A simple way to break a bad habit

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    A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer


    Can we break bad habits by being more curious about them? Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between mindfulness and addiction — from smoking to overeating to all those other things we do even though we know they're bad for us. Learn more about the mechanism of habit development and discover a simple but profound tactic that might help you beat your next urge to smoke, snack or check a text while driving.

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    Judson Brewer - Simple Way to Break Bad Habits


    Judson Brewer's TED Talk A simple way to break a bad habit edited condensed down to 3 minutes with only the key takeaways.

    If there are any specific talks you would like to see a condensed version of, please comment below! Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Credit goes to TED Talks. Original description:

    Can we break bad habits by being more curious about them? Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between mindfulness and addiction — from smoking to overeating to all those other things we do even though we know they're bad for us. Learn more about the mechanism of habit development and discover a simple but profound tactic that might help you beat your next urge to smoke, snack or check a text while driving.

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    A simple way to break a bad habit Judson Brewer Ted Talks 2016


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    Judson Brewer talking about a simple way to break a bad habit.

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    How to Break a Bad Habit in 20 Seconds


    We all have habits we would like to modify. Vibrant Life editor Heather Quintana describes a simple strategy that can help you break a bad habit or start a healthy one. Read Vibrant Life to discover more ways you can make positive changes in your life.

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    How to Break Bad Habits


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    Everyone's got at least one bad habit that they're guilty of! Today on WellCast, we're going to examine why it's so difficult to give up chowing down on junk food or chowing down your fingernails. We've also got a four-step method for overcoming your biggest vice. Ready?

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    In this twice-a-week show, we explore the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness. With an emphasis on education, the show addresses both the latest trends and long-standing practices of wellness—everything from the efficacy of the gratitude experiment to the importance of sunshine and vitamin D. Follow along as your host, Kate, guides you through a bi-weekly journaling exercises that helps you apply what you've learned. The ultimate goal: one year, one show, one journal, one collective journey to wellness.

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    Bad Habits - How to Break Bad Habits the Easy Way


    Break Bad Habits - - For the full transcription of this video, and some special links, just read below!

    What man? I can stop whenever I want! Yeah!


    Hello, my friends. Welcome to another video with myself, Noah Hammond. Today, we are going to be talking about bad habits, and how to break bad habits the easy way.

    Now the way I would recommend breaking bad habits is not to make them wrong, not to fight them, not to be like Oh, I have got to stop doing this and stop doing that. This is wrong and I am wrong for this.

    I think that is really a disempowering way to go about change...

    Instead, what I would do is adopt the concept of valuing your inputs.

    Let me explain.

    Break Bad Habits by Valuing Your Inputs

    To see this full article on my site visit:

    Valuing your inputs means assessing and evaluating everything you are taking in to your experience.

    This means the friends you have, the movies you do or do not watch, the books you do or do not read, the music you do or do not listen to, the TV shows you do or do not watch, the co-workers you surround yourself or spend time with, the food you eat, the sunshine you do or do not get, or even the amount of water you do or do not drink.

    Everything that is coming in to your experience has a net value for your body and mind.

    Like the old phrase says that You are what you eat...

    Well, you are what take in. Value comes in, value comes out. Positivity comes in, positivity comes out. Crap comes in, crap comes out. Garbage comes in, garbage comes out. It makes very logical sense, right?

    Now, what does this have to do though with bad habits?

    Well in order to break these bad habits, in my opinion the easy way, all you have to do is focus consciously on bringing in new, and valuable inputs.

    For example, if you were had a bad drinking habit...

    What would happen to your life if you started scheduling in time at your spiritual center? Time helping the homeless? Time with positive friends who lift you up and do not drink? Time working on a side business that you are building that you really care about?...

    Time out in nature taking hikes that you have not done in a long time? Time at a cooking class because you have always wanted to learn how to cook? Time at a dancing class because you have always wanted to learn how to dance?

    Or even time learning to ride motorcycles because you have always wanted to do that too?

    Well, all of a sudden, there isn't time in your positive, amazing schedule to spend just hanging out and drinking.

    And so, naturally, effortlessly, and easily, the bad habit just falls away...

    Not because you fought it, or conquered it, or beat it, but because you simply found other things that you were more in alignment with...

    And that you felt more positive about doing.

    You brought enough of them into your schedule where the old things got pushed out of your schedule. It just happens as a by-product.

    Bad Habits Fall Away Effortlessly in Time!

    By valuing your inputs, by taking a consciousness to everything that is coming into your expeirience and evaluating whether or not it adds to you or takes away from you...

    By doing this, you can easily bring in more things that bring value into your life and these bad habits will fall by the wayside.

    Now, I have absolute compassion for any bad habits you might have that are addictive. I will not deny that they are tough to overcome. Addictions are some of our biggest challenges in life.

    But, I can definitely tell you that if you bring in new, valuable, uplifting activities and inputs -- whether that is better nutrition, more connection with nature, more connection with spirit, more connection with friends who are in a place in life where you want to go -- whatever the case may be -- a new sport...

    If you bring those things into your life, your bad habits will have less power over you, will seem less real, will seem like less of a problem, and very likely will just fade away on their own.

    So, I hope that has been helpful for you, and assists you in breaking your bad habits!

    And If you're a man looking to live your most successful life, I encourage you to go check out the free training at:

    There, you'll learn about my step-by-step system for unlocking your greatest potential in life, filling it with authenticity, confidence, adventure, female attention, satisfaction, and fulfillment!

    As always, thank you for joining me. Please comment below. Share some love. Share some thoughts. Share how this has affected you. Like the video if you liked it. Subscribe to my channel. And check me out on Facebook.

    See you soon with another video. Thanks!


    Noah Hammond

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    How To Break ANY Bad Habit Quickly


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    How To Break A Bad Habit


    For more go to: justinpresents.com

    The reason it's tough to start exercising, quit smoking or change your diet is not because you're a lazy slob it's because habitual behaviors like these are neurologically wired into the brain.
    Each time you repeat a behaviour you slowly grow neurons and connections between neurons. Like a muscle, that particular part of the brain gets thicker and denser. Just like building or losing muscle, building or losing a habit takes time. So how do we build new habit muscle?
    Through a three-step habit loop that I call CHP or chip. Take a fat food addiction.
    First there's the Cue: the view of your favourite fat food outlet or the smell of frying burgers.
    Second there is the habit: buying and eating the Mcgunk and thirdly there is the Pleasure: that addictive hit of salt and fat on your tongue which sends you back to the cue in an ongoing loop. The cue triggers the habit, the habit produces the pleasure, the pleasure keeps us going back to the cue. It's an unmerry go round.
    Initially eating fast food may just be a one-off behaviour but not for long. Researchers at the Universities of North Texas and Yale have found that families usually don't intend to eat fast food regularly but as the craving kicks in, that once a month behaviour fast turns into a three-times a week habit.
    So how do you break a bad habit? Cut off the cues: Don't drive home past your favourite fat food. And kill the pleasure: When you think of fast food, call it fat food and think of globules of fat, clogged arteries and having to take two trips to get through a revolving door. Counteract the pleasure with an image of pain. It is also important to substitute the old behaviour with a new one. Initially a healthy snack may not give you the same pleasure but it beats trying to starve yourself through temptation. Offer your pleasure loving brain an alternative.
    How do you build a good habit? A study of 6000 people who lost more than thirty pounds found that 78% of them created clear cues to trigger exercise, such as running every day first thing in the morning. They also had a clear vision of the pleasure they would get if they stuck to their diet: say fitting into a smaller dress or the pride of getting to their ideal weight.
    How long does it take to build a habit? The father of psychology, William James said 21 days. Research at University College London shows that it depends on the person and the habit. For some it took 18 days for others it took over 200.
    You can speed up the duration by understanding this: every time you perform a behaviour you strengthen the habit in your brain. Every time you stop yourself your weaken it.
    I stopped my two a day chocolate habit the day I took control of my Cues by removing the chocolates from my house. I took up a new after dinner Habit by substituting the chocolate with fruit. And within days I was rewarded with the Pleasure of cured Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
    Why not give yourself a 30-day challenge. Commit to just one new healthy behaviour every day for 30 days. And if you miss one or two days don't be like the alcoholic who slips up, has a drink and says: Ah well I may as well have the whole bottle. A slip up is okay is long as it doesn't become a slip down. Just pick it up the following day. Now experiment on yourself.
    Click on subscribe to get the Human Experiment weekly.

    Justin Cohen is a professional speaker and author of four books & seven audiobooks. As a leading authority on human potential, with a postgraduate degree in Psychology, Justin Cohen speaks and trains internationally in the fields of motivation, sales, service and leadership. He has presented in nearly twenty countries, and in virtually every industry to an average of 10 000 people annually. Justin is a Certified Speaking Professional and a Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame inductee. For more go to:

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    Health food image courtesy National Cancer Institute
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    Break bad habits with self hypnosis, quit smoking, stop nail biting and more!


    Smoking, picking, nail biting, these are all bad habits that can be broken with self hypnosis! What bad habit do you want to eliminate? Enjoy this relaxing hypnosis session and begin changing your habits and behaviours while you enjoy complete relaxation.

    In general a bad habit is a undesired behaviour which has become an subconscious process, meaning you are not consciously aware that your actually doing the unwanted behaviour. Changing the behaviour at a subconscious level through hypnosis is quite easy, but it's important to choose another behaviour to replace it, which doesn't have the negative aspects of the behaviour you are eliminating. This session will take you through a process that engages the subconscious and communicates your desire to make these changes. When you subconscious mind is working with you instead of against you, changing bad habits becomes quite easy.

    Support the creation of my Guide Sleep Meditations and get access to Patron only sessions! Visit

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    Why Is Change So Hard | Breaking A Bad Habit | Creating Good Habits | Habit Formation


    - Click here to read the article Why Is Change So Hard | Breaking A Bad Habit | Creating Good Habits | Habit Formation

    Click Here to claim your FREE 47 page eBook “7 Deadly Style Sins”

    Click here to discover how Antonio’s personal presentation courses can help you start to use clothing to make more money, attract opportunity, and improve your life.

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    How To Break a Bad Habit in 3 Easy Steps


    Do you have trouble breaking bad habits? In this video I'll teach you how to make good habits in 3 easy steps. Stop your nail biting, end your addictions and move past your problems so you can change your habits and end your bad behaviors once and for all. What's a bad habit you want to stop doing?

    3 Easy Steps to Breaking Bad Habits by WebMD.com

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    Breaking Your Bad Habits


    Stop biting your fingernails! GMM 375!
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    CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Behaviours by Owen Fitzpatrick


    You can find Owen's brand new TEDx talk on 'Mind Control: How to win the war in your head' here -

    Habits are our automatic patterns of behaviour. In this video, Owen Fitzpatrick explains how you can take just three steps towards breaking bad habits and building better habits. Many people want to stop smoking or lose weight. Others want to change how they think and become happier. Many want to change the habits of their organisation to improve how successful it becomes. Habits aren't just external behaviours. They can be internal ones also. For example, The Happiness Habit by Brian Colbert of the Irish Institute of NLP is a great guide on teaching people how to build a habit of feeling happier and more fulfilled.

    There are some great books out there on changing habits such as The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Making Habits Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean. The approaches of mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT and NLP are all effective ways of helping people make changes. In this video, Owen has provided a simple and clear understanding of breaking bad habits and building new ones. If you are interested in more content like this please thumbs up the video and subscribe to Owen's youtube channel.

    For a refreshing take on habits, charisma, nlp, psychology, personal and professional development check out Owen Fitzpatrick's blog.

    About Owen Fitzpatrick

    Owen Fitzpatrick is a Psychologist and author / co-author of a number of bestselling books such as The Charismatic Edge, Not Enough Hours, Conversations with Richard Bandler, The Ultimate Introduction to NLP and How to Take Charge of your Life. He has spoken on stage with Sir Richard Branson and has coached Billionaires and Olympic Athletes. He has taught people in more than 23 countries around the world and is regarded as being an expert on Leadership, Influence and NLP. Owen's videos range from the quirky to the intense and he brings to his channel a sense of fun and dedication toward presenting messages that make a real impact. If you don't find him enjoyable to watch, you might have something wrong with you. Just saying.

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    Some other good videos that might be of interest:

    Change how you talk to yourself with NLP:

    The Pitch List:

    Time Management:


    The Secret to Long Lasting Motivation

    The Art of Effective Whining

    Cow to Create Rapport

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    How to Break Bad Habits - The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg Animated Book Review / Summary


    How to Break Bad Habits - The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg

    If you want to to learn how to Break Bad Habits then you need to learn the Cue, Routine, Reward system and understand you can't extinguish bad habits, you can only change them. The Power of Habits will teach you how the science of habit formation and how to maintain a habit. Watch this Animated Book Review if you want to improve your life

    The Power of Habit ►

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    How to Break Bad Habits and Form New Ones - Book Recommendations


    The Power of Habit, Why we do What we do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

    For the book click here:

    How to Change/Break Bad Habits

    SCIENCE of habits
    - Our brain build habits because it’s a great way to save energy, with repetition we get used to it and it feels more automatic, that’s how a habit is formed.

    - Habit can be broken down into three parts, the cue, the routine, and the reward altogether it’s called the habit loop

    - So why is it so hard to change our habits? It’s simply because the brain creates CRAVINGS

    - Habits are not permanent if you’re aware, you can ignore or change it

    3 STEPS to rewire your brain:

    1. Focus on KEYSTONE HABITS
    - Keystone habits are a small change in your daily routine that has the effect of spilling over other areas of your life.

    Here are some other keystone habits that can help you:
    - Visualization helps increase performance in all area of your life.
    - Positive thinking changes your mind set and your view of any situation
    - Planning the night before increase productivity and also help commit to specific actions
    - Making your bed in the morning is a simple habit that had been correlated to productivity and well-being.
    - Keeping a food journal is an easy way to make you more conscious about what you eat

    2. SUBSTITUTE YOUR ROUTINE, but keep the same cue and reward, experiment with a different substitute to see what works better for you.

    - Forming a new habit is all about repetition and belief, an easy habit like drinking a glass of water every morning takes about 20 days to form, and harder habits like jogging or eating healthy can take up to months. But, the more you trust the process the less time it will take for the habit to form.

    - Starts right away don’t wait until Monday to begin forming your new habit.

    - Don’t try to be perfect from the start. Have small wins at a time and be proud of it.

    - Tell all your friends and you will feel socially accountable if you don’t achieve it.

    Interesting Read

    For a video on how to learn better:

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    How to Break Bad Habits Forever - Kevin Ward


    Go to For more killer training videos for REALTORS who want more Yes's and more Successes in their business and in their life! From Kevin Ward, international real estate trainer, speaker, and coach.

    Have any bad habits you would like to break? It’s not just the habit itself that is a problem. It’s that bad habits make us hate ourselves. They can make us feel guilty or defeated or powerless. It’s time to take them out…but HOW?
    Here are the five steps that will finally allow you to break those bad habits forever?
    1. COMMIT to defeat it.
    It has to be a commitment, not just a wish or a “try.”
    2. Declare it THE ENEMY.
    A bad habit is not a weakness. It is an enemy of your success, happiness, self-approval & self-respect. The problem is that it’s an enemy that’s been kicking your butt…because bad habits are tough. How do you beat a tough enemy?
    3. TRAIN yourself to beat the bad habit.
    Holly Holm recently defeated Rhonda Rousey, the most dominant woman athlete in the world.  How? Because she didn’t underestimate what it would take to beat her.  And she trained and prepared like crazy. You have to be willing to train your mind by inputting powerful thoughts and ideas in your head through daily declarations and visualization.
    And train your actions by simply deciding NOT to give in to the habit.  Every time you say “No” you strengthen your will.
    4. RALLY when you fail.
    Don’t let setbacks defeat you. When you say “no” and then later give in, you’re still stronger than you were before. Let that frustration you feel at yourself be fuel for more action.
    Failures are like taking a punch.  It hurts…but if you know it’s coming…you keep your defenses up.  And when the old, nasty habit sneaks a punch in…OUCH. If it knocks you down, you jump back up. Don't stay down and DON'T GIVE UP.
    5. REPLACE a bad habit with a good habit.
    Just like people, fill your life with habits that are friends instead of enemies. And every time you beat a bad habit, you get stronger and your life gets better.

    If this video helps you, please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE. Hit SUBSCRIBE to get notices of new videos and training!

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    How To Break Bad Habits Once And For All... Right Now


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    The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your habits. Have enough good ones and you'll be successful. Accumulate too many bad habits (such as biting your nails or excessive email checking) and you are headed for disaster.

    The big question is how do you go about breaking your bad habits? Why do you have them in the first place? How long does it take to break a habit?

    While there are many different reasons for acquiring them, they can all be distilled to two main ones (which you will find out in this habit-changing training session). Understanding the original and purpose of your bad habits holds the key to changing them.

    You'll learn a simple, yet very effective, 5-step system that you can implement immediately to break a bad habit of yours. Even if you have tried and failed before, this process will work for you.

    If you have ever asked yourself how to stop a bad habit, you now have the answer!

    Stop biting your nails, stop eating junk food, stop being distracted and start overcoming your bad habits and substituting them with good, healthy, productive ones that will help you achieve success and happiness.


    FREE Training and Download on How Super Successful People Schedule Their Time For Maximum Performance (And How YOU Can Do It Too):


    Kosio Angelov is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the Lean Email Simple System and a master trainer in the art of doing the right things, the right way. Subscribe to his Successful By Design daily productivity show and learn how to break the busyness bubble, achieve exponential productivity and live life by design, not by default.

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    Joseph Prince - Joseph Prince - Break Every Bad Habit With Christ - 16 Feb 14


    Have a bad habit or addiction that's dominated you for decades? Stop striving to be free and find the answer in this liberating message by Joseph Prince. See how Jesus—the light of the world—stands in the midst of your situation not to condemn you, but to lift you up and out of your pit. No matter how long your bondage has been, Jesus is the truth that opens blind eyes and sets captives free. Step out of guilt, condemnation, and frustration into faith and freedom as you see the beauty, compassion, and grace of your wonderful Savior!

    Get the full message at:
    JosephPrince.com -
    iTunes -
    Amazon -

    Find us at:

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    Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits by Joyce Meyer


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    How to Break a Bad Habit and Stop Procrastinating, Biting Your Nails, and Smoking EASILY!


    How to break a bad habit, with some easy steps to follow! ^.^ If you'd like me to talk about a certain topic in an upcoming video just ask!

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    Bad habits can be pretty nasty, especially when they include smoking and biting nails. The worst part is how they can be so hard to break. In the case of smoking, there are usually addictive substances. Over the course of my life I've had a few bad habits, and I've learned how to break them too. I hope my video helps you break that bad habit and gets you to stop smoking / biting your nails!

    Trying to stop biting your nails / smoking are probably two of the most difficult bad habits to break. But I hope my tutorial goes a long way with helping you break bad habits such as biting your nails and smoking! =)

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    How Can We Break BAD Habits? - Abdulbary Yahya


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    How Can We Break bad habits? - Abdulbary Yahya

    Be Consistent in Good Deeds - Abdulbary Yahya



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    - Jon Venus

    The Quest For Fitness

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    How to break bad habits fast


    Sit back, relax and break that bad habit with the power of Hypnosis! Through repetition habits are created, for a time they serve a purpose but then things change, but the habit remains. In this short session, you'll relax completely and let go of bad habits that no longer serve you in a positive way.

    Get more of our sessions on iTunes and AMAZON!

    Search over 800 Hypnosis Sessions available for download at

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    Change your habits Part 2: 5 Ways to Break Bad Habits


    For help with your health & fitness goals, visit

    Ever notice that many people set new years resolutions & new goals but go on to fail at them? Why is it that so many people fail with at changing their lives? What is it that holds us back from really making a change?

    In part 1 of this series ( I discuss WHY people fail at resolutions & goals and how YOU can avoid it.

    In THIS video, I give you 5 strategies for breaking bad habits.

    In part 3, I'll show you how to implement new habits that last.

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    Guided Meditation for Breaking Bad Habits & Tendencies


    Elena Brower, a noted New York City-based yoga and meditation instructor, leads this guided meditation on getting at the root of unhealthy patterns and habits, and seek to find stillness and the best version of ourselves beneath it all.

    More guided meditations:

    Stay connected with SONIMA:

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    How to break a bad habit in children


    Thumbsucking? Nail biting? These are tough habits to break. How can you get a child to give up a bad habit? Answers on how to break a bad habit from Good Morning America Parenting Contributor Ann Pleshette Murphy.

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    Break Bad Habits - Odd Way


    On ABC's Shark Tank, May 20, 2016, The last person on did not get an investment deal for his habit breaking shock wrist band. But you can break a bad habit using a free method that does the same thing. It is what psychologists call self-administered adversive conditioning. Whether the bad habit is smoking, nail biting, drugs or any other habit you stop, you can train yourself simply by snapping a rubber band that's on your wrist. This when repeated enough will train your brain to associate more pain than pleasure with the habit. However it will only work if you want to make a change.

    Hilma Volk and ventriloquist puppets, Wrinkles and Gordon.

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    5 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails!


    Learn how to stop biting your nails using these 5 simple tips!
    Break the bad nail biting habit once and for all.

    Did you know that biting your nails could give you an infection or it could lead to permanent nail damage? It also can make you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your nails and cuticles. I know that nail biting is a hard habit to break, but that's why I created this video for you! Today I am going to help you break the bad habit, once and for all. Here are my 5 simple ways to stop biting your nails.
    You can do it! :)

    Want to chat with me?

    TWITTER: @cutepolish

    INSTAGRAM: @cutepolish


    Love you guys so much. Thanks for continuously inspiring me!

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    Prayer For Addiction - Break Bad Habits Now


    Prayer For Addiction - Break Bad Habits Now

    Welcome To The Prayer For Addiction.

    This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

    All I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father.

    Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself.

    Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning addiction to reach deep into your spirit.

    Let us pray...

    Heavenly Father, we gather together here online and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus.

    Where two or more are gathered there You shall surely be and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

    The Bible says that if there is any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying.

    Therefore we release any anger, bad feelings, resentment or any other wrong attitude before You now.

    We lay it at your feet and we release and forgive those who have wronged us.

    I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement for deliverance from addiction.

    Thank You that Jesus is Lord over those listening.

    Thank You that when they gave their life to You, they were given a new nature.

    Right now we bind that old nature, the old way of thinking, and command it to submit to the new nature in Jesus Name.

    We place the old, unrenewed part of the listener under their feet right now.

    We bind you devil and command you to release those listening from their addiction in the Name of Jesus.

    We break your power now in Jesus Name.

    We declare that the listener has been set free from bad habits.

    Every habit that is not beneficial we release right now.

    They are no longer a slave to sin nor are they subject to it’s power.

    Greater is He who is in the listener than he who is in the world.

    No weapon formed against the listener shall prosper and that includes bad habits.

    Right now those listening will no longer feel like they are unable to overcome the temptation to return to their bad habit.

    Those listening are filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

    We call every wrong thought pattern exposed right now in Jesus Name.

    We bind and break every wrong thought pattern.

    Thank You Father that the listener is free in Jesus.

    They can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

    In humbleness those listening bow their knees to You and purpose in their hearts to live according to Your Word.

    They look not to themselves for the strength to live victoriously but they consider Jesus and look to Him for help.

    Help those listening Lord to put on the whole armour of God.

    They have put on the helmet of salvation, their loins girded with truth, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

    With Your armour, they will be victorious.

    With every temptation they will look and follow Your way of escape.

    Those listening know that no one is perfect and Your grace and mercy is always there for them.

    Thank you Lord that every day they are growing stronger not in themselves, but in You.

    We praise You that the listener is growing spiritually and that your Word is saving their soul.

    We praise You that those listening have put on their new nature created in Christ Jesus.

    In Jesus Name.



    Phil 4:13
    Psalm 119:44
    Luke 5:16
    Rom 10:9-10
    Eph 4:21-22
    Prov 28:13
    1 Cor 6:12
    Psalm 5:3
    1 Cor 3:9
    James 1:12
    James 1:21
    1 Cor 10:13
    Mat 14:23
    2 Cor 5:17
    Eph 6:13-17
    1 John 4:4
    1 Cor 3:16
    Rom 12:2
    Eph 4:27
    James 1:22-25

    If you would like others to continue to pray with you visit:

    Prayer For Healing Depression

    Prayer For Love and Miracles

    Prayer For Divine Love

    Prayer For Compassion

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    Prayer For Immediate Financial Help

    © Copyright DailyEffectivePrayer.com

    prayer for addiction

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    Spell for breaking bad habits


    This video is about Spell for braking bad habits

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    How To Get Healthy + Break BAD Habits!


    My tips on how to be HEALTHY in college + break those bad habits of staying up late, not getting much sleep, bloating + more!!
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    How to break bad habits and turn laziness into a good thing


    Do you have trouble breaking bad habits such as drinking, smoking or gambling? Do you have trouble sticking to a diet? Do you have trouble going to the gym? The answer is to control your power points! Over the years I have struggled with sticking to diets, eating unhealthy, consuming too much alcohol, and gambling. Part of the reason I struggled to kick these bad habits was due to laziness, so I decided to make my laziness work for me! If you can control certain power points in your life, you can avoid bad habits all together. For example, if I really want to eat healthy I will avoid buying unhealthy snacks at the store. If I stay disciplined while shopping, laziness will kick in while at home and I will not go out of my way to obtain unhealthy food. If you can establish good habits, laziness will take over and work for you!

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    How to Break Bad Habits | Carlos Costa


    Shop Urban Beardsman:

    Today, Carlos touches on something that hits close to home for him. Bad habits are not an easy thing to overcome. It takes enormous amounts of willpower and self discipline.

    Carlos shares his story of how he managed to break his habits, and offers advice from his past about what it took for him to get to where he is today.

  • desc

    Dr. Joe Dispenza - How To Break Bad Habits For Good


    Dr. Joe Dispenza joined us to talk about how to break bad habits, and get rid of limiting beliefs that keep us living in a low depressed state.

    We talk about how to do meditations that change your mental and emotional state in order to step into the life that you really want to live.

    We talked about his book You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

    and his other book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

    MY BLOG:
    TWEET ME!:

  • desc

    10 Bad Habits You Need to Break!


    Pre-Order The Book:
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    Maker's Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:
    Happy New Year Clean My Space Nation! Rather than talking about New Years Resolutions I figured I would talk about some bad cleaning habits (myself included) and I'll show you how to break them!

    - Using too much cleaning product
    - Moldy bathmats and shower curtains
    - Using dirty cleaning tools (
    - Disinfecting wipes
    - Piling up damp towels & cloths
    - Using bleach as a cleaner
    - Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
    - Holding on to old stuff
    - Cluttered surfaces
    - Using too much paper towel

    Comment Question: What bad habit do you need to break?

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    Questions? Comments?
    We'd love to hear from you - say hello down below!

    Thank you so much for watching!

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    How To Break A Bad Habit EASILY


    In this video, I tell you how to break a bad habit easily. It basically involves 2 simple steps that you can execute, and you can apply the steps to any bad habit that you can imagine! The key to success with this method is being true to yourself with regards to the rewards and consequences for the bad habit!


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    Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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    2017 GOALS - Break Bad Habits & Make It Your Year


    2017 GOALS - Break Bad Habits & Make It Your Year. Today I talk about goals for 2017 and share my bad habits I need to break. What are your goals for 2017 & what are you bad habits that need breaking? Thumbs up for 2017 goals - break bad habits & make it your year!

    DIY Aloe Pot Plant - Life Hacks -

    Last video - Bedroom Makeover -

    Holiday Apartment Tour -
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    Camera Equipment
    Canon 80D -
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    Hi my name is Rachel & I make style & organisation videos about beauty, fashion, home decor & food. I like to share tips on how you can get more for your money and look fabulous for less. Please subscribe & leave a comment.

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    Breaking bad habits: Mindful addiction recovery - The Cure


    Addiction is defined as a harmful relationship with a substance or behaviour.

    It is commonly associated with smoking, alcohol and drugs. But as a condition it's difficult to understand.

    Do we treat it as a neurological disorder? Or is it a personality trait? And how can we best overcome it, when current treatments for addiction have a relapse rate of about 70 percent?

    Dr Farrah Jarral travels to the University of Massachusetts to meet a psychiatrist who is using the power of the mind to overcome addiction.

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    Easy Ways To Break A Bad Habit


    Looking to break a bad habit? Here are some tips that may help you do so. Thanks for watching everyone, enjoy :)

  • desc

    Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits


    See how Joyce answers viewers' questions about making and breaking habits.

  • desc

    How to Break Bad Habits - The Brandon Carter Way




    Maybe you're looking to quit smoking, stop binge eating, stop procrastinating, quit overspending your money, stop obsessively shopping for things you don't need, or break any OTHER bad habit I haven't mentioned.

    There's a couple of key things you MUST understand BEFORE you set off to achieve your habit development goals.

    Otherwise, YOU WILL continuously experience a roller coaster effect when it comes to breaking bad habits.

    And talking from personal experience, roller coaster rides in reference to breaking bad habits SUCK!


    You make the decision to break your bad habit. You go to sleep all motivated and ready to conquer your bad habit. You start taking massive action for a couple of weeks consistently. Then wake up 2 weeks later asking yourself:

    HOLY CRAP! Where did all of my motivation go?

    Then, after making just one mistake to set yourself back, before you know it, you're further behind then when you've began.

    I've been there before lol. And as I've mentioned before, it's not a fun place to be.

    Therefore, after having the opportunity to meet Brandon Carter last month at a Tai Lopez event which took place in NYC, I thought, Hey! What better way to learn how to break bad habits, than to learn from Mr. Brandon Carter himself?

    Here's what he had to say:
    Like the video?

    Be sure to subscribe to our channel. Like the video. And share this video on your social media to let people know what valuable nuggets of knowledge you've been investing your time to soak in.

    Let's keep spreading the love and wealth!

    ~ Anthony Aramini

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    10 Tips to Break Bad Habits to become Successful


    Introducing How to build good habits! 10 Tips for How to Break Bad Babits to become a successful. If you're getting many issues due to bad habits then, you must need to go through these 10 tips to break bad habits to become successful.

    How to break bad habits to become successful.

    1. Keep it simple.
    2. Set a Start date & do a 30 day habit challenge.
    3. Stop Procrastinating - People procrastinate because they struggle with self-control.
    4. Get support - Once you set your mind to quitting, tell the people in your life your plans.
    5. Set daily reminders.
    6. Set yourself up for success by being honest with yourself.
    7. Visualizing yourself performing the bad habit.
    8. Positive affirmations are powerful tools to break that bad habit.
    9. Power of meditation.
    10. Forgive yourself and Reward Yourself.

    Thanks for watching how to break bad habits to become a successful in real life.

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    How To Stop a Bad Habit Permanently?


    ►If you find this video helpful don't forget to hit Subscribe to support the channel ◄

    In this video you'll discover how to stop a bad habit permanently and create lasting change in your life.
    Previous videos and articles on a similar topic:
    How Your Identity Trumps Willpower, Discipline, Motivation and Habits

    How To Master Your Health Life & Build Spartan Self-Discipline

    Relevant studies:
    Journal of Consumer Research :“I Don’t” versus “I Can’t”: When Empowered Refusal Motivates Goal-Directed Behavior by VANESSA M. PATRICK & HENRIK HAGTVEDT

    Video was inspired by:
    Can’t Kick a Bad Habit? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong by Nir Eyal

    Books related to the topic:
    - The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg
    - Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

    Video Summary:

    A lot of our habits are based on our identity.

    Our self-talk makes a big difference when it comes to forming that identity.

    A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research tested the words people use when they're tempted by a bad habit.

    Group 1 was told to use the words I can't while the other group used I don't when considering unhealthy food.

    When they ended the study, both groups were offered either a chocolate bar or granola bar (perceived to be more healthy) to thank them for their time.

    The researchers were measuring whether participants would take the relatively healthy or unhealthy choice to match their new identity.

    While 39 percent of people who used the words I can't chose the healthier option while 64 percent of the I don't group picked it over chocolate.

    The conclusion of the study was that using I don’t instead of I can’t lead to more psychological empowerment.

    It's often a case where someone who commits to vegetarianism or a strict vegan diet has no problem sustaining that diet.

    And that same person might have tried multiple different calorie control and macro tracking methods before.

    Now, the difference is simply that the new extreme boundaries set by a vegetarian or a vegan diet allowed these people to form an identity.

    By doing so they not only managed to stick with their habits easier but they also conserved more willpower in the process.

    Since the person already decided beforehand what the diet wil be when the situation arises where there's junk food the person doesn't have to make that choice.

    This leads to less decision fatigue and ultimately to more willpower.

    Note: With this video I don't mean to say that vegetarian or vegan diets are superior by any means.

    They're simply a good everyday example where identity trumps all other methods and attempts at making lasting behavioral change.

    Talk soon,

    Get Your Workout Guide for Free:

    For more fitness, nutrition and personal development tips check out:


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    Mind Power Techniques - 3 Steps To Break All Bad Habits


    This is one of my best selling courses. On Udemy this course is selling between $20-$50, here it is only $10 as a special YouTube Offer.

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    Breaking a bad habit is not as easy as we think; smokers and drinkers are best examples of this. Choosing a correct way of programming to break or change habits is very important. This course is designed to help you break your old bad habits using mind power techniques.

    In this lesson, you will learn whether or not you really want to give up your bad habit. You can only stop or break a bad habit if you personally want to do so, not anything else.

    This course is ideal for students who want to overcome all their bad habits like smoking, drinking,drugs, gambling , addictions , nail biting out of nervousness etc and become more relaxed and confident in life using powerful mind techniques.

    You will not only overcome the habit but also start disliking the habit once and for all and never get into such habits again in future.

    You can follow us on links below.

  • desc

    Making And Breaking Bad Habits


    CNN Vital Signs : Making And Breaking Bad Habits
    International Air date: 17 march 2016

    FEATURING: Charles Duhigg (Pulitzer winning journalist) & US marine corps.

    ABOUT: this episode teaches few facts and tips to hack into habit formation, and breaks a few myths.

    - RU

  • desc

    Breaking These 13 BAD HABITS Will Make You HAPPIER


    Simple ways to live a BETTER LIFE by breaking these 13 bad habits! Want more success and to feel good and happy about your life?! These are daily habits you need to stop doing if you want to live a happier and healthier life.

    Subscribe for more videos:

    6 Human Character Flaws (That Saved Humanity)

    5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into AWESOMENESS

    Things You THINK Will Make You Happy (But WON'T)!

    5 Official Sports that Require BEER

    Many of our problems come from within our own minds, or seemingly harmless choices we make every day. They aren’t caused by events, bad luck, or other people. We cause them with our own poor habits. Here are 13 habits you should set aside right away to free yourself from the many problems each one will be causing you.
    • 1. Stop jumping to conclusions. There are two common ways this habit increases people’s difficulties. First, they assume that they know what is going to happen, so they stop paying attention and act on their assumption instead. Human beings are lousy fortune-tellers. Most of what they assume is wrong. That makes the action wrong too. The second aspect of this habit is playing the mind-reader and assuming you know why people do what they do or what they’re thinking. Wrong again, big time. More relationships are destroyed by this particular kind of stupidity than by any other. One of the most admirable qualities in an individual is humility. You know that friend of yours who can laugh at themselves? Aren’t they just…cool?
    • 2. Don’t dramatize. Lots of people inflate small setbacks into life-threatening catastrophes and react accordingly. This habit makes mountains out of molehills and gives people anxieties that either don’t exist or are so insignificant they aren’t worth worrying about anyway. Why do they do it? Who knows? Maybe to make themselves feel and seem more important. Whatever the reason, it’s silly as well as destructive.
    • 3. Don’t invent rules. A huge proportion of those “oughts” and “shoulds” that you carry around are most likely needless. All that they do for you is make you feel nervous or guilty. What’s the point? When you use these imaginary rules on yourself, you clog your mind with petty restrictions and childish orders. And when you try to impose them on others, you make yourself into a bully, a boring nag, or a self-righteous bigot.
    • 4. Avoid stereotyping or labeling people or situations. The words you use can trip you up. Negative and critical language produces the same flavor of thinking. Forcing things into pre-set categories hides their real meaning and limits your thinking to no purpose. See what’s there. Don’t label. You’ll be surprised at what you find.
    • 5. Quit being a perfectionist. Life isn’t all or nothing, black or white. Many times, good enough means exactly what it says. Search for the perfect job and you’ll likely never find it. Meanwhile, all the others will look worse than they are. Try for the perfect relationship and you’ll probably spend your life alone. Perfectionism is a mental sickness that will destroy all your pleasure and send you in search of what can never be attained.
    • 6. Don’t over-generalize. One or two setbacks are not a sign of permanent failure. The odd triumph doesn’t turn you into a genius. A single event—good or bad—or even two or three don’t always point to a lasting trend. Usually things are just what they are, nothing more.
    • 7. Don’t take things so personally. Most people, even your friends and colleagues, aren’t talking about you, thinking about you, or concerned with you at all for 99% of the time. The majority of folk in your organization or neighborhood have probably never heard of you and don’t especially want to. The ups and downs of life, the warmth and coldness of others, aren’t personal at all. Pretending that they are will only make you more miserable than is needed.
    • 8. Don’t assume your emotions are trustworthy. How you feel isn’t always a good indicator of how things are. Just because you feel it, that doesn’t make it true. Sometimes that emotion comes from nothing more profound than being tired, hungry, annoyed, or about to get a head-cold. The future won’t change because you feel bad—nor because you feel great. Feelings may be true, but they aren’t the truth.
    • 9. Don’t let life get you down. Keep practicing being optimistic. If you expect bad things in your life and work, you’ll always find them. A negative mind-set is like looking at the world through distorting, grimy lenses. You spot every blemish and overlook or discount everything else. It’s amazing what isn’t there until you start to look for it. Of course, if you decide to look for signs of positive things, you’ll find those too.

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    How To Break Bad EATING Habits!! | Stop Eating Bad | Habit Forming | Effective Fast Weight Loss


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