British PM calls for early election

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    Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK - We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet


    Southern Television was the first known victim of television hijacking. On the 26th of November 1977 at around 5:10 pm, an alien managed to interrupt the broadcast of the local ITV station Southern Television via the Hannington transmitter.

    The voice overrode the UHF audio signal of the early-evening news being read by the late Ivor Mills from ITN.

    A speaker interrupted transmissions for six minutes and claimed to be a representative of an Intergalactic Association. Reports of the incident vary, some calling the speaker Gramaha or Vrillon or Gillon, others Asteron.

    The voice, which was disguised and accompanied by a deep buzzing, broke into the broadcast of the local ITV station Southern Television, overriding the UHF audio signal of the early-evening news being read by Ivor Mills from ITN to warn viewers that All your weapons of evil must be removed and You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace.

    The interruption ceased shortly after the statement had been delivered, transmissions returning to normal shortly before the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Later in the evening, Southern Television apologised for what it described as a breakthrough in sound for some viewers. ITN also reported on the incident in its own late-evening Saturday bulletin.

    The broadcast took over the sound only, leaving the video signal unaltered, aside from some picture distortion.

    Southern Television broadcast interruption

    Music credit: Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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    Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections


    Credit to RT
    Translation courtesy of Inessa S
    Fareed Zakaria, as a host on CNN, is known to misquote Putin as well as misrepresent Russia's intentions to the world. At the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016, Zakaria wasn't going to get away with that very easily...

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    The REAL Proof that UK PM Theresa May converted to Islam - WHATS YOUR THOUGHTS?


    The #1 International Bestseller 'The People vs Muhammad' by JK Sheindlin is now ON SALE at Amazon for up to 43% off the retail price!!! This offer is for a limited time only. Click here for the discount:

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    This video is protected under the “Fair Use Copyright Act of 1976” for the purposes of education, news reporting, research, criticism and public discussion.

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    Things British people Say


    Strategik Minute show takes you to London, England where we talked to some British people to find out what words they use that we don't use in America. Check out this Hilarious episode and get a feel

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    Pronounce the 100 Most Common English Words PERFECTLY | British English Pronunciation


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    1 the
    2 be
    3 to
    4 of
    5 and
    6 a
    7 in
    8 that
    9 have
    10 I
    11 it
    12 for
    13 not
    14 on
    15 with
    16 he
    17 as
    18 you
    19 do
    20 at
    21 this
    22 but
    23 his
    24 by
    25 from
    26 they
    27 we
    28 say
    29 her
    30 she
    31 or
    32 an
    33 will
    34 my
    35 one
    36 all
    37 would
    38 there
    39 their
    40 what
    41 so
    42 up
    43 out
    44 if
    45 about
    46 who
    47 get
    48 which
    49 go
    50 me
    51 when
    52 make
    53 can
    54 like
    55 time
    56 no
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    58 him
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    60 take
    61 people
    62 into
    63 year
    64 your
    65 good
    66 some
    67 could
    68 them
    69 see
    70 other
    71 than
    72 then
    73 now
    74 look
    75 only
    76 come
    77 its
    78 over
    79 think
    80 also
    81 back
    82 after
    83 use
    84 two
    85 how
    86 our
    87 work
    88 first
    89 well
    90 way
    91 even
    92 new
    93 want
    94 because
    95 any
    96 these
    97 give
    98 day
    99 most
    100 us

    - Where are you from?
    I grew up in Bedfordshire, a region near London!
    - How many languages do you speak?
    English is my mother tongue, but I also speak fluent Spanish and I'm learning Italian. You can see a video of me speaking Spanish here:
    - Which camera do you use?
    I use the Canon 60D with a 50mm lens (
    - Which microphone do you use?
    I use the SONY ECMCS3 - Very affordable and great value for money:
    (Note that you will need this mic adapter if you want to use it with your iphone -
    - What shade of lipstick are you wearing?
    I wear Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Sheer Lip Tint in Berry. You can find it here:
    - Which editing software do you use?
    I use Final Cut Pro X
    - Which grammar book do you recommend?
    I completely recommend English Grammar in Use:
    - Can you recommend any books that will help me improve my English?
    I always recommend 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' ( as it is written in the first person from the point of view of an autistic teenager and it does not use very complicated language. Some of it is also based in London which I like.
    - Can you recommend a British TV Series for me to watch and improve my British English pronunciation?
    Absolutely! I highly recommend 'Broadchurch' ( which is a FANTASTIC crime drama based in a small village in the South of England. The actors are brilliant and it has won lots of awards!

    p.s if you are still reading this comment 'Lucy have you ever tried eating glue?'

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    UK PM calls for general election: Full speech


    Watch the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announcing that the UK government will seek a snap general election to be held on June 8th.

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    Britains transformed election: what on earth is going on? | Anywhere but Westminster


    Five weeks after their election trek began, John Harris and John Domokos travel through England and Wales and watch Jeremy Corbyn in action, as they try to answer the crucial questions: is the Labour surge real? Has Theresa May’s campaign crumpled? And where is the country heading next?

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    PM Narnedra Modis name being used in Mayors election campaign in London


    PM Narnedra Modi's name being used in Mayor's election campaign in London. Watch complete news story of News @ 6:00 PM for getting detailed updates!

    Zee News always stay ahead in bringing current affairs from all the valley of National interest, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and International happenings. We take you to the depth of every matter by providing every small detail and makes you familiar with all the happening around you.

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    UK Election Polls explained


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    Résultats élection présidentielle 2007 1er tour


    Résultats élection présidentielle 2007 1er tour

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    Midterm Election 2014 Coverage 11/19


    NOTE: Part 10 was uploaded, but it was blocked worldwide so I had to skip over that part.

    Due to two recent copyright strikes (expiring April 2015) on this account that restrict me to uploading videos of 15 mins or less, I'm going to have to break this footage down into multiple parts like I did during the Presidential Election 2 years ago. Also I did something different from 2012, I only recorded about 4 hours of this network's coverage (from 7-10pm ET; 1-2am ET) The gap in between will be recordings from ABC and CNN, which will be uploaded after all the MSNBC parts are up.

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    Gordon Browns First Speech as Britains Prime Minister


    Gordon Brown makes his first speech as Britain's Prime Minister from Downing Street.

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    2010 Midterm Election Results - MSNBC - 11/02/10


    MSNBC's coverage of the 2010 midterm elections.

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    Résultats élection présidentielle 06 mai 2007


    Le résultats sur les différentes chaines francaises ( TF1, France2, France3, Canal+, M6) à 20h00 pour le second tour de l'éléction présidentielle qui a déclaré Nicolas Sarkozy comme 6eme président de la République de la 5eme République.

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    Bill Gates About Britain Spend too Much Money on Foreign Aid


    Does Britain spend too much money on foreign aid? Here's what Bill Gates thinks as he discusses new global project

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    British election campaign highlights


    CNN's Max Foster takes a look at the highlights, fights and stumbles of the British election campaign.

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    Britain will go to the polls on May the first.

    The British Prime Minister John Major made the announcement after a special Cabinet meeting and an audience with Queen Elizabeth II.

    He asked the Queen to dissolve parliament in early April to pave the way for the general election on May 1.

    Labour Leader Tony Blair, whose party has a 20 point lead in the polls, said he was looking forward to fighting the campaign.

    The news that British Prime Minister John Major was set to end the tension and announce the election date began to leak out over the weekend.

    But the rumour gained credibility when a special Cabinet meeting was confirmed and ministers began arriving at Number 10 Downing St - the Prime Minister's official residence.

    After the meeting, Major went to Buckingham Palace for a special audience with Queen Elizabeth II.

    He requested her to dissolve Parliament so they could start the election campaign in time for a May the first poll.

    He returned to Downing Street to make the announcement.

    SOUNDBITE: (English)
    Good morning, I would like to formally confirm that I have seen her Majesty the Queen this morning, and sought her permission for a dissolution of parliament and a general election on the first of May. I am delighted to tell you that her Majesty has consented to that. I would expect prorogation of parliament within a few days before the formal dissolution in early April. Parliament will reassemble on the 7th of May for the election of Speaker and swearing in of members, and the Queen's speech will begin on the 14th of May.
    SUPER CAPTION: John Major, British Prime Minister

    Major was defiant, despite a 20 point lead by the opposition Labour party in the polls and said victory was well within his grasp.

    SOUNDBITE: (English)
    (Q At the moment do you accept that you are well behind Labour?)
    Well I see what the opinion polls say. I also see what so many of my colleagues say when they come back from standing on the doorstep and talking to people. And I believe that this election is winnable. Not only do I think it is winnable, I think I'm going to win this election, and so are the Conservative Party. We have an 18 year record that I am proud of.
    SUPER CAPTION: John Major, British Prime Minister

    The May the first date gives the Conservatives, who have ruled Britain for 18 years, just six weeks to make up its huge deficit in opinion polls.

    Labour has had its 20 point lead in the polls for months, and there has been no sign of a revival of Conservative fortunes.

    Labour Party leader Tony Blair, paying a visit to a south London school, said he welcomed the announcement of the date and was looking forward to fighting the campaign.

    SOUNDBITE: (English)
    This campaign is going to be about the condition of Britain, the future of Britain, that Britain can be better than this and it will be about how the Conservative Party have let people down, have broken their promises, and about how a new and revitalised Labour Party can get this country going, can make this country better, have better schools, better hospitals, have less violent crimes in our streets, give us the jobs in industry for the future. So you know the longer it goes on, in one sense, for us we can get our message across to the people.
    SUPER CAPTION: Tony Blair, Labour Party leader

    In a first for the British electorate, Tony Blair and John Major are expected to meet head to head in a television debate signalling a more American presidential style for this campaign.

    You can license this story through AP Archive:
    Find out more about AP Archive:

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    AMERICAN vs. BRITISH School Lunch Food


    Trying British and American school lunch menus. Some of these foods were gross, other sort of delicious but there's only one winner!
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    How I Oil My Air Tools


    In this video I show you how I oil my air tools. Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

    Visit my channel for Small Engine Repair Videos;

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    Résultats élection présidentielle 2007 2e tour


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    Archive Report - 1997 General Election Result


    Archive Report - 1997 General Election Result: The 1997 General Election Result reported on Scotland Today on Sky Scottish. A report for STY News by John MacKay from 2nd of May 1997.

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    Jeremy Corbyn on snap general election - BBC News


    The leader of the main opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, says the election will give the British people the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first. He said his party would offer an effective alternative to the Conservatives.

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    8 Tips for British English Pronunciation


    Take your English to the next level by learning eight pronunciation tips that will help you sound like a native speaker. These tips apply to a British English accent or a neutral English accent. In this lesson, you will learn about -ed and -ing word endings, the difference in pronunciation between the north and south of England, the schwa sound, the pronunciation of the R sound in English, the tricky th sound, and more. Whether you want to perfect your pronunciation or learn about different accents, this video is for you. After watching, complete the quiz to test your understanding.

    Want to train your British accent? Get my free British accent training pack:


    Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. What we're talking about today is some pronunciation tips for British English. Some of them are tips; some of them are observations that you might be interested to know. We've got eight of them, so let's get started.

    Pronunciation of-ed word endings. This is not specifically a British English issue. If your preference -- I don't know why I can't speak suddenly in an English pronunciation video, but that's how it is. If your preference is American English, this also applies to American English. So what I hear a lot at, sort of, around intermediate level -- sometimes upper intermediate level if you haven't had someone to correct you -- -ed word endings sound like this. I can't even do it because it's so unnatural for me. Excite-ed shout-ed, remind-ed. It's so unnatural for me. But in fact, it's not like that. It doesn't sound like an -ed. It might sound like an /id/; it might sound like a /t/; or it might sound like a /d/. So I've got some examples here. This word, even though it's spelled -ed, makes an /id/ sound. It becomes excited. I'm really excited. Shouted. He shouted at me. Reminded. I reminded you to do your homework; didn't I? And -- yeah.

    So now, we can talk about the ones that finish with a t sound. Finished. Dripped. Laughed. They don't have the-ed sound. So that's an important thing to know about pronunciation. Even if it's spelled-ed, it doesn't mean it sounds like that. And what about the ones that end with a d sound, a duh sound. Remembered. I remembered what you said to me. Called. I called you. Didn't you hear your phone? Imagined. I imagined a better future for everyone. So with those, it's a D sound. How do you know for each one? Go with what feels most natural when you're saying the word. The main thing is don't force the -ed sound at the end of the word because it's that that gives you an unnatural rhythm when you're speaking English.

    So moving on to -- this one's an observation, really. British English pronunciation. We have so many different accents in England. But one of the biggest divisions in our accents is -- it's between the north of the country and the south, and it's our pronunciation of these words: bath and laugh, as I say them. I say them in the southern pronunciation. But if I were from the north -- if I were from the north of the country, I'd say bath and laugh because they have a different accent up there. Well, they've got loads of different accents, but they don't speak in the same way as me. So let's break it down into the actual sound. So if you're from the North, you say, a. But we, in the South, say au. So you say bath, we say bauth. And you say laf; we say laugh. And you can also hear it in these two words. It doesn't have to be the first or only a vowel in the word. In the southern pronunciation, this is commaund. But in the northern pronunciation, it's command. And the southern pronunciation of this word is caust. The northern pronunciation is cast. The cast of Brookside came to London. Brookside was an old soap that's not on TV anymore, and it was people from Liverpool. And I was just doing the accent. Probably that's really irrelevant to you. You will never see that show, but anyway. You know, now.

    Next tip. I don't hear this that often, but when I do, it sounds really, really, really wrong. And I think this tip generally -- generally a good example of how -- just because we write something one way doesn't mean we say it that way. So in English -- American English, too -- W sounding words are the same as the wh sound in words for spelling. It actually sounds the same. So we've got two words here, wine and whine. One is spelled with WH, and one is just spelled with I. Whine is a kind of moan or a kind of cry. Sometimes, young children whine. Sometimes, women who are upset about something are said to be whiny.

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    Being British In The U.S.



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    BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!

    How Very Dare You_Main
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Created by

    Oliver Marriott

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    British & Irish Lions • Top 10 Tries


    The Lions Top 10 Test Tries...


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    A very good night for Republicans A look at the US mid-term vote - BBC News


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    BBC's Rajesh Mirchandani uses our virtual reality studio to look at what last night's mid-term election results mean for the US and for the remaining two years of the Obama administration.

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    UK Parliament approves Prime Ministers early election call


    The British Parliament approved a snap general election on Wednesday, even though general elections weren't due for another three years. The U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, said the vote will strengthen her hand in talks with the European Union ahead of Brexit. CGTN's Richard Bestic reports from London.

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    UK Parliamentary Elections, 1832 - 2005


    Results of each UK Parliamentary Election, since the Reform Act of 1832, which enfranchised many and established the current method of parliamentary elections.

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    Theresa May Calls For Snap Election In United Kingdom | Squawk Box | CNBC


    British Prime Minister Theresa May says there is no turning back from Brexit and looks forward to a new relationship with the European Union.
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    Theresa May Calls For Snap Election In United Kingdom | Squawk Box | CNBC

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    Brexit: Gibraltar shows EU is DESPERATE


    Spain are threatening to block an EU/UK trade deal if they don't get concessions on Gibraltar, maybe they should look at their overseas territories first...

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    British PM calls for early general election on June 8


    British Prime Minister Theresa May calls for an early election on June 8, saying it was the only way to guarantee political stability for years ahead as Britain negotiates its way out of the European Union.

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    Peter Stefanovic has a message for voters in the 2017 UK general election


    Lawyer-turned-campaigner Peter Stefanovic hits some home truths about the Conservative government, after Theresa May's shock general election announcement.

    © Peter Stefanovic 18 April 2017

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    TF1 - Election Presidentielle 2017 - 1st Round intro - 23.04.2017



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    A Day in the Life of David Cameron


    For politics without the boring bits, visit

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    Weve got to trust British people May opens gen election debate


    Theresa May opens the General Election debate at the Commons.

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    British Candy Taste Test


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    Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
    Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
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    BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May calls snap UK election


    Senior Associate Anthony Cheung and MD Will de Lucy discuss the breaking news that the UK will hold a general election on the 8th June 2017. Find out more about Amplify Trading here:

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    OH SNAP! After months of saying she wouldn't, Prime Minister May has called for a general election on the 8th June -- MPs will vote on this in the House tomorrow... Brexit will be key and now possibly in peril (a LIBLABCON establishment stitch-up?); LIB will be confident, CON maybe more so, SNP will seek renewed indyref mandate, LAB are surely quaking now... IT'S PUT UP OR SHUT UP!


    Clip uploaded under fair use/dealing -- this channel does NOT monetise its videos (any adverts are auto placed by copyright claimants through Youtube).

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    British PM Theresa May announces snap general election to be held on June 8


    메이 총리 '영국 6월 8일 조기 총선 할것'
    British Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap general election for June eighth.
    She told the British people that the country needed stability and a strong hand in its ongoing Brexit negotiations with the EU.
    Lee Unshin reports.
    In a sudden announcement outside her Downing Street office in London...UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered the process for a snap election.

    I have just chaired a meeting of the cabinet where we agreed that the government should call a General Election to be held on the 8th of June...Since I became Prime minister I have said there should be no election until 2020, but now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead, is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I must take.

    In her statement she addressed the opposing voices of Britain's decision to leave the European Union...such as the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish National Party.
    Stressing that the continued political division in the nation will only weaken the government's negotiating position in Europe, May said with reluctance, but with strong conviction, that she decided the country needs the early election.
    But the prime minister also highlighted that Britain still needs to seek the right plan to achieve a new deep, special partnership with Europe.
    May is expected to begin working on the early election process by introducing a new legislation on Wednesday. As of now, the next election is scheduled to take place in 2020.
    For the election to go ahead in June 8 though, she must secure a two thirds majority in parliament in a vote to take place on Wednesday in the House of Commons.
    Theresa May came to power following former Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation in the wake of the national vote to leave the European Union in July 2016.
    Lee Unshin, Arirang News

    Visit ‘Arirang News’ Official Pages


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    British PM Theresa May planning another UK general election


    Reaction from Fox Business' Stuart Varney

  • desc

    David Lidington statement on terror attacks in Westminster + Commons lockdown


    David Lidington statement on the scene in Westminster right now... Parliament locked down... Prime Minister was in lobby during attack and has been rushed away... More follows...

    Clip uploaded under fair use/dealing -- this channel does NOT monetise its videos (any adverts are auto placed by copyright claimants through Youtube).

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    UK Parliament approves Theresa Mays snap vote


    Members of the British Parliament have approved Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to hold an early general election on June 8. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

  • desc

    ConCourt rules on motion of no confidence in Zuma


    22 June 2017 – ConCourt will rule on whether a secret ballot should be used during a proposed motion of no confidence in Jacob Zuma. eNCa speaks toLawson Naidoo, executive secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution. ​

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    Watch me do Fleur's Makeup!




    Joey Graceffa
    P.O. Box 5344
    Culver City, CA

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    Prime Minister Theresa May Shocks Britain By CallingFor Snap Election | TIME


    British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her intention to call a snap general election on June 8, an unexpected move intended to cement her position as Brexit negotiations begin.
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    Prime Minister Theresa May Shocks Britain By Calling For Snap Election | TIME

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    The 2017 UK election explained: What happens now and how the UK got here - TomoNews


    LONDON — The UK will hold a surprise election this June. British Prime Minister Theresa May led calls for one earlier this week, and lawmakers voted in favor of the ballot on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

    The election comes as a surprise because UK law stipulates that each elected government should hold power for a fixed five-year term before another election can occur. The current Conservative administration was elected in May 2015, with the next public ballot scheduled for May 2020.

    For an early election to occur, two-thirds of the 650 UK lawmakers need to vote in favor of it. On Wednesday 522 voted for it to go ahead, Reuters reported.

    The unelected May took over from ex-PM David Cameron after the public voted for Brexit in a referendum last June. She hopes the election will give her a mandate and nullify post-Brexit vote divisions among the British electorate, but the move could cripple the already very unpopular opposition Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn.

    The parliament consists of 650 seats, of which the Conservatives hold 330 and Labour holds 229. Other seats are held by smaller parties. Because of Labour’s unpopularity, May is expected to win even more seats.


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    General Election 2017: Will you still be neighbours? - BBC News


    Theresa May has refused to say whether Philip Hammond would remain as chancellor if the Tories are returned to power.
    Asked at a Conservative event in London about the chancellor's future, the prime minister said that her focus was 8 June.

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    Theresa May seeks general election - BBC News


    The British prime minister Theresa May has announced plans to call a snap general election in June - three years ahead of schedule:

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    Call to support president puts Zuma before interests of the country: Fowler


    Johannesburg, 15 July 2017 - ANC stalwart Trevor Fowler condemned the party's call for its parliamentary members to support the President during the motion of no confidence. He was delivering the message on behalf of over 100 ANC stalwarts to the SACP's congress in Boksburg.

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    Theresa May calls general election for June 8


    Theresa May's full statement as she explains why she's called an election for June 8

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