Not Surgical aesthetic blepharoplasty with PLEXR

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    PlexR behandeling onderkant ogen/ wallen -


    De eerste #plexr behandeling is mij zo erg goed bevallen dat ik nu voor een 2e ga, dit keer de onderkant van mijn ogen / wallen. Plexr soft surgery word hier uitgevoerd door Babak van #Clinic63 .
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    Plexr - before and afters - real results


    People always need to know what the procedure involves,whats the recovery time and what results they can expect with Plexr .
    Plexr is a machine that produces skin contraction .
    It can be utilised in a number of different clinical situations .
    Its often advertised as a lunchtime eyelift or lunchtime procedure but it is not an afternoon Recovery .

    Swelling can be expected and here are the pictures that demonstrate it ..

    After 15 years in Aesthetics its a great tool to tighten crepey skin ,provide a nonsurgical blepharoplasty , neck tighten ,remove moles and use in conjunction with other aesthetic medical procedures

    Great machine
    Great Results
    See our other videos for techniques

    “Plexr™ ; a revolutionary technology in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine is now available at Tracey Bell Liverpool and Isle of Man. For the first time in the history of the aesthetic industry we are now able to remove excess skin in a non-surgical, minimally invasive fashion. The utilization of a controlled micro-beam of plasma to superficial layers of skin allows trained hands to perform multitude of procedures such as upper and lower eyelid lifts, mini face-lifts, and the removal of wrinkles, unsightly scars, stretch marks and even tattoos. And all of this without the use of scalpel or sutures that so predominated previous attempts at beautification. It’s no wonder that Plexr™ was a top finalist for Product Innovation of the Year and came Highly Commended at the 2015 Aesthetic Awards. The procedure is virtually pain-free, takes a few minutes and leaves the patient with no visible down-time. Swelling is also minimized and optimal results are achieved within 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. In a world where emphasis is placed on Anti-aging, this device actually treats the effects of aging. Wrinkles that are deep would also benefit from such technology, where toxins and fillers become ineffective. Treatments are problem-orientated and result in long-term solutions for aging, where previous concepts only camouflaged the symptoms of aging. The specifics of this technology epitomize the ideals that a select few modern doctors Plexr practices, which is the goal to provide excellent long-term results through minimally invasive actions”

    The Plexr treatments are available in our Liverpool City Centre (Liverpool One) practice and Isle Of Man practices.

    Find out more:

    01624 613323

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    Ooglifting met PlexR


    PLEXR® Soft Surgery is een van de meest innovatieve en effectieve medische apparaten voor niet invasieve medisch/cosmetische behandelingen en is nu ook in Nederland beschikbaar. Het apparaat is ontwikkeld in Italië door Prof. Dr. Giorgio Fippo en is hét alternatief voor klassieke esthetische chirurgie. Meer informatie? Ga naar

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    Plexr Soft Surgery System


    Also known as Non-Ablative surgery, Soft Surgery is an innovative system created and designed to avoid hazards and complications linked to surgeries performed using traditional techniques.

    Procedures that were previously unthinkable without using the operating theatre and surgery, such as non-ablative blepharoplasty, and face lifting, are possible today thanks to Soft Surgery, an idea by Professor Fippi, and the equipment designed by him and created by GMV Italia, and distributed exclusively throughout the United Kingdom by Fusion GT.

    For more information about our training courses and machines:

    CALL US NOW: +44 (0) 207 481 1656


    Fusion GT. The future of aesthetic medicine.

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    Plexr Trattamenti | GMV


    Strumento totalmente wireless in grado di effettuare tutti gli interventi di Chirurgia Non Ablativa, utilizza il quarto stato della materia: il Plasma. I tessuti trattati “Sublimano” evitando così di comunicare alle zone circostanti quantità di calore indesiderate.

    - Blefaroplastica non Chirurgica
    - Cicatrici da acne
    - Cheloidi
    - Calazio
    - Cheratosi
    - Macchie Cutanee
    Solo alcuni dei Trattamenti che si possono effettuare con il Plexr.

    Visita il Nostro sito per avere maggiori informazioni e per scoprire i prossimi corsi gratuiti sulla Soft Surgery

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    Plasma double eyelid


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    PlexR eyelid lift at Vie Aesthetics


    This video is about non-surgical blepharoplasty with PlexR- an innovative treatment to correct hooded and droopy eyelids that has amazing permanent results. Non-surgical blepharoplasty is performed by Dr LIakas at Vie Aesthetics without cutting. The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”).
    This blepharoplasty technique is defined as “dynamic” as it enables the practitioner to ask clients to open and close their eyes during the treatment. A typical session will last no more than 30 minutes and the tiny point-like crusts will fall off after 3 to 7 days.
    To book a free consultation, call 0044 (0) 7899673578 or e-mail:

    Depending on the nature and extend of the excess skin and area treated you may need between 1 and 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart.

    Patients may experience some swelling and soreness in the treated area following the treatment. Any residual crusts do disappear within 7 days, but can be covered with liquid foundation. During your free consultation, our doctor will discuss your suitability for the treatment and what you can expect.

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    Plexr Leke Tedavisi


    Plexr havadaki gazları iyonize ederek maddenin dördüncü hali PLAZMA yı kullanır.Hedef doku süblümleştirilir(katıdan direkt gaz haline geçiş)Plexr ile cilt arasında temas yoktur.

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    Göz Altı Torbalarına Plexr uygulaması , Göz Altı Tedavisi


    Ameliyatsız Göz Kapağı estetiğinde kullandığımız Plexr tedavisi hem üst göz kapaklarında hem de alt göz kapağı, gözaltı torbaları ve çizgilerinde başarı ile uygulanmaktadır. Ciltte işlem uygulanan bölgenin nokta nokta buharlaştırılması sonrası kalan cilt dokusunun kasılarak cevap vermesi prensibinden faydalanarak fazla olan göz kapağı dokusunun toparlaması sağlanır ve ameliyatsız göz kapaklarının fazlalıklarından hastayı kurtarmayı amaçlar.

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    50 Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


    Here’s a compilation of the most shocking plastic surgery transformation photos. There are some really astonishing face changes that you won’t recognize between the before and after photos.
    Unbelievable Models:

    We are also Here:

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    Extreme Makeover Transformation | Shalom Blac


    Extreme makeover transformation with a bit of pinup girl touch.


    - Elf Eyebrow Pencil -

    - Lancome Water-infused cream -

    - Becca ever matte primer-

    - L.A.Girl color correcting concealer -

    - ABH foundation -

    - KatvonD concealer -

    - MAC Blush -

    - MAC Lipliner -

    - MAC Lipstick -

    - Nyx Foundation -

    - Makeupforever Highlighter -

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    Plexr- revolutionary baggy eyelid removal- without surgery!


    The eyes have long been associated with youth and beauty but their delicate skin makes them one of the first areas of the face to show signs of ageing. Loose skin, droopy lids or bags under the eye can make you look tired and older than your years. In the past surgery, known as blepharoplasty, may have been the only option, however now a ground-breaking new technique, PlexR® , has made Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty a reality. The PlexR® technology is able to achieve dramatic results without cutting or stitches.

    For non-surgical blepharoplasty, we use soft surgery with PlexR® at LasaDerm which is a revolutionary and patented innovation, opening a new and exciting frontier in the field of Medical Aesthetics. We are very pleased to be able to offer this technology as one of the first clinics in the UK and the technique is performed by our trained, experienced and certified doctor. Non-surgical blepharoplasty is performed without cutting, without removing excess skin or fat and without altering the muscle of the eyelids. This helps avoid all risks inherent to the traditional surgical intervention.

    PlexR®, is a device that forms plasma to sublimate the excess skin. It delivers its energy only on the superficial skin cells, without affecting deeper tissues, thus enabling the perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment. The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”).

    This blepharoplasty non surgical technique is defined as “dynamic” as it enables the practitioner to ask clients to open and close their eyes during the treatment. A typical session will last no more than 30 minutes and the tiny point-like crusts will fall off after 3 to 7 days. Depending on the nature and extent of the excess skin and area treated you may need between 1 and 2 treatments

    Please visit our website~

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    Diary of Plexr Hooded Eye Treatment - Part 2 - Non surgical Blepharoplasty?


    This is a video about the treatment that is known as non surgical Blepharoplasty. It is Plexr Plasma eye lift treatment, done at Essence Medical in Glasgow with the renowned Dr Bong. This is a diary from before the treatment, to 2 weeks after.

    Plexr Explanation-

    Plasma Eye Lift with Dr Bong -

    My Q&A with Dr Bong -

    What equipment do I use?

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    My Eyelid Surgery 1st Weeks of Recovery | Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Diary Part 2


    Hey everyone
    I have recently had a Blepharoplasty and documented my progress. In this video I tell you all about my first week of recovery. So make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on the future videos!

    This is where I went

    Part 1

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    The Plexr treatment - Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty


    A ground-breaking new technique, brought to the UK by Dr Wakil, has made Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty a reality. As a master trainer for this technique, Dr Wakil is able to achieve dramatic results with no cutting or stiches. See the finished results for yourself.
    You can find out more at

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    Instagram : Clawdeena9official
    So This is a video of my Mom who has a birthmark that covers pretty much her entire body! She also has KT which is separate from her birthmark but many people with KT have a birthmark, it's at My Mom used MakeUp to cover her birthmark, but this super powerful foundation can cover acne, pimples, scars, really anything, and my mom has used it for about 30 years!


    We BOTH use the following products

    Dermablend leg and body cover Foundation : Beige

    Too Faced Peach Eye Shadow Palette

    Mac Cosmetics Skin Finish - gold deposit

    Anastasia Beverly Hills - Glow Kit

    Kylie Jenner Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit - Dolce K + Candy K

    If you want you can watch this old Q & A with me and my mom! -

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    Music found on YouTube Create Library - A great channel bursting with positive, loving energy featuring popular videos on Disney Frozen (Frozen Fever), Princesses, Monster High, Ever After High Shopkins, Inside Out, mermaids, Make Up, Drag, Kylie Jenner, MakeUp Tutorials, Barbie dolls, not so much Play Doh LOL, and much more!!! Everything from stories, series, movies, playset toy reviews, hauls, mystery surprise blind bag openings, and Make Up Tutorials and being a Drag Queen!

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    My Full Blepharoplasty Breakdown | Day by Day + FAQ + Results


    Ever searched for a specific video and didn't get the answers you were looking for? Well this video is NOT it! I'm showing you EVERYTHING! from my consultation to after surgery DAY BY DAY. You'll get the overall cost, monthly updates etc.

    Hey loves! This video was made for anyone that is considering getting this surgery done because they dislike the bags under their eyes just as much as I did. I'm just here to help!

    If there was anything that I did not answer in this video, please leave your questions below. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy.

    I will be uploading videos every Friday, so if you have a video suggestion, leave that below as well.

    xoxo Thanks so much for watching!
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    Dr David Jack - Plexr blepharoplasty eyelid treatment


    Dr David Jack presents Plexr - a revolutionary new treatment using Plasma technology. Plexr can be used to perform a non-surgical blepharoplasty (or eyelid lift) without cutting the skin. By creating a bolt of lightening energy, Plexr ionises the gas between the instrument and the skin, causing a small core of tissue to be removed. When this is repeated multiple times over the eyelids, or at either side of a wrinkle, the tissue contracts, and tightens as it heals. Dr. Jack offers this treatment at his clinics in Harley Street in London and in Edinburgh.

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    Double Eyelid Surgery Trick - No Glue?!
    Check out Botonics here -
    Here is Botonics Youtube -
    Nose enhancement:
    Botox eyebrow lift:

    Naruschka Henriques
    Independent Nurse Prescriber
    Head of Cosmetic Dermatology
    Botonics Plastic Surgery Group

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    Filmed by Sam Bayliss Ibram
    Music by Chris Nairn -

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    Diary of Plexr Treatment for Hooded Eyes - Part 3 - Results! Non surgical Blepharoplasty?


    The final results of my Plexr treatment for hooded eyes :0)

    All about Plexr:

    1st Treatment diary:

    Interview with Dr Bong:

    (On March 26th)

    Dr Bong/Essence Medical:

    What equipment do I use?

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    Uzm. Dr. Deniz Koral - Plexr Plasma Enerjisi Nedir ?


    Plexr maddenin dördüncü hali olan bir plasma enerjisi ile çalışan bir cihazdır. Plasma enerjisi doğada en yakinen bildiğimiz yıldırım düşmesi ile örnek verilebilir. Aynı zaman da florasan lambalarında kullanılan enerjiye de örnek verilebilir. Plasma enerjisi havada gazı yakmak suretiyle elde ettiğimiz bir enerjidir. Bu enerji ile vücudumuzun istemediğimiz rahatsızlıklarını, problemlerini ortadan kaldırma şansımız mümkündür. Yirmi beş yıllık bir çalışmanın bir sonucu olan plexr vücudumuzda herhangi bir anestezi almanız gerektirmeden sadece lokal anestezi ile bir çok problemi halletmemizi yarayan cihazdır. En çok kullandığımız yerler arasında göz kapağı estetiği gelmektedir. Daha önce sadece ameliyatla düzeltilebilen göz kapağı sorunlarından ameliyatsız blefaroplasti dediğimiz teknik ile plexr cihazı ile kurtulmak mümkündür. Ameliyatsız blefaroplasti ,sadece lokal anestezi kullanmak suretiyle ağrısız, acısız cildimizde bulunan, göz kapağımızda bulunan kırışıklıkları azaltmakta sarkmaları engelleyebilmektedir. Bunun için sadece bir haftalık iyileşme süreci yeterli olmakta kişi iş ve gücünden kalmadan tekrar işine ertesi gün dönebilmektedir. Yapılan tedaviler sonucunda; elde edilen sonuçlar ameliyatla elde edilen sonuçlar karşılandığında yaklaşık olarak aynı zaman diliminde geçerli olduğu görülmüştür. Üç, beş yıl kadar dayanan estetiğe sahip olmak mümkündür. Bu tedavi esnasında herhangi bir yan etki olmadan, enfeksiyon ve lekelenmeler gibi sorunlar yaşanmadan ameliyata oranla daha kolay ve hızlı iyileşmesi ön plana çıkmaktadır. Bu tür tedavilerde göz kapaklarıyla alt ve üst göz kapakları başta olmak üzere, yüzümüzde bulunan diğer kırışıklıklar ile ilgilide tedavi yapılmaktadır. Ha keza cildinizde bulunan benler, siğiller çıkıntılı lezyonlar da plasma enerjisiyle birlikte kullanılan plexr cihazı kullanılabilir. Bu tedavi son derece kolay basit iyileşme süreci çok kısa olan ve komşu dokulara da zarar vermemesi ile birlikte hızlı bir düzelme sağlayan tedavi cihazıdır.

    Uzm. Dr. Deniz Koral
    Deri ve Zührevi Hastalıkları Uzmanı
    Adres:Bağdat Cad. Eren Apt. No:325 Kat:4 D:6 Kadıköy / İstanbul
    Telefon: +90 216 467 33 33

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    Blefaroplastica dinamica non ablativa col PLEXR secondo il prof. Giorgio Fippi


    La tecnica usata nel nostro studio per risolvere gli inestetismi delle palpebre senza chirurgia e senza rischi.

    La blefaroplastica, in poche parole, è un intervento che consiste nel tagliare la palpebra, il grasso sottostante ed a volte il muscolo, per rimuovere l'eccesso di pelle. Questo ovviamente necessita di anestesia, incisioni, eliminazione di tessuti e punti di sutura. Ma è possibile effetuare una blefaroplastica dinamica non ablativa?
    Sappiamo quindi cosa è la blefaroplastica, ma sappiamo che è possibile farla in maniera non ablativa, cioè in modo non chirurgico convenzionale senza bisturi e senza laser; la dinamicità sta nel fatto che non viene eseguita nessuna incisione (e quindi non saranno dati punti di sutura) e l'esecuzione della terapia si verifica in maniera dinamica, facendo chiudere ed aprire l'occhio del paziente per verificare l'efficacia del trattamento in tempo reale.
    Non ablativa in quanto non viene rimossa nessuna parte della palpebra e quindi nessun taglio, nessun rischio di cicatrice e complicazioni post-operatorie. L'intervento da noi viene eseguito con il PLEXR, tecnologia moderna al plasma, una forma di energia che vaporizza l'epidermide senza andare in profondità, rimuovendo lo strato superficiale dei corneociti che, come carta adesiva, riduce l'elasticità della pelle. Senza questo strato, la pelle ritorna elastica e il risultato è immediatamente visibile dal paziente stesso poichè non si verificano tagli e quindi sanguinamento. La procedura è normalmente divisa in tre - quattro sedute della durata di pochissimi minuti, non richiede anestesia di infiltrazione ma solo applicazione di crema anestetica di superficie, e permette di non dare nell'occhio ritornando subito ad una vita di relazione eventualmente eseguendo un piccolo CAMOUFLAGE che il nostro team è maestro nell'eseguire.

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    Patient Testimonial - Izabelle - Lower Blepharoplasty For Eye Bag Removal


    Watch a patient of Dr. Taban undergo a lower blepharoplasty surgical procedure done to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, under eye bags, and fat under the eyelid!

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    Izabelle, discoverd Dr. Taban on realself and decided to have a lower blepharoplasty surgery performed for dark circle reduction and eye bag removal.

    In this video, we show the lower blepharoplasty procedure being performed while Izabelle is awake. However, due to the numbing agent, she can't feel the excess fat being removed from her lower eyelid. By dong this procedure, Izabelle feels younger, and has already healed just 1 week in!

    Dr. Taban is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgeries and cosmetic treatments for the eyes. He is capable of altering, correcting, and enhancing the appearance of your eyelids!

    Interested in this topic? You may also enjoy:
    Lower Blepharoplasty
    Lower Eyelid Surgery
    Dark Circle Reduction
    Removing Fat Under Eyes
    Eye Bag Removal
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    Plexr Soft Surgery at Epilight New Skin Clinic


    Plexr Soft Surgery

    The Revolutionary Plasma Technology That is Transforming People’s Lives!

    Plexr soft surgery gives you non-surgical option to treat a wide range of skin conditions, below are just some of the things this amazing treatment can be used for:

    • Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty (eyelid tightening & lifting)
    • Lower Eyelids / Eyebags
    • Smokers Lines Removal
    • Face lifting & Excess Skin
    • Acne Treatment
    • Correction of Scars
    • Removal of Stretch Marks
    • Removal of Benign Skin Growths, moles, verrucae, keloids and xanthelasmata (fat deposits near eyelids)
    • Belly Button Lifting

    Plexr soft surgery gives a more natural result for both men & women with no telltale scars or broken cappliaries - No One Need Know!

    All treatments are performed with Plexr, the world’s first plasma generator for skin sublimation.

    Plexr known as soft surgery is now recognised by thousands of surgeons around the world as the preferred method for the removal of loose or lax skin on the eyelids, “blepharoplasty”, the face and the body.

    Plexr is a fast and simple, more economical, no fuss treatment that takes around 30 minutes and gives predictable and dramatic results without knives, needles blood or anaesthetic.

    Soft surgery delivers measurable dramatic improvement with minimal risk of scarring or down time and typically healing is extremely fast and uncompliated.

    Plexr is a very safe procedure and is used worldwide in over 3000 facilities.

    With minimal risk, no downtime and much faster healing than with normal surgical procedures, due to no cutting through muscle or tissues, with no blood, and no stitches. Plexr gives instant improvement and predictable results.

    Less Than Half the Cost of Traditional Surgery

    You are unique and so is your Plexr soft surgery. Your treatment is bespoke and designed for your needs. No two procedures are exactly the same. The treatment is delivered expertly and artistically to create your best preferred result.

    Is Plexr reatment right for me? Baggy Eyelids?

    If you suffer from loose skin in your upper/lower eyelids that gives you a “tired” look, may even impact on your vision and you are seeking a non-surgical solution to tighten your skin, then the Plexr could be your answer. Furthermore, Plexr can be used for face and body lifting, acne treatment, scar correction, tattoo removal, belly button stretch marks, removal of benign skin growths and lesions, etc.

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    The Brow Lift is the new Eye lift | Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore


    The brow lift is a way to lift the upper eyelids without removing any excess skin. Dr. Rodriguez, a Yale trained plastic surgeon, discusses why the browlift is the new eyelift. He's been performing the brow lift procedure for over 20 years.

    For more information about the browlift as a replacement for the eye lift, see his blog post:

    For additional information or to schedule a consult, feel free to contact us at:
    Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez MD
    1300 Bellona Ave
    Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

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    PLEXR Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty


    PLEXR non-surgical blepharoplasty and removal of skin lesions. PLEXR utilises plasma technology, the fourth state of matter, to sublimate skin without the need for cutting or suturing. PLEXR causes no bleeding and there is minimal downtime.

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    MY PLASTIC SURGERY EXPIERENCE || Pt 1. Double eyelid surgery, Asian Rhinoplasty, Chin liposuction,


    This week I am sharing the part one of my Plastic Surgery experience. I decided to have my cosmetic procedures done in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at The DaVinci Clinic which is next to Mid Valley Shopping Mall. In this video, i share my thoughts just before the surgery, the consultation and why i decided to go to Malaysia.

    WATCH PART 2 to this video HERE:

    After speaking to Dr Tristian, I booked to go ahead with Double eyelid surgery, a full asian rhinoplasty (Closed rhinoplasty with a Silicone Implant, Tip Plasty using ear cartilage, Alarplasty - nostril reduction), Chin Liposuction and lower face contouring. I also had a facial before my procedures called a Silk peel, which cleans out the pores and oil using hydration. Followed by extracting any clogged pores and spots. I decided on splitting the video up other wise the video would of been extremely long! This week shows the consultation and thoughts before surgery and I will upload what happened after the surgery shortly.

    I cannot thank the DaVinci Clinic enough at how helpful they have been throughout my whole surgery experience! This is something I have been wanting for a long time, so please keep any negative opinions to yourself. This video is for anyone out there who is looking to get similar procedures done, as i know how hard it is to find this information online!

    P.S I am SO sorry i have been MIA on Youtube - I have been recovering for 2 months, and had a lot of technical issues, i.e my Hardrive being deleted by accident -.- My snap family knows the struggle! However this year i am planning to take on Youtube FULL FORCE and will be uploading good regular content! Please make sure to subscribe for more videos coming your way!

    Comment down below and please let me know if theres anything else you would like to see from me!

    DaVinci Clinic :
    Dr Tristan and Dr Yun.

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    Double Eyelid Surgery • Watch Me Recover!


    Hi! I had Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery performed on both my eyelids last week. The video is pretty self-explanatory with the disclaimers so please watch the entire thing! Leave me a thumbs up if you liked the video and feel free to ask me any questions down below. I'll be sure to get back to them in my next instalment of this series documenting my recovery and progress. It should be up next week!

    Also, please bear in mind that this video was filmed within less than a week of recovery and yes, my eyelids are less uneven and the scars have lightened now. You can check out some of my latest videos, especially the vlogs to see how my eyes are!

    (Plz be nice no h8)

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    ▹ Filmed & edited by Brenda Tan

    Canon EOS 550D

    Final Cut Pro X

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    Plastic Surgery Disasters of Bollywood Actresses - 2017


    Plastic Surgery Disasters of Bollywood Actresses - 2017

    This video is for entertainment purpose and this video is created on the bases of net articles. Some images used in this video is for reference purpose only.


    Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release]

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    free to use, share or modify .
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    Photos all are taken from Google Image search

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    Blepharoplasty Vlog ~ 4 Weeks Post Op with Pics


    Thanks for watching ~I hope this helps you! xoxo Lisa

    Please ask questions for follow up video~ :)) Sorry this one was so chatty, it's tough for me not to!

    Blepharoplasty~ improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. ... Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Surgery can be performed on either the upper and lower lids, or both.

    My Doctor is Dr Charles Kays

    This is the video I mentioned showing the Plexr technique~

    I will share with you the makeup I am wearing in my Friday video~:))
    My Dress~
    My shoes are Jimmy Choo Evelyn pumps~ I can't find nude :(

    My Bag and U necklace~ Lisa10 for 10% off

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    Introducing Plexr


    Skinstitute is the first skin care clinic in the Southern Cape and one of the first seven around the country to offer Plexr treatments.

    Plexr is an innovative medical device that was developed in Italy as an alternative to surgery. It uses the ionisation of the gases in the air to form plasma, which creates a small electrical arc that treats problem areas – without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin.

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    LIFTING DES PAUPIÈRES sans cicatrice - PlexR® en vidéo avant/après


    Reportage officiel CLINÉANCE.COM
    PlexR® : Lifting médical pour rétracter un excès de peau.
    Traitement du relâchement de la paupière supérieure.
    Référence Française en Médecine Esthétique
    Aucune cicatrice - Résultats esthétiques probants et progressifs.
    Blépharoplastie médicale sans chirurgie
    Correction de la peau - Rides - Tâches - Acné -
    Plus de vidéos avec avant/après sur le site officiel de la médecine esthétique CLINÉANCE -
    Renseignements :

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    Blépharoplastie médicale sans chirurgie des paupières - Dr Schinazi James


    Vidéo montrant quelques exemples de blépharoplastie médicale sans chirurgie et sans douleurs (anesthésie locale avec crème Emla). Résultats objectivés au bout de 3 à 4 séances espacées d'un mois

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    Plexr non-surgical blepharoplasty allows patients to zap saggy eyelids, banish dark circles and get rid of crapy saggy skin around the eyes.

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    Face Spots With Plexr Tsioumas G. Sotirios MD


    Face Spots with Plexr Tsioumas G. Sotirios MD

    Surgeon Ophthalmologist Sotiris Tsioumas is a graduate of Medical School of the University in Modena N. Italy. He completed his specialty in the Oncological Hospital of 'St. Savas' where he obtained premium experience in a great number of operations such as remedy of eyelid conditions, lachrymal apparatus and socket, eyelid lifting, operation of cataract with the method of Malyugin ring etc. He was also specialized with Master of Aesthetics Medicine in the State's University of Tor Vergata Rome where he met Professor Giorgio Flippi inventor of devices Plexr, O.F.F., Vibrance with European Diplomas of patent. MrTsioumas became the right hand of Professor Flippi where he was specialized in non ablative surgery with Plexr eyelid lifting, lifting without incision, needle shaping, filling of deep lines without yalouronic acid or any other medicine, astriction of repairmen of face and body, O.F.F. non ablative lipolysis. His objects of specialty are Botox, removal of glandules and eyelid lifting bloodlessly, painlessly and without stitches with Plexr, fillers for the filling of wrinkles, mesotherapy, peelings, strings, treatment of anti-aesthetic image of body, face of puffy bags etc.
    Titles of Degree Paper and specialty accordingly are: 'The prevention of infectious diseases after-surgical in cataract' and 'Which are the anti-aesthetic spots of the upper fertile of the face and how we fight them'. He has taken over Fellowship in Advanced Photorefractive Surgery for operations with laser about the rehabilitation of refractive abnormalities.
    He is a member of the Medical Association of Athens, Hellenic Ophthalmological Company, Hellenic and Italian Ophthalmological Company, Italian Company of Aesthetics Medicine A.I.M.E. and member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. The doctor is one of the fewest members of the Company of Aesthetics Medicine non ablative Surgery Simecna, where he exercises and contributes to the establishment of the spread of his specialty in and abroad. Finally, he has become the founder and the president of the company of aesthetic medicine and non ablative surgery in Greece.

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    MAGICSTRIPES - immediate eyelid lifting without surgery.


    - 100% Safe, Alternative for Surgery, Effective for Upper Eyelid Lift..

    Just imagine the happiness and confidence you will feel each and every day looking younger and more alert after using this exciting Magic Stripes for Droopy Eyelids.

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    Non-surgical Brow Lift


    In this video, Dr. Tanya Kormeili will demonstrate and discuss the use of Dysport and fillers such as Restylane to create a non-surgical brow lift by increasing the distance between the eyebrow and the eyes. This is a non-surgical brow lift to arch the eyebrow and will create a more youthful appearance.

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    HOW I GOT RID OF THE BAGS UNDER MY EYES | Blepharoplasty Results


    The extremely long awaited update on my Lower Lid Blepharoplasty Surgery! It has been 8 weeks since the procedure and I can't begin to explain how happy I am with the results. I still have scarring that still needs to completely heal but overall it was the best investment I've made.

    Feel free to ask any questions that I might not have answered! xoxo

    The video link that I got the surgery footage from was :

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    S O C I A L M E D I A

    SnapChat: TaashaRenee

    C A M E R A & E D I T

    Camera: Canon T5i and/or Sony A5000
    Editing: Final Cut Pro X

    For Collabs or Business Inquiries :

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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    Eyelid Lift-Blepharoplasty by Dr. Steven Fagien, Boca Raton.No general anesthesia! No downtime!


    Watch my day-by-day recovery from my upper eyelid lift. No general anesthesia, no downtime, no bandages, excellent results! Boca Raton, Florida.

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    Tratamientos con el plexr


    Tratamientos con Plexr de parpados caIdos (bleflaroplastia no quirurgíca), bolsas en parpado inferior, arrugas de expresión, arrugas peribucales (codigo de barras), eliminación de manchas e imperfecciones de la piel, disminución de cicatrices, estrias y cicatrices de acne.

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    Studio5 laser eyelid surgery


    Dr. Mark Taylor talks about laser eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

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    Addicted to Plastic Surgery | My Story


    OPEN HERE FOR MORE DETAILS: Please watch until the end before leaving your opinion :)
    ** Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a distinct mental disorder in which a person is preoccupied with an imagined physical defect or a minor defect that others often cannot see. As a result, people with this disorder see themselves as ugly and often avoid social exposure or turn to plastic surgery to try to improve their appearance.

    BDD shares some features with eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder. BDD is similar to eating disorders in that both involve a concern with body image. However, a person with an eating disorder worries about weight and the shape of the entire body, while a person with BDD is concerned about a specific body part.

    The point of this video is to let you girls know that everyone has insecurities, some worse than others. And surgery is not always the answer. I'm definitely not saying everyone that has had surgery has done it because they have Body Dysmorphic disorder, and I'm not against surgeries and enhancing your beauty, everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their body, but you shouldn't get surgeries only because you hate yourself or to impress others. It is something serious and there's many risks. Being beautiful should not be your priority in life. Physical beauty doesn't last forever. If you are not happy with yourself, surgery is not always the answer. You need to work on your inner self and change your priorities so you can be fully happy and enjoy the only life that you have.
    I hope this video was helpful.

    Let me know your opinion in the comments.


    Thank you all for your support!

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    Love, Tania Lucely
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    Full Face and Neck Lift with Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery Day 2


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    Eyeshadow Dos and Donts


    S N A P C H A T: ChristenSnaps
    T W I T T E R : ChristenDTweets 
    I N S T A G R A M: ChristenDominique 
    F A C E B O O K: Christen Dominique 

    and be apart of my family!!  #Dominators
    Watch this next!:

    If your having trouble with eyeshadow at all, I got you!! Here's my take on eyeshadow do’s and dont’s! I’m here to help solve your eyeshadow problems, let me know if I’ve helped you out I love hearing your guys feedback!

    How I get cash back when I shop online:

    M A K E U P l D E E T S

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    Shades: soft ochre or painterly

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    Shade 5

    Too faced shadow insurance $20

    Tarte shape tape $25

    Nars Radiant creamy concealer $30

    Thrive causmetics lash glue $18

    Maybelline master conceal $9

    Beauty blender $20

    Mac 239 brush for the lid $25

    I recommend morphe brushes they’re affordable and great quality!

    Morphe  - use code CHRISTEND all caps for 10% off everything! -
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    Sigma Beauty- Use code “ CHRISTEND” to save 10% of everything!
    Impressions Vanity-Use code “christend” to save 10% of everything!
    Jouer - Use code christen to save 15% off -

    Equipment Used:
    Camera: Cannon Mark lll 5D

    Lens: Cannon 24-70 mm F2.8

    Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X

    FTC:  This video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliated.

    I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love, no matter how weird I am! Weird is a compliment. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!

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    In this makeup series, I show you the common mistakes people make when applying makeup and how to do it the correct/ better way. This week's topic is all about EYELINER.

    If you like this series, please like this video and leave some feedback below. That way I know what I can do better to make it more entertaining for you all :)

    Also I want to thank you for all the love and support you have given me from the start! Without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love and connect with so many new friends around the world. Thank you xx

    Some of my favorite Eyeliners:
    - Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (one of the best Japanese Eyeliners I've used)
    - Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner
    - K-palette One day Tattoo Eyeliner in Brown (I used this one in the video)


    Let’s be friends!
    SnapChat: tina_yong
    Music: Sea of Mars Jahzaar

    Equipment Used:
    Microphone: Rodelink Wireless
    Lighting: Ring Light
    Camera: Canon 70D
    Canon 24-70mm Lens 2.8
    Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro CC

    *This video is not sponsored

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    Blefaroplastica non ablativa con Plexer


    Il Prof.Enrico Filippini (socio SIMECNA soc.italiana medicina estetica chirurgia non ablativa) presenta la Plexer terapia. Una metodica non ablativa che permette la rimozione di macchie, verruche, fibromi, rimozione di tatuaggi.... soprattutto la correzione NON chirurgica della pelle in eccesso sulle palpebre, senza ematomi e cicatrici.

    Lo sguardo e il taglio dell'occhio rimangono assolutamente naturali.

    Scopri come possiamo aiutarti chiamando il seguente numero: 030-2807547

    oppure contattaci seguendo questo link

    Poliambulatorio Medico Chirurgico Prof.Enrico Filippini.
    Da piu' di 25 anni il nostro centro medico ti segue nel benessere e nel mantenimento della tua bellezza

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    Oberlidstraffung OHNE Skalpell


    Diese Methode der Oberlidstraffung ist sehr schonend und schnell.
    Kein schneiden und keine Nähte.

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    10 Instagram Models BEFORE Plastic Surgery


    Look at these Instagram famous girls before all the plastic. Do you recognize them? Subscribe:
    Other Videos you might like:
    10 Celebs Who Accidentally Twinned With Kids Dolls

    Shocking Beauty Routines of Rich Celebrities

    10 Secret BODY INSECURITIES Of Famous People

    Many girls have been able to turn Instagram from a platform to share pictures into a source of income. These beautiful women have been made popular due to their good looks, and advertisers can’t wait to hire them to promote their products. They’re more commonly referred to as IG models, and many of them have millions of followers who drool over each and every photo they post to the site.

    Our Social Media:

    For more videos and articles visit:

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    Plexr Μη Χειρουργική Βλεφαροπλαστική - Κάτια Χάιτα Φωτιάδου


    Η μη χειρουργική βλεφαροπλαστική είναι μία νέα θεραπευτική αντιμετώπιση της χαλάρωσης του δέρματος, χρησιμοποιώντας μια καινοτόμο τεχνική που κάνει χρήση της 4ης κατάστασης της ύλης - το πλάσμα. Η πρωτοποριακή τεχνολογία επιτρέπει τη χρήση της νέας αυτής ενέργειας, έτσι ώστε να απαλλαχθούμε από ανεπιθύμητες ρυτίδες, ηλιακές φακίδες, ουλές, ξανθελάσματα, ογκίδια, θηλώματα, υπερκερατώσεις κλπ.

    Η μέθοδος της μη χειρουργικής βλεφαροπλαστικής είναι εξίσου αποτελεσματική με την χειρουργική βλεφαροπλαστική. Τα αποτελέσματα είναι πραγματικά εντυπωσιακά!
    Τα αποτελέσματα της είναι όχι μόνο το ίδιο αποτελεσματικά με αυτά του χειρουργείου, αλλά πηγαίνουν και ένα βήμα παραπέρα: ΔΙΟΡΘΩΝΕΙ και τις ΡΥΤΙΔΕΣ γύρω από τα μάτια, όπως το πόδι της χήνας, που ΔΕΝ διορθώνεται με το ΧΕΙΡΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ.

    Θα μας βρείτε

    στο ιατρείο:

    Αθήνα 2103811699 & Θεσσαλονίκη 2310264858

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    The real secret in making double eyelids!


    Currently in development and not yet sold in stores, are the Opti-fold Doubleline Sleep Tapes, which are used to permanently treat uneven eyelids and make double eyelids without surgery.

    These tapes are not the same as generic eyelid tape or glue. The main function of Opti-fold tapes are to compress a wrinkle onto the eyelids which forms the 'double eyelid'.

    The Opti-fold tapes are broader and bigger than other tapes, because they are designed to keep the eyelid skin extended and flat, while a second tape is applied on top to compress skin.

    For more information about Opti-fold please view these links:

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