Lecture By Prof.Mithleshwar Jha

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    PM Modi funny speech on Dr. Raghuram Rajan


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    Richest Beggars in India


    Source- Newspapers

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    MBA Preparation lectures | CAT EXAM | Tips and Tricks | CAT Score - 99.82% IIM - A


    MBA preparation for CAT EXAM VIDEOS BY Placement Boat.
    CAT Exam preparation Interview Tips and Suggestion by Pankaj Thukral
    Candidate Profile:-
    Name: Pankaj Thukral
    Education: SRCC
    CAT Score : - 99.82 percentile ( 2015 )
    IIFT Score : 99.9 percentile ( 2015 )

    Interview calls received from the following colleges:-
    All IIM’s
    Converted Calls:-
    All IIM calls converted except IIM - K.
    Finally made a way to IIM –A ( PGP – 2016-18) for admission.
    IIM interview held at Chandigarh.
    Interview Panel - 2 professors of IIM Ahmedabad.
    Interview Topic:-
    1) It basically revolved around Pankaj
    - 1st introduction of Pankaj
    - One specific thing which Pankaj has done in his college. Pankaj was a President of a society in his college. So the interview panel picked up a topic “Whether for a society to conduct such a large scale fest is viable or not?” Should, we rather donate that money to some other institution where people don’t even have the capability buy books even.
    That’s where the discussion revolved around. Pankaj was stressing on “ How important it is for students of that age to have an experience for being a leader, of being a team and organising major events. They are going to be mangers of the future, so why not to start now.
    At the same time, he also highlighted that they will also donate the part of funds to NSS of their college, which would organise events for poor people who couldn’t access to higher education. In a way, they will try to contribute to the society in every possible manner. And if not the students then the company will try to advertise in a different manner. So it is a mix of things that he would propose to do. That’s how Pankaj tried to justify. It lasted for the next half n hour. The interview panel tried to put forward their points too about the same. They tried to counter the points and didn’t settle with the points which Pankaj raised.
    However, the key to it is to talk logically and make sure you stick to your points. If you are just moving around between saying that’s fair or that’s completely wrong then they are not going to select you. They realise that you don’t have any decision-making power.

    On the interview day, you start with an Academic writing test. You are given a piece of a case study and you are asked for to identify the underlined assumptions and critically analyse the steps that have been taken in the case study also potentially provide any other solution.

    After that you head to the interview room wherein for Pankaj had 2 interviewers in the panel both of them are the professors from IIM – A. They started with Pankaj’s introduction and from introduction itself they would pick up something that they would like to discuss. Pankaj would like to mention about one thing that every interview is different because in another panel you probably will be asked about your academics or your G.K. So the aspiring candidates shouldn’t look at only one interview and think that this is how it going to happen. So take it differently because every interview is different.

    Tips & Suggestions (CAT exam tutorial videos and suggestions)
    - Those who are looking forward to taking CAT exam don’t look it as a paper but look it as it somewhere where you are required to open up your mind.
    - Think about the things that you are not just doing learning about formulae’s but it is about something to improve your life.
    - Give lots of Mocks
    - One thing about CAT that is really required is practice because you will get used to the kind of questions you will be getting in CAT. Especially for DI, LR and VA taking up mocks is the best thing to do it for yourself.
    - Avoid taking tensions. It’s not a do or die situation. If you are not able to clear it you have many other options to explore.
    - Give your best and stay positive.

    Subscribe to Placement Boat to view more such interview experiences.

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    Life at IIMB


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    talent vs attitude.flv


    Harsha Bhogle ace TV commentator in a lecture at IIM (A) ,very nicely points out that passion to perform ,commitment and practice are far more important than talent alone.

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    1. What is Marketing - Marketing Management Video Lecture by Prof. Vijay Prakash Anand


    1. What is Marketing?

    Marketing as a term is widely used in the management of a business and in our day-to-day life. The history of marketing dates back to the beginning of civilisation. It started with the barter system and when the volume of business grew up; traders came into existence. With the industrial revolution happening in the late 18th and early 19th century, the business expanded manifold. Again with the subsequent progress in transportation and communication system, the business grew across the borders of a country.

    In the Indian context, the Kautilya’s famous book ‘Arthashastra’ talked about the relationship between the sellers and buyers. It also dealt with the earnings of the traders.

    Marketing as a topic first appeared in the first half of the 20th century, with reference to distribution. The process of distribution and the determination of price through the demand and supply paved the way for studies in marketing. That’s why economics is known as the mother of marketing. In the early stage, marketing was also known for selling and advertising only. But subsequently with the development of marketing as a management study, it got the right place it deserved through the various principles and theories.

    Marketing is all about identifying and meeting human and social needs and that too in a profitable way. Ultimately, the objective of any business activity is to make profits.

    In a simpler way, Philip Kotler has defined Marketing in terms of CCDVTP, which means creating, communicating and delivering value to the target market at a profit.

    The most definitive definition for Marketing comes from American Marketing Assocuiation (AMA). AMA defines Marketing as: ‘Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.’


    Check out my blog:

    Like my Facebook Page:

    Please send your queries, feedback and suggestions on marketingbyvijay@gmail.com

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    Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandans speech at IIM Ahmedabad


    In this video, Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan addresses the students of IIM Ahmedabad(IIMA) and other local management institutes at RJMCI auditorium of IIMA campus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He talks about next years of technology in Indian context. He enthusiastically covers internet and mobile technology in his speech.

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    Roy Sir at IIM A


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    How to Introduce Yourself in a Personal Interview


    This video gives an approach on how to handle the all important question of introducing yourself in a Personal Interview.
    Feel free to post your query in the comments section.
    Bulls Eye faculty would love to answer it. :)

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    Must Watch for all MBA Aspirants : 5 iim toppers tips and tricks interview.wmv


    Must Watch for all MBA Aspirants : first time interview with 5 IIM CAT MBA Exam toppers, tips and tricks How to achieve IIMS and win GD/PI for cat and mba exams

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    hostel room in IIM,ahmedabad


    hostel room in indian institute of management,ahmedanad,gujarat,india

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    part 2 Lecture By Mithleshwar Jha IIM Benglure,In VIT Campus,Jaipur


    EDC of VIT initiated the1st Lecture series of Marketing of Vivekananda Global University. The series aims at expanding intellectual horizons of an individual with open discussion of concern. It was inaugurated by Prof. Mithleshwar Jha, Professor in Marketing, IIM- Bangalore and Mr. Mukesh Sharma, OSD, State Innovation Council on 7 Dec'2013.

    The Topic of the 1st Lecture Series of Marketing was Next Generation Marketing Challenges and Entrepreneurship. He said that the 1st customer of any organisation is its Employee, and then customer comes. If the customer is satisfied and delighted, then it gives rise in the profit of the organization.

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    Awesome Guest Lecture


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    Lalu Ji speaking fluent English in an international interview - The unknown Lalu


    Neither an engineer nor an economist could make it Indian Railways a success story, which attracted students of Harvard and Wharton universities to study the phenomenon, and made IIM, Ahmedabad, start a chair for railway study. it was possible that the formula for success was so simple that only the rustic wisdom of a leader like Mr. Lalu Prasad could devise? No other leader except Lalu in this country has an astute understanding of the ground reality

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    Marketing Basics by IIM Rohtak


    WAT-PI preparation for Admissions-2014

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    Life lessons, sports and lot more: Avinash Pant at IIM Ahmedabad Tedx 2013


    Avinash Pant, marketing head of NIKE India Private Limited spoke about sports and the impact and influence of sports in his life at the first TedX event at IIM-A on January 19th, 2013.

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    Talking entrepreneurship at IIM Bangalore


    Thousands of students are graduating from B-schools and colleges every year. But, only a few of them are able to make their college entrepreneurial ideas take flight. Why?
    What skill gap needs to be plugged? Is the ideation in colleges more academic than real world? To find out, we speak to the students at IIM Bangalore. Hear what they have to say, only on this episode of Heads up.

    Watch full video:

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    Prof.Sanjay Sarma on Massive Open Online Courses at IIM-A Part 2


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    How to crack CAT 2017... Must watch for all MBA aspirants Target IIMs


    Strategy video on how to prepare for CAT and target IIMs..how to plan study for CAT 2016.How to score 99 percentile in CAT.mock taking strategy.strengthening the basic concept.tips to crack CAT 2017

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    KHOJ PRAYAS-2016 VIT Campus, Jaipur


    The Intra College Project Competition for Diploma Students was organized under the banner of ‘KHOJ PRAYAS-2016’ on 30th Apr’16. For Diploma students the venue was IInd floor, VIT East Campus.

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    Heartbreak for these IIM students at President Kalams last lecture


    He wore his trademark Kalam suit and there were smiles all around. But he had only begun his lecture at the Indian Institute of Management or IIM, Shillong, when former President APJ Abdul Kalam fainted and fell. Many students followed as he was rushed in an ambulance to the nearby Bethany Hospital, only to learn that the People's President had died.
    Watch more videos:

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    Governor Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan Back to School with Times of India


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    KHOJ PRAYAS-2016 VIT Campus, Jaipur


    The Intra College Project Competition for Diploma Students was organized under the banner of ‘KHOJ PRAYAS-2016’ on 30th Apr’16. For Diploma students the venue was IInd floor, VIT East Campus.

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    Marketing Management - 1 Video at IIM-Indore


    Video created as a part of marketing management-1 (Creating customer value) assignment by students of EPGP at IIM-Indore.

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    Resume Making Workshop in VIT Campus, Jaipur


    One to One Presentation by Mechanical Branch 6th Sem. students on resume making in Soft Skill Workshop.

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    Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Ve by Pawni Pandey in Panache-8


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    Project Exhibition in VIT Campus, Jaipur


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    Women Entrepreneur


    A Small effort by students to speak on the spot.

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    Guessing the Lady Personality


    The workshop was conducted on 8 march Women's day so the students were asked for a activity in which they ere asked to give a description of lady personality guess who s this ?

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    KHOJ PRAYAS-2016 VIT Campus, Jaipur


    The Intra College Project Competition for Diploma Students was organized under the banner of ‘KHOJ PRAYAS-2016’ on 30th Apr’16. For Diploma students the venue was IInd floor, VIT East Campus.

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    Prof. Abraham Koshy speaking on Youth Marketing at KSOM, Bhubaneswar


    Prof. Abraham Koshy, IIM Ahmedabad and Chairman of The Federal Bank Limited spoke about Youth Marketing during the 5th National Marketing Conclave on the same theme at the KIIT School of Management (KSOM), Bhubaneswar.

    The institute organizes three National Level Conclaves in the areas of Marketing, Finance and HR, where senior managers, entrepreneurs and professors of reputed institutes/organizations interact with students through keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops dealing with a given theme.

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    SCMHRD - Teachers Day


    Batch 2010-12, Section A : celebrating the teachers day with our fav. teacher Banerjee Sir :)

    i am the Cameraman :P

    all look so happy..hehehe :D

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    Jayesh Sankhla as Emergency Light in Panache-8


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    Swami Sarvapriyananda-BHAGVAD GITA FOR STUDENTS at IIT Kanpur


    Vivekananda Samiti, IIT Kanpur was privileged to organize a 3 day Lecture Series on Vedanta by Swami Sarvapriyanandaji Maharaj, a great scholarly saint from the Ramakrishna Order.
    About the Speaker:

    Swami Sarvapriyananda is a dynamic young monk of the Ramakrishna Math. He joined the Ramakrishna Order at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar, Jharkhand in 1994. Since then he has served the Ramakrishna Mission in various capacities including Vice Principal of the Deoghar Vidyapith Higher Secondary School, Principal of the Sikshana Mandira Teachers' Training College at Belur Math, and as the first Registrar of the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University at Belur Math. At present he is an acharya at the monastic probationers training centre at Belur Math.

    He holds a degree in business management from the Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB) Bhubaneshwar. His interests are in the fields of spirituality, philosophy, management science and education.

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    Aniruddha Deshmukh - Speaker Series@PGPX, IIM-A, May 24, 2013


    Mr. Aniruddha Deshmukh, President-Textiles & Retail, Raymond Ltd. in the class-room of PGPX (one year full time MBA) at IIM Ahmedabad.

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    KHOJ PRAYAS-2016 VIT Campus, Jaipur


    The Intra College Project Competition for Diploma Students was organized under the banner of ‘KHOJ PRAYAS-2016’ on 30th Apr’16. For Diploma students the venue was IInd floor, VIT East Campus.

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    IITMadras IAR Leadership Lectures - Akhil Krishna- Associate Director, KPMG - PART 1 OF 4


    khil Krishna is an alumnus of IIT-M (Class of 2000, Mechanical Engineering) and IIM-Lucknow, and an Associate Director with KPMG. Akhil has been in management consulting -- an industry profession that he describes as closest to academics and entrepreneurship -- all through his career, with firms such as PWC, SAP and KPMG. Hailing from a family of academicians and government servants, Akhil aspired to be a researcher and academician, when he joined IIT-Madras. While he was at IIT, however, exposure to people with different backgrounds/aspirations, books on management and industry, theories of economics etc, made him realize that his true calling was in the area of management. Akhil in this exclusive talk shares his learnings, distilled from years of experience with people and organizations -- with the right anecdotes, illustrations and case studies to simulate how he himself gleaned them, and how they could be of value to others as well. This is presented in 4 parts for easy viewing.

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    Ronnie Screwvalas lecture at IIM B


    Vista 2014, A step ahead:

    The speaker series of IIM Bangalore's annual business festival Vista 2014 featured eminent entrepreneur and social philanthropist Mr. Ronnie Screwvala. Mr. Screwvala addressed the audience on various aspects of disruptive innovation and gave several valuable lessons on entrepreneurship to budding entrepreneurs at IIM B.

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    Nachda punjabi ab dhol, in Panache-8


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    Teri Deewani, dance in Panache-8.


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    My Experiences with Marketing


    Rajeev Bakshi, MD, Metro Cash & Carry and IIMB alumnus, delivers the first PN Thirunarayana Memorial Lecture on December 19, 2013 Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) hosted the first PN Thirunarayana Memorial Lecture. Mr.Rajeev Bakshi, Managing Director, Metro Cash & Carry and alumnus of IIMB (PGP '79), spoke on 'Thiru forever: My Experiences with Marketing for 3 decades'.

    The lecture is an initiative to keep Professor Thirunarayana's memory alive and also learn from the best marketing professionals of the world Mr. Bakshi also released a memoir 'Thiru: A Life Beyond Compare' complied by Mr. Sumit Chowdhury, also an alumnus of IIMB along with Hemanth Gorur and Sulekha.

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    Dr.Shashi Tharoor at IIM Calcutta


    Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, speaks at IIM Calcutta on
    Who is an Indian? The Politics of Diversity
    January 09, 2012
    Talk organized by 'Colloquia', the speaker cell of IIM Calcutta as part of Institute Lecture Series

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    Nazar Jo Teri Lagi Mein Deewani Ho Gayi, in Panache-8


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    Tattad Tattad Dance in Panache-8.


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    Kamal Haasan at IIMB Vista 2013


    Kamal Haasan at IIMB Vista 2013

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    Locking and Popping in Panache-8


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    Bheegi Bheegi sadko pe mai tera naam Likhoo, in Panache-8


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    Financial Management - Lecture 01


    finance, financial management, Brigham, CFO, financial decision, corporate finance, business finance, financial economics, financial markets, financial institutions, financial institutions, financial instruments, securities, financial assets, financial system, money markets, capital markets, money-market instruments, capital-market instruments, banking, investments, portfolio management, portfolio theory, security analysis, behavioral finance, personal finance, public finance, proprietorship, partnership, corporation, retained earnings, dividends, profit maximization, wealth, shareholder wealth, market price, share price, value, fundamental value, intrinsic value, true value, discounted value, fundamental value, risk, true risk, perceived risk,

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    Lec 1 | MIT 14.01SC Principles of Microeconomics


    Lecture 1: Introduction to Microeconomics
    Instructor: Jon Gruber, 14.01 students
    View the complete course:

    License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
    More information at
    More courses at

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    Vasudev Devnani State Education Minister of Rajasthan


    अखिल भारतीय साहित्य परिषद् दिल्ली, राष्ट्रीय सिन्धी भाषा विकास परिषद्, दिल्ली और विवेकानन्द ग्लोबल यूनिवर्सिटी, जयपुर के संयुक्त तत्वाधान में दो दिवसीय राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी का दूसरा दिन, जो भारतीय साहित्य में लोकोक्तियाँ एवं मुहावरे विषय पर आयोजित की जा रही है | आज समापन सत्र के मुख्य अतिथि ,माननीय शिक्षा राज्यमंत्री वासुदेव देवनानी रहे | देवनानी ने कहा कि इतनी भाषाओँ की लोकोक्तियों और मुहावरों पर चर्चा करना समस्त भाषाओँ का निचोड़ है | जे.एन.यु. की घटना पर देवनानी ने कहा कि कुछ लोग “अपना उल्लू सीधा करते” हैं या उनकी “अक्ल पर पत्थर पड़े हैं” ऐसे लोग “आस्तीन के सांप” है और ऐसे लोगों को “ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से देना” चाहिए |
    आज के दिन इसमें कर्नाटक से कन्नड़ भाषाविज्ञ डॉ. नागेन्द्र डोडामल, सहायक अनुसंधान अधिकारी भोपाल से डॉ. माधुरी यादव, अखिल भारतीय साहित्य परिषद्, दिल्ली के राजस्थान प्रदेशाध्यक्ष डॉ. अन्नाराम शर्मा, प्रवक्ता मणिपुर डॉ. हजारी मयूम रिपुप्यारी, उर्दू भाषाविज्ञ डॉ. सरदन मुजावर सहित बुंदेलखंड के डॉ. यशवंत सिंह जो कि मणिपुर से आये हैं और आज के सत्र की अध्यक्षताभी की है | आज के सत्र का संचालन अवध प्रान्त के महामंत्री डॉ. उमेश शुक्ला ने किया |
    उर्दू भाषाविज्ञ डॉ. सरदन मुजावर ने हिंदी ग़जल और दोहों में मुहावरों का प्रयोग पर बोलते हुए बताया कि लोकोक्तियाँ और मुहावरे किसी भी भाषा के गहने हैं | इनसे भाषा की सुन्दरता में चार चाँद लग जाते हैं | मुहावरों और कहावतों से हिन्दुस्तान की मिटटी की खुशबू आती है |

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