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    Radiolab: Dinopocalypse!


    The startling specifics of how dinosaurs were wiped off the planet.

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    From Radiolab's stage show Apocalyptical, recorded live in Seattle.

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    RadioLab Symmetry


    This is an edited version of NPR's RadioLab: Desperately Seeking Symmetry. The original is over an hour long and I don't have that much time to share the entire recording with my class. So, I've cut it down to a little over 24 minutes. I've added images to go along with the story. If this edited version interests you I strongly recommend listening to the entire show which can be found at

    Hope you enjoy this as much as I have.


    This hour of Radiolab, Jad and Robert set out in search of order and balance in the world around us, and ask how symmetry shapes our very existence -- from the origins of the universe, to what we see when we look in the mirror.

    Along the way, we look for love in ancient Greece, head to modern-day Princeton to peer inside our brains, and turn up an unlikely headline from the Oval Office circa 1979.

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    Jad Abumrad: Radiolab | Talks at Google


    Get behind the scenes insight into WNYC's Radiolab podcast. WNYC's Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the show attempts to approach broad, difficult topics such as time and morality in an accessible and light-hearted manner and with a distinctive audio production style.

    Since 2005, Abumrad has produced and co-hosted the nationally syndicated program. Abumrad was named a 2011 MacArthur Fellow. Jad Abumrad joins us fresh off his sabbatical to tell us all about how their beloved show gets made.

    Listen to the podcast here:

    Event moderated by Carrie Battan.

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    RadioLab, Light @ human speed


    Fascinating Podcast.
    Speed of natural phenomena.
    Speed and distance.
    Speed of sound.
    Speed of light.

    This is an excerpt...
    light @ human speed...

    Lene has accomplished
    the impossible...
    captured 'light'...
    Slowed 'light' down..

    Be dumbstruck...

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    Joe Rogan Experience #530 - Vince & Emily Horn, from Buddhist Geeks


    Buddhist Geeks is a podcast, on-line magazine and annual conference with a primary focus on American Buddhism.

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    Radiolab from WNYC 9 Volt Nirvana


    Radiolab from WNYC --- 9-Volt Nirvana Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 03:17 PM Learn a new language faster than ever! Leave doubt in the dust! Be a better sniper! .

    Radiolab from WNYC --- 9-Volt Nirvana Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 03:17 PM Learn a new language faster than ever! Leave doubt in the dust! Be a better sniper! .

    Would you experiment with your brain? Perhaps there's a Dr. Frankenstein in us all. Introducing Victoria | Frankenstein, MD - Episode 1

    Radiolab Black Box This hour, we examine three very different kinds of black boxes—those peculiar spaces where it's clear what's going in, we know what's com.

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    The Myth of American Social Mobility


    From WNYC's 'On The Media' podcast, presented by Brooke Gladstone, as featured in the Radiolab podcast.


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    1949 war of the worlds broadcast in quito ecuador radiolab podcast season 4 episode 3


    Radiolab podcast on Nov 1st 2014, s4 e3
    Quito, Ecuador excerpt only
    starting at 30 mins in

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    Invasion of the Pod People: Radiolab, Risk and Genius: Jad Abumrad and Andrew Denton


    'There's no room for serendipity in podcasting for people who don't agree with you. Unless you're one of those people who seeks out disagreement; those people are rare.'

    Radiolab is one of the world’s most popular podcasts. Admired for its gentle explorations of big questions, the show – which was collecting listeners in their millions long before podcasting arrived at the mainstream’s door – has won many significant awards. Abumrad himself has been awarded a prestigious MacArthur Genius Grant, and his incredibly labour-intensive sound designs complement killer editorial instincts and an elegant, accessible sense of curiosity.

    In Melbourne for the first time, Abumrad chats with veteran broadcaster Andrew Denton. Perhaps best known for his landmark interview show Enough Rope, Denton’s first podcast, Better Off Dead – produced in partnership with the Wheeler Centre – topped Australia’s iTunes chart, drew widespread acclaim and stirred passionate public debate about voluntary assisted dying in this country.

    Hear from one of the world’s foremost storytellers about creative discomfort, Australian inspiration, the music of language, the challenges now facing podcasters and communicators, and the hot, curious power of the uncertain.

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    Radiolab Translation


    Philosopher Douglas Hofstadter considers what it means to translate something from one language to another -- a new this case a light-hearted poem front 16th century France.

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    Radiolab - Creation of the periodic table


    Something different. Dedication to Dr. Oliver Sacks.

    I do not own the audio, it belongs to Radiolab, WNYC, NPR.

    You can listen to the whole podcast here

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    Radiolab: Musical Language


    Blog Stravinsky Radiolab

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    A Radiolab Producer on the Making of a Podcast


    Kelsey Padgett (Radiolab, More Perfect) takes you on the roller coaster ride that is making a deep-dive audio documentary. What does it take to make a fully realized segment? How many drafts are too many? And why are editors so hard on you? (Spoiler: It’s because they love you.)

    Recorded live at Werk It, a women's podcast festival hosted and produced by WNYC.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #770 - Michael Shermer


    Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.

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    Top 5 Podcasts


    1. This American Life/Radiolab
    2. 99% Invisible -
    3. Tim Ferriss Show -
    4. LimeTown -
    5. Serial -

    Honorable Mention
    A. Hello Internet -
    B. Mortified Podcast -

    VLOG 004

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    High Frequency Trading - Rabiolab


    A really interesting segment from the radio podcast Rabiolab. the Episode is titled 'speed' and this particular segment looks into the world of the stock exchange. In particular a practice that has recently become popular called High Frequency Trading. This is the same phenomenon that was blamed for the 2010 Flash Crash in which the market had the largest dip in decades. If you like this segment go to and donate to this amazing podcast.

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    Radio Lab: 23 weeks 6 Days - Premature Birth and NICU


    A really interesting talk that takes you inside NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and discusses the hard ethical decisions that parents and medical professionals are faced with when a baby is born prematurely. Below are links to the brilliant series Kelly wrote for the Tampa Bay Times and the original Radio Lab podcast page which includes a video portrait of the baby's time in NICU.

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    Radiolab host Jad Abumrad in Studio Q


    Jad Abumrad is the co-host of Radiolab, the innovative, popular American public radio program and podcast about science & philosophy. HOW the show spins a tale is as much a part of the appeal as the stories it tells.

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    How trees talk to each other | Suzanne Simard


    A forest is much more than what you see, says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery — trees talk, often and over vast distances. Learn more about the harmonious yet complicated social lives of trees and prepare to see the natural world with new eyes.

    TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
    Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at

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    BBC How Plants Communicate & Think - Amazing Nature Documentary


    WELCOME to Documentary TV!

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    If you love documentaries about wildlife, space, cars, knowledge, history and much more, this is the channel for you!

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    Radiolab - Transcendence


    This short film is an auditory and photographic collage of Radiolab's most transcendent moments. Radiolab, which weaves stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries, has a transcendent power that makes listening an incredible experience. This video, set to Bill Evan's Peace Piece, attempts to encapsulate this emotion and experience. Photography from National Geographic. Enjoy.

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    Radiolab Update: CRISPR


    In 2012, scientists had a realization: hidden inside one of the world’s smallest organisms, was one of the world’s most powerful tools.

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    Radiolab - Buttons Not Buttons Radiolab Podcast Articles


    Radiolab - Buttons Not Buttons [Radiolab Podcast Articles]
    Buttons are usually small and unimportant. But not always. Sometimes they are a portal to power, freedom, and destruction. Today we thread together tales of taking charge of the little things in life, of fortunes made and lost, and of the ease with which the world can end.

    Confused? Push the button marked Play.
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    Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical FULL SHOW


    Dinosaurs, death, and destruction -- a thought-provoking and laughter-inducing dance on the grave of our inevitable demise.

    More from Radiolab at

    Cataclysmic destruction. Surprising survival. Radiolab turns its gaze to the topic of endings, both blazingly fast and agonizingly slow, in its live show Apocalyptical. With their signature blend of storytelling, science, and music, hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich romp through hundreds of millions of years of history to arrive at the end, again and again. Comedians Reggie Watts and Kurt Braunohler join the party, while musicians On Fillmore and Noveller create a cinematic live score before your eyes. Recorded live on stage in Seattle.

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    BLAME; More About The Radiolab Podcast Please See My Comments For More...


    If MRI can find out probabilities of some events in our lives before they happen, does society need blame? Is guilt the answer? Here I speak of another method. It's not how high you sail but how high you bounce so goes the proverb. Using MRI not just to diagnose, but also AR to heal would save huge cost to the economy. My comments about the Radiolab podcast of the same Blame name!

    The use of AR in the justice system is only one use, other uses are to reduce conversational distractions, these are estimated to cost the economy 50% of it's money, as in on the job distractions. This may also mean much higher employee comfort ratings, these are now lower than before. And it also may help many areas of the economy, reduced debt by reducing stress, reduce the divorce rates, reduce obesity, improve sleep, reduce drug use, improve military strength (the problem of fitness for soldiers is considered to be a major security risk), reduce the crime rate, and more. Here I speak more of it's use for the justice system, but as you can see it may be of real worth. I call it e.g. a relationship defender as I say on my blog Encyclopedia Computoria. Four years ago it was estimated in three years AR would be in general use in the marm business, in another three or four it may trickle down to the consumer, can't wait, so cool. This isn't like a VCR I once saw in high school for 1500, then 30 more years to wait for a 30$ VCR. AR of this type would use all existing hardware and easy to devise software. Recently only the rich have been able to afford peace and golden silence. The truth abounds in quiet places and I think of it as like having warm feet not a luxury but essential to good health. It does real harm to people living by airports, and studies show when a truck goes by at night your blood pressure goes up three hours even if you're asleep. So reducing noise alone would save 300,000 lives a year.

    See my blog Encyclopedia Computoria for more, thanks!

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    Radiolabs Jad Abumrad on Creativity, Failure and The Virtues of Wonder


    Jad Abumrad is the creator and mind behind WNYC's Radiolab, one of public radio's most popular and innovative programs. We spoke to Jad about his upbringing in Tennessee and early love of music, the beginnings of Radiolab, and discuss the virtues of wonder.

    From his creative doubts, to the importance of failure, a conversation you won't want to miss.

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    RadioLab sample Podcast


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    Radiolab - Patient Zero - Updated Nolan Smith, Nathan Wolfe and Carl Zimmer...


    Radiolab - Patient Zero - Updated [Nolan Smith, Nathan Wolfe and Carl Zimmer...]
    The greatest mysteries have a shadowy figure at the center—someone who sets things in motion and holds the key to how the story unfolds—Patient Zero. This hour, Radiolab hunts for Patient Zeroes of all kinds and considers the course of an ongoing outbreak.

    We start with the story of perhaps the most iconic Patient Zero of all time: Typhoid Mary. Then, we dive into a molecular detective story to pinpoint the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and we re-imagine the moment the virus that caused the global pandemic sprang to life. After that, we update the show with a quick look at the very current Ebola outbreak in west Africa. In the end, we're left wondering if you can trace the spread of an idea the way you can trace the spread of a disease and find ourselves faced with competing claims about the origin of the high five.
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    RadioLab - The podcast I love... that messed up


    RadioLab, mixing science and religion in a toxic way.

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    Robert Krulwich, RadioLab - The Wonder of Storytelling


    Robert Krulwich co-hosts RadioLab, a podcast with 4M monthly downloads. He takes us through a journey of how he has mixed science and mystery into his news reporting, covering everything from where music comes from, to differences in flight vs. fight responses between men and women, to the collapse of dinosaur flatulence and the decline in atmospheric methane. An interesting journey indeed.

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    Podcast Advice: 2 Dope Queens & Radiolab collide


    Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host the newest podcast in the WNYC Studios family, 2 Dope Queens. Since this is their first podcast, they go straight to the expert, Jad Abumrad from Radiolab, for some advice.

    Listen to 2 Dope Queens:

    Produced by WNYC Studios:

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    Whale story from


    A whale rescue. A motley crew of divers and fishermen set out to free a whale, and are convinced they encountered a definitive moment of cross-species communication. This is an interesting clip from an episode of RadioLab called Animal Minds. I thought it asked an interesting question. You can see full episode here:

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    Radiolabs Blame - season 12, ep 2 - Neurolaw


    This is a segment entitled Neurolaw from Radiolab's episode Blame that first aired September 12, 2013. No copyright infringement intended - this is for educational purposes only.

    Full episode available here:
    Radiolab's website:

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    Radiolab Presents More Perfect Kittens Kick The Giggly Blue Robot All Summer


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    Radiolab: Death and the Periodic Table


    The poetic properties of bismuth.

    More from Radiolab at

    Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich hoist two frothy pink glasses in tribute to one special element near the bottom of the periodic table: bismuth. Recorded in Seattle for Radiolab's live show Apocalyptical.

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    Radiolab - Falling - Simon & Sarita


    Falling in Love: Lulu Miller brings us the story of Sarita and Simon, who fell in...and then out...of love.

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    Radiolab - Shorts: The Distance of the Moon Italo Calvino and Liev Schreiber


    Radiolab - Shorts: The Distance of the Moon [Italo Calvino and Liev Schreiber]
    What if the moon were just a jump away? In this short, a beautiful answer to that question from Italo Calvino, read live by Liev Schreiber.

    According to one theory, the moon formed when a Mars-sized chunk of rock collided with Earth. After the moon coalesced out of the debris from that impact, it was much closer to Earth than it is today. This idea is taken to it's fanciful limit in Italo Calvino's story The Distance of the Moon (from his collection Cosmicomics, translated by William Weaver). The story, narrated by a character with the impossible-to-pronounce name Qfwfq, tells of a strange crew who jump between Earth and moon, and sometimes hover in the nether reaches of gravity between the two.
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    Talking trees Ep. #01 | PODCAST


    In the very first episode of Talking Trees, Dan is joined by friends and fellow arborists, Mat Fernandez (from the 'Mat Fernandez project'), George Keays and arborist/photographer Joel Spooner. They chat about the Sherrill/TreeStuff deal, the B.C Tree climbing comp, as well as Mat's 'Tool of the week' and George discussing a recent incident he'd had

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    Sample animation for the podcast, RadioLab.

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    Fritz Haber pt 1


    Audio of Radiolab excerpt on Fritz Haber

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    Lucys a Chimp - famous from


    Must Listen from QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE.Be a sustaining member.

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    Radiolab - Update: CRISPR Jennifer Doudna, Kevin Esvelt, Eugene V. Koonin,Beth Shapiro,Carl Zimmer


    Radiolab - Update: CRISPR [Jennifer Doudna, Kevin Esvelt, Eugene V. Koonin, Beth Shapiro and Carl Zimmer]
    It's been almost two years since we learned about CRISPR, a ninja-assassin-meets-DNA-editing-tool that has been billed as one of the most powerful, and potentially controversial, technologies ever discovered by scientists. In this episode, we catch up on what's been happening (it's a lot), and learn about CRISPR's potential to not only change human evolution, but every organism on the entire planet.

    Out drinking with a few biologists, Jad finds out about something called CRISPR. No, it’s not a robot or the latest dating app, it’s a method for genetic manipulation that is rewriting the way we change DNA. Scientists say they’ll someday be able to use CRISPR to fight cancer and maybe even bring animals back from the dead. Or, pretty much do whatever you want. Jad and Robert delve into how CRISPR does what it does, and consider whether we should be worried about a future full of flying pigs, or the simple fact that scientists have now used CRISPR to tweak the genes of human embryos.
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    Radiolab - Its Not Us, Its You


    Radiolab - It's Not Us, It's You
    It’s the end of the year, and the entire Radiolab team is starting to take stock and come up for air. We're excited about how much ground we've covered - stories about college debaters and figure skaters, meat allergies and salmon-eating trees, deathwatch beetles mating and Kpop stars dating - we're excited for what 2017 holds, and grateful because you have made all these things possible with your support.
    But before 2016 comes to an end, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to swivel our attention back to you, our listeners, reconnect with some old friends to see how they are doing, and thank everyone for what they've shared with us.
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    What is a kilogram?


    This is an edited version of NPR's RadioLab episode on kilogram.

    A plum-sized lump of metal takes us from the French Revolution to an underground bunker in Maryland as we try to weigh the way we weigh the world around us.

    In this short, we meet a very special cylinder. It's the gold standard (or, in this case, the platinum-iridium standard) for measuring mass. For decades it's been coddled and cared for and treated like a tiny king. But, as we learn from writer Andrew Marantz, things change—even things that were specifically designed to stay the same.

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    Radiolab - The Bitter End Sean Cole, Joseph J Gallo, MD MPH and Ken Murray, MD


    Radiolab - The Bitter End [Sean Cole, Joseph J Gallo, MD MPH and Ken Murray, MD]
    We turn to doctors to save our lives -- to heal us, repair us, and keep us healthy. But when it comes to the critical question of what to do when death is at hand, there seems to be a gap between what we want doctors to do for us, and what doctors want done for themselves.

    Producer Sean Cole introduces us to Joseph Gallo, a doctor and professor at Johns Hopkins University who discovered something striking about what doctors were not willing to do to save their own lives. As part of the decades-long Johns Hopkins Precursors Study, Gallo found himself asking the study's aging doctor-subjects questions about death. Their answers, it turns out, don't sync up with the answers most of us give.

    Ken Murray, a doctor who's written several articles about how doctors think about death, explains that there's a huge gap between what patients expect from life-saving interventions (such as CPR, ventilation, and feeding tubes), and what doctors think of these very same procedures.

    Jad attempts to bridge the gap with a difficult conversation -- he asks his father, a doctor, why he's made the decisions he has about his own end-of-life care... and whether it was different when he had to answer the same questions for his father and mother.
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    Radiolab and NPR Present Words


    A stunning film from Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante to accompany Radiolab's Words episode. With an original score by Keith Kenniff.
    Radiolab's Words episode:
    Keith Kenniff:

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    FM+ 2015: Robert Krulwich - Radiolab & Saddam Husseins Octopus


    Robert Krulwich from the podcast Radiolab talks at th FM+ radio conference that was held at IDC center, Herzliya, Israel on 24.3.2015

    more podcasts from the conference:

    אהעיתונאי רוברט קרולביץ', זוכה פרס האמי ומנחה התכנית המצליחה Radiolab ברשת NPR, בהרצאה על יצירתיות, מדע ורדיו במסגרת כנס הרדיו FM+ שנערך ב-24.3 במרכז הבינתחומי.

    לכל הפודקאסטים מהכנס:

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    February My 5 | eco-friendly favourites


    Hope you had a lovely February! :)

    DIY cotton makeup pads

    Love Justly - discounted ethical fashion


    From Tree to Shining Tree - Radiolab podcast episode

    The Girl Gone Green

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