. Beatmatching drum and bass came naturally to a kid that came up on the intricacies of hip-hop beats and lyrical cadences. As a result, it was at the age of 17 that Big Worm secured his first club residency. Not only was he not old enough to be in the club, but he also wasn’t old enough to drink in the club – two rules that were obviously meant to be broken. Throughout the up and downs of Calgary’s party scene, Worm continued to spread the drum and bass gospel by playing various parties and club nights. Over the years he became known as one of the major players in a capricious local scene, where as quickly as new promo groups formed they faded away, and as quickly as new electronic music venues opened their doors, they closed them. After years of drum and bass longevity, fate finally brought three old school Calgary junglists together. Alongside DJ Proph and Obscene, Big Worm founded 403 DnB in 2010. Together the group forged a new path for drum and bass, pushing hard to bring the music they loved to the forefront of Calgary’s music scene. Through their numerous residencies and partnerships with other promo groups, 403 DnB has successfully brought a considerable portion of relevant artists in the genre to the 403 – Friction, Tantrum Desire, Total Science, TC, Noisia and DJ Hype to name a few. Pushing hard for drum and bass dominance, Big Worm and the rest of 403 DnB achieved their biggest goal of all in 2013 by starting the inaugural chapter of the 403 DnBBQ. The first event of its kind in Western Canada, the 403 DnBBQ was an all drum and bass festival spanning multiple days. The success of this event has secured a place for Western Canada on the radar of global drum and bass heads, as well as solidifying the local community of rude boys and rude girls. In 2014, Big Worm shows no signs of slowing down. With an invitation to play at Innovation in the Sun in Spain, as well as new local residencies, he really has achieved “Junglist Massive” status. For more music from Big Worm, click on the links below: Enjoy the sounds of Big Worm!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast-Detroit!! Tracklisting: 1. Where Do We Go From Here? (One Love) (Calibre Remix) David Boomah 2.Home Sick (Original Mix) Kai 3.Reach Out (Original Mix) Korp, Inazone 4.Death Sport (Original Mix) DJ Hazard 5.Saharan Dust (Original Mix) Trex 6.Deny (Original Mix) Macky Gee 7.Steppin feat. Redders feat. Redders (Original Mix) Deft, Sam Binga, Redders 8.Escape Pod (Original Mix) Hoogs 9.Killer (Original Mix) Jaydan 10.Don't Get Lemon (Original Mix) Eazy 11.Ace in the Hole (Original Mix) Pleasure 12.Feel So Good (Original Mix) Majistrate, Jessica Luck 13.JAYLINE - RIP YA FACE ORRF (VIP) 14.Avalanche (Original Mix) Levela 15.U.S.S Enterprise (Original Mix) Nicky Blackmarket, Chapo 16.Impression (Original Mix) Version 17.K33 (Original Mix) Spaow 18.Cave Of Wonders (Original Mix) Levela 19.Monkey fist (Remix) Guv 20.Radio Code (Original Mix) Profile 21.Don't Fight It (Original Mix) Dr. Dub 22.DOMINATOR - I LIKE - FINALV2 23.Destroy (Original Mix) Jaydan 24.Anxiety (Original Mix) Macky Gee 25.Schoolboy (Original Mix) Sappo 26.Took My Breath feat. Solo Banton feat. Lady Fyah (Original Mix) Solo Banton, Run Tingz Cru, Lady Fyah 27.Here I Come (Tribute Mix ft. Rubi Dan) Ed Solo 28.The Real Deal feat. DNA (Original Mix) Bladerunner 29.Inequity Worker (Code Red Remix) (2014 Remix) Navigator 30.Cool Me Off (Chopstick Dubplate Remix) feat. Levi Roots feat. Mikal Rose (Remix) Jacky Murda, Tuffist, Levi Roots, Mikal Rose 31.Dark Secrets (Original Mix) Hedex 32.Inna Mi Draw (Serial Killaz Remix) (Serial Killaz Remix) Turbulence, Nico D 33.Really Like You - CAIN.1 MIX - Sara Lugo Ft Protoje 34.Sodium (Original Mix) Quest, Trex 35.Pull Up (Original Mix) Probe, Ruffstuff, Friller 36.JAYLINE - MENTALLY ILL 37.Jabber Jaw (Original Mix) K Jah 38.Stomp (Original Mix) Raz 39.Mr Mac (Original Mix) Saxxon 40.G Funk (Original Mix) Serum 41.Slaughter House feat. Silas (TC Remix)

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    Why do people disappear in national parks?


    In 2015 alone more than 300 million people visited the US National Park System. Some stayed for a few hours, others for a few days – and, occasionally, some never make it out.

    Audio Episode:

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    Sources & Links:

    National Parks: An American Legacy

    Keeper of the Flame

    The River

    Whereabouts Unknown

    Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980

    Thank You Safety Sue


    The Physics of Falling

    Handtools for Trail Work - Part 1

    Safety: In Danger Out of Doors

    Home Movie: 97310: Across the Grand Canyon

    Home Movie: 97319: Hiking the Grand Canyon

    Home Movie: 10938: Travels in California


    Here are the facts.

    Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.

    Here's where it gets crazy.

    New videos every week. |
    Stuff You Should Know |
    BrainStuff |
    Stuff to Blow Your Mind |
    Stuff You Missed in History Class |
    Stuff Mom Never Told You |


    Why do people disappear in national parks?

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 10 - Thorny Politics | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 10 - Thorny Politics| This American Life
    Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

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    The Final Episode Of Serial


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    The podcast sensation of the year finally reaches its climax.

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    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 8 - Hindsight, Part 2 | This American Life


    Serial Podcast Season 2 Episode 8 - Hindsight, Part 2| This American Life
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

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    What Everyone From Serial Looks Like in Real Life


    A Serial spin-off is underway. Undisclosed: the State vs. Adnan Syed launches its first episode today, and the new podcast hopes to reframe everything about the murder of Hae Min Lee presented in NPR's hit show with new evidence and theories. Today in POPSUGAR Rush, we recap the key players in the case.

    The hottest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and pop culture video! Our POPSUGAR hosts bring you the latest celebrity updates, exclusive celebrity interviews, fun TV recaps and movie reviews, and pop culture mashups. We are huge fans of everyone from Beyonce and Angelina Jolie to Harry Styles and Jennifer Lawrence (and, of course, Ryan Gosling).

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    Cargill Growing Series Podcast Ep 6


    Cargill Agronomist Jeremy Boychyn joins Shaun Haney to discuss soil testing in this episode.

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    Ricky Gervais Podcast | Season 3 | Episode 1


    The Ricky Gervais Podcast Season 3.
    Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant.

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    Ricky Gervais Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 1


    The Ricky Gervais Podcast Season 2.
    Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant.

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